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"!! Hot NEWS -  Coinbase and Kraken collapsed in midst of uncertainty
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[Image: 2_53026.png]
Bitcoin price movements in the last 2 months. Photo: GDAX

Bitcoin prices fell by nearly 7.5%, while ethereum dropped by nearly 20%, prompting speculators to buy in hopes of quick profit margins. But coinbase did the opposite ...

As bitcoin and ethereum prices decline, the increase in user traffic on both Coinbase and GDAX virtual coffers has forced both exchanges to overload and freeze transactions.
On Monday, bitcoin prices fell by nearly 7.5% while ethereum fell by nearly 20%, prompting speculators to increase their buying in hopes of quick profitability. Just like last week, when the ethereum dropped from $ 319 to $ 10, one investor reported to himself that he had bought ethereum at the bottom and earning more than $ 1 million at a glance.

[Image: 3_42529.png]
Price movements of Ethereum in the last 2 months. Photo: GDAX
Increased access to Coinbase and GDAX (a floor operated by Coinbase for more professional traders) has affected both sites.

GDAX said it has temporarily stopped all transactions for all trading pairs: "We temporarily stopped trading on all products and switched to post-only mode, in When we are trying to restore service to all customers. "

While the GDAX website is still active, Coinbase once again experienced a complete downtime. "Coinbase is currently down for maintenance" is the statement line on the home page.

Coinbase's status page also adds that the trading floor has stopped buying and selling ethereum: " continues to have high traffic, and customers may continue to have trouble accessing the site. Web. We temporarily disable the purchase and sale of ethereum while restoring services to all customers. "

This is the fourth major disruption at Coinbase in recent weeks, especially during the turbulent times. Earlier, bitcoin hit a peak of $ 2,740 before dropping $ 300 on May 25, leading to Coinbase being shut down and then suggesting that unprecedented levels of transaction volume and volume were the cause. Interruption Two weeks later, when bitcoin hit $ 3,000 before dropping more than $ 400, Coinbase was shut down again. As the bitcoin dropped to a low of $ 2,050 in the following days, Coinbase continued to shut down.

A technical analysis shows that user traffic has increased tenfold, while a Coinbase engineer says the platform is "investing in critical resources to make their systems." I meet the size of the transaction increased 10 times. "

Currently, Coinbase's downtime has left many bitcoin and ethereum traders very unhappy, and says they will not trade at Coinbase anymore.

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Turbulence over Ether seems greater. It is also possible part of the future rally I think

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