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"?? ICO / Crowdsale -  [ANN]POS+MN PAYCORE - Global Solution for all Money Transactions
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We live in a time with daily inventions, technological breakthroughs, and innovations. We became accustomed to the internet, mobile communication, non-cash payments, and digital assistants. Blockchain technology has become a new era in the development of information and financial technologies. Over the past few years, it has brought significant changes to the international financial sector and has shown that decentralization is our future.
What is the idea of our project? We are planning to expand and promote cases of Blockchain actual use, simplify it for private users and business with the help of our solutions.

 Our main goals are:
      - Anonymous sending money p2p with a minimal fee (or 0% fee).
      - Anonymous easy and secure transfer of Fiat money into the cryptocurrency world.
      - Fast and easy convert cryptocurrencies and withdraw to Fiat accounts, PayCore cards, and third-party Bank cards in one interface.
      - Control and manage your cryptocurrency accounts in one interface. Instant exchange, deposit and withdraw in one interface 
            without complicated use of third-party services and exchanges.
      - Payment gateway integration into the business to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and fiat money, make payments and
            maintain accounts.

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We reached important goal for PAYCORE:

PCR now live on Masternodes.Online! :

MNO is 1.4+ million visits of potential investors monthly from 245+ countries! 

Let's go to the success together! 

[Image: Q9jjgmE.png]

Official Discord Server :
It's time for good news! 

Paycore coin is now listed on - one of the top statistics services with more than 200 000 visitors monthly.

Stay with us! Best regards, Paycore team!

[Image: xq6f75E.png]

Kindly visit our Official Discord Server of how to earn some Paycore Coin:
Vote for PAYCORE(PCR) project and get them a free listing to Midex!

How to vote:

Each person is allowed one vote, with voting finishing Friday 1st February at 3pm GMT.
Great News! Paycore coin is now listed on WorldCoinIndex.

WorldCoinIndex - by using this service you can monitoring  Paycore  price graph info 24 hours, 7 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year. Prices denoted in BTC, USD, EUR, CNY, RUR, GBP.

[Image: Bl4nDL1.png]

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