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"!! Hot NEWS -  Discover A 100% Hands-Free, Fully Automated Trading Platform
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[Image: odulapb201e.jpeg]

Yeah, we know... that sounds like just another Over Zealous Marketing Pitch. We know you have been sold a bunch 
of CRAP online and in the investment space... So you have now entered the NO BS ZONE!
In less than the time it takes to watch a bad Movie... you'll discover a Believable Path 
to you CA$HFLOWING the world's largest financial market. 

In this training we'll introduce you to our Proprietary "Primer Strategy." 
While past performance is no indicator of future results and we can never guarantee trading performance.

Our system employs a team of very skilled traders that have shown the ability 
to double trading accounts in as little as 3 months or even less. 

Our Proprietary "Primer Strategy" is designed to assist you in quickly getting out of risk and in a position for you 
to potentially take periodic withdrawals. In time we hope these periodic withdrawals will be a source of Monthly CA$HFLOW!

=> You'll Never have to look at charts or learn how to trade

=> Through our 100% FREE TRAINING PORTAL, get as Much or as Little Training as You would like 
before setting up Your Trading Account(s). We want you to "Understand It As You Undertake It."

=> Inside The Portal, Follow REAL MONEY Trading Accounts. 
Follow along for as little or as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable funding your own account.

=> Your trading will be in YOUR OWN Brokerage ACCOUNT(S) in YOUR OWN NAME. 
No sending your hard earned assets to some shady third party and hoping they will pay 
you a certain % per day, week or month.... only to see them vanish like thieves in the middle of the night.
So No More CRAPPY 1% a day or 2% a day systems that inevitably steal your money 
and that of any referrals you may have sent them. Your name will not be tarnished with our system!

=> You will have full transparency as you will see EVERY TRADE.... Winners and Losers!
Strong Risk Management to help prevent Catastrophic Losses

=> Simple and Easy withdrawal process

=> Optionally Participate In A HUSH/HUSH (SHHHH) Referral Income Stream (Bankers secret). 
The Set-Up Of This Income Stream Is Absolutely FREE!

[Image: odulapb201e.jpeg]
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Newsletter: Big Grin

Quote:Good Day Family,  

Trust you had a great week.  We'll
cover quite a bit of information so
make sure you read the entire post.


This Week's Trading

We remarked in our mid week report
that both accounts, Shamu and Gator,
were up over double digits.

Both accounts extended their gains.

I am making this post a little bit before
the market is closing for the weekend.

As of this post, Shamu is up 20.4% for
the week.  This is coming off of a 20.3%
return on last week.  That's BIG STUFF!

Last week, Gator was down slightly at
1.7%.  This week Gator joined the
double digit club with a return of 16.9%


Through Wednesday, both accounts had little
intra-trade drawdowns.  If you are new to us,
we have trainings on drawdowns under the
Forex Basics section.

During the day on Thursday, both accounts
experienced intra-trade drawdowns.

This is an inevitable part of trading such a
highly volatile market.

The intra-trade drawdown gap significantly
closed Thursday night into early Friday morning.

However, we saw the intra-trade drawdown
widen again throughout the day on Friday.

The market tends to trade in a range over
80% of the time.

To give you a stock market example, a range
is when a stock goes from $8 to $10 back down
to $8 back up to $10 and so on.

Currencies trade in ranges most of the time.  The
ranges are just larger.

For instance, in the Shamu account we are in
several AUD/NZD trades.  That is the
Australian Dollar trading against the New Zealand Dollar.

The trader trading this pair recently had a month
where he was up over 1,000% for the month.

Yes, you read that right.... CRAZY!

Now obviously we are not trading him at 1:1 risk.

With this currency he is employing an averaging strategy.
This is why there are so many trades on this one

The idea is positions opened at the lower price levels
will help to offset the positions purchased at higher
levels as the market moves in our direction.

In the stock market, if you had a $10 stock and it went
down to $8 and you bought more at $8, your average
cost would be $9 per share.

The stock would be at break-even when it hits
$9.  It would be in profit with anything above the $9.

So even if it never got back to the original price of
$10, profits could be made because of averaging.

The AUD/NZD recently hit an important support (low)
and is beginning to show signs of bouncing up.  We
are in the Buy so we want to see it go up.

The last time this pair was at this area of support
was the first week in January.  In just a few days
time, it bounced hard off support.  

While past performance is no indicator of future results,
we look to have a repeat of that type of price action.

So both accounts are currently in intra-trade drawdown.

But, we saw this on Thursday and within a few hours,
many positions that were underwater closed out profitably.

As previously mentioned, the intra-trade drawdown
widened with today's trading.  But the drawdowns
are well within reason.


Lowering Risk Next Week

Typically if we are in an intra-trade drawdown we'll
see trading slow until positions are peeled off.

We would expect that as we look to start the next
trading week.

Most of the trades we'll see to start the week will
likely be trade adjustments to scale out of the existing

Assuming the intra-trade drawdown narrows considerably,
we'll see the risk settings of the account lowered for
a little while.  


Huge Trading Commissions This Week

Due to number and size of trades this week, our promoters
earned huge trading commissions this week.

I am attaching a screenshot that one of our promoters
sent in.

Brett has referred one clients so far.
That client funded with $525. But Brett has already
made of $77 in commissions.
Where does this figure come from? We anticipate promoters
will earn roughly $75 - $100 for every $1,000 that is trading
under their partner link.

We have and are continuing to develop this system with
Joe and Susie Average in mind.

See the screenshot:

[Image: duaoplb3094.jpeg]


New Broker Update

I know this sounds like a broken record but we are
getting close to rolling out the new broker.

Our existing broker relationship will not change.

However, the new broker will become our primary

They are bending over backwards to earn our business.

Here are just a few things they are modifying just
for our audience:

1. They typically require clients to fund with a minimum
of $1,000 per account.  Our folks will be able to fund
with as little as $300 per account.

2.  From a promotional standpoint, they require that
one has 3 personally referred clients in order to
earn trading commissions.

For our folks, this requirement has completely been
done away with.  Thank Gwenda Clark for that.
She was persistent in wanting that requirement to
go away.

3.  Their typical partner payout is a one tier
structure.  We knew we would have at least
3 tiers.  However, today we got the confirmation
that we'll be able to have 4 Tiers.

This means you will earn trading commissions from
your clients' trading activity... and then their clients'
trading activity (tier 2)... and then their clients' trading
activity (tier 3) and then their clients' trading activity
(tier 4)

Our current broker pays 2 tiers.  Our new broker will
pay 4.  



Beta 2 Promotion

The Beta 2 Promotion is where qualified Beta 2
Members will have the first two Primer Accounts
free from any performance fees.

To qualify you need to register and fund at least
one account during the qualification period.

With our current broker, this promotion will
end on January 31.

Thereafter, anyone seeking to initiate a trading
account with the current broker will have a
30% performance fee.

This fee is only paid IF the traders are profitable
month over month.

You are not billed, the broker just transfers the
fee from the account holder to the trader's account.

Now, once the NEW broker is online, we'll extend
the Beta 2 promotion for anyone that funds at
least one account with the new broker.

If you are Beta 2 with the current broker...


The Beta 2 Promotion for the new broker will
run through March 31, 2019.

This will give everyone time to get some
performance and then share it with whomever
you want to impact.

Remember, we will ultimately go completely
PRIVATE later this year.  So you want to
introduce as many clients as possible before
the referral window closes.

Later in the year when we launch the
Millionaire Accounts, Beta 2 members will
have their first two Millionaire Accounts
traded with no performance fee, as well.

The one caveat is the performance fee free
accounts will only be with the new broker as
they have met our desired specifications.

For those that are waiting on the new broker
to fund your account(s)..... they're coming soon!

We do know that one of the existing traders will
only be trading in the new broker account once
they are released.


While we love our current broker, they have
not given the requisite kickback to the traders that
would offset the traders not charging a performance

If they don't charge a performance fee, then they
have to get a kickback from somewhere as they
are not in the charity business.

The new broker is providing that kickback.

So while current funded account holders are not
required to trade with the new broker, it is likely
performance will be more with the new broker
as at least one of the traders will only trade
with the new broker once they are launched.

So from a pure client perspective, there is
an incentive to have an account traded at
the new broker.

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Quote:Good Day Family,

Over the weekend we posted that
there is a Game Changer coming.

I don't want to come off as sounding

But when you take the time to view
the video post that we'll be making
soon, you'll understand why
this is going to be a Game Changer.

I have just finished cutting and
editing the video.  It is now

It likely will not be posted before
the market opens.

However, we do plan to have
it posted late this evening.

Here's why you want to pay attention:

1.  A true "Primer Strategy".  With this
style of trading, we'll ALWAYS be
out of the market going into the weekend.

2.  We'll take you into the market where
you will see several trades as they were
happening.  Most trades are concluded
in a few seconds - a few minutes.

3.  While past performance is no indicator
of future results, last week our live account
was up over 43%.  Not for the month.. but
for the week.

4.  We're also going to discuss the last
3 weeks of trading.

So keep any eye on your email to alert
you as to when we have made the post.

Talk with you all soon!

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