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"?? ICO / Crowdsale -  [ANN][ICO] TerraGreen – Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform
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  Building a Platform for Efficient
More people now realize the need to embrace energy generations via renewable energy resources. 

However, the current market scenario does not allow the growth of renewable energy industry to take place rapidly, 

mainly due to bottlenecks in the supply, technology and financial sectors. Hence, the TerraGreen Platform envisions to 

mitigate all the bottlenecks and make it simpler and more economical to bring all the parties involved on a common platform.


Building TerraGreen platform, a blockchain based renewable energy trading platform, will serve to promote and 

assist in creations of renewable energy generating facilities around the world. This is done through linking the biomass

suppliers, renewable energy technology developers, power producers and investors, through a common medium,

using TerraGreen platform. 



      [Image: itcCGYO.png]       [Image: 8opw7Ra.png]


[Image: TOfiTs0.png]

[Image: LDonmf5.png]




The Terragreen project decided to create their own blockchain, with very different properties than other cryptocurrencies, decoupling the layer from the core blockchain protocol, offering a radical new way to create online markets and programmable transactions that are as following:




In centralized network group of users are connected through one centeralized Hub, 




In Private network only permited users by network's administration can 




In Public network all the user is free to perform all the activities with 


 Token Creation 


TerraGreen is an open software platform based on blockchain technology 




SHA-256 and SHA-512 are the most commonly accepted and used cryptographic hash 


 Utility Program 


Our platform provides users the ability to pay their electricity bills directly from their 


[Image: E4iLX4r.png]



[Image: kcEmZh0.png]             [Image: pndPadj.png]


[Image: 6nSIwdB.png]




[Image: 1vWDm7K.png]


[Image: 9YfefcC.jpg]



[Image: GTvWtPR.png]    [Image: fAG3gYI.png]    [Image: S1eT0Ap.png]    [Image: 89kXtEs.png]    [Image: pFJcTGw.png]    [Image: kUjBHAD.png]   [Image: nZbMP36.png]    [Image: GmsZkgo.png]    [Image: rfbIAag.png]    [Image: benvYkx.png]


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Visit Links: 

[Image: crIDiqY.png]

[Image: b7S8Qzv.png]

[Image: SyZPtBu.png]

[Image: AalgoWt.png]

[Image: y3eUa6j.png]

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In Terragreen Data is collected, recorded, and reported in UTC time unless otherwise specified.

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TerraGreen partners with TOKPIE
Know More :

[Image: KAm3B9G.png]
For TerraGreen ,It’s The Tech-Not the Talk-The Reality Matters

The talk might win the argument. But the tech will win a great deal more. Remember the mantra:

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