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Let’s Take a Quick Look at Coinbase’s Latest “12 Days Of Crypto” Offering
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[Image: Lets-Take-a-Quick-Look-at-Coinbases-Late...96x449.jpg]
As some of readers may already know, Coinbase recently launched its new ‘holiday program’ called “12 Days of [Crypto]” — a clever play on words that pays homage to the age-old Christmas carol, “The 12 Days Of Christmas.”

Over the course of the past few weeks, Coinbase’s Twitter handle had been releasing a host of messages telling customers to check back “each day at noon PST” between the 10th and 21st of December. This was done in order to get people excited about the firm’s upcoming features as well as new cryptocurrency additions.

So without any further ado, let's take a day-by-day look at what Coinbase was upto during the aforementioned timeline:
  • Day 1: On the very first day the folks over at Coinbase announced that the firm was partnering with WeGift (a digital gift card provider that allows users within the US, UK, and EU to cash out their Coinbase balances using gift cards).

  • Day 2: The firm announced the incorporation of a “Crypto Donations” portal to their native UI. This feature is designed to not only to help those in need but also push for faster crypto adoption across the globe.

  • Day 3: Coinbase released a detailed video that was aimed at showcasing the true potential of cryptocurrencies. However, this was more of an educational tool rather than a feature in itself.

  • Day 4: The firm released a feature known as ‘Watchlist’ that allows customers to keep track of different altcoins in real-time.

  • Day 5: The day saw Coinbase make another startling announcement that many people had been looking forward to. On the day, the firm’s Twitter handle stated that the firm would now be allowing its US customers to withdraw their balances via Paypal for free.

  • Day 6: The day again saw Coinbase promoting its crypto donations feature in an effort to help those in need (via the use of digital currencies).

  • Day 7: Coinbase announced that it would be offering its customer base with a primer on USD Coin (USDC).

  • Day 8: Another landmark announcement was made on the day wherein Coinbase finally let it be known to the public that it had added a ”crypto-to-crypto support module” to its consumer-oriented platform. As a result of enabling such a feature, users will now be able to transact between two separate cryptocoins for a 1% spread.

  • Day 9: Coinbase announced that it was all set to list a host of new altcoins including DAI, Maker (MKR), Golem (GNT) and Zilliqa (ZIL) on its native interface. For those not aware, all of the aforementioned assets have been built atop the Ethereum blockchain.
The remaining three days were a bit more slow, with the firm not making any other groundbreaking announcements. However, on the twelfth and last day, Coinbase made yet another humble plea to its customer base to donate and help spread some holiday cheer to those in need.

Final Take

By launching its recent ‘12 Day Program’, Coinbase was able to create a lot of positive hype around its native platform.

Since the event was quite unique, it would not be surprising to see other firms trying to implement something along the same lines next year.


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