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"!! Hot NEWS -  New Passive Forex Income Program launching on December 21
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[Image: aoldupb0c96.jpeg]

Free $20 for every registered user before December 21,
regardless if they'll invest, or not Big Grin

If no confirmation email appears in your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk E-mail folder.

Looks very interesting!

You can even get upto $1000 for FREE by referring friends and family.

They launch in 3 weeks from now and looks like a great passive income generator.
You get paid 15 levels deep all automated push button style passive income profits.

And this is not crypto, always good to have diverified incomestreams...
If you take action right now , you can claim FREE $20 just as a signup bonus ...

I can say this with complete confidence -- opportunity like this 
will perhaps only come once in several decades...
perhaps even once in a lifetime. 

The funnel, the traffic, the system, and the PRODUCT 
will allow us to create a massive WAVE of momentum 
without spending our own money ;-)

It's going to be the most amazing experience you’ve ever had.

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
I have received more details about Elitefinfx from my sponsor.  Big Grin
Quote:EliteFinFX just released access details to their MT5 account and all of you can login and verify the daily trades
they are making on one of their accounts
Here are login details
Account Name : EliteMarket-Live
Username : 900425
Password :
This business model is becoming more and more clear and more and more legit with every passing day
Corporate makes daily around 1 % profit by trading on our funds and gives us back a generous 0.5 % approx
plus 15 % referral commissions across 15 levels
Easiest, most profitable and most easiest business model to exist in online space period
Lets crush this big

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
Newsletter:  Big Grin 
Quote:Since yesterday we have opened up LIVE chat , many of you asked for a way
so you can verify our trading history and feel more confident on the project
Hence we immediately arranged that and you can now download MT5 software
using any of the links :


For Android

For Windows

For Mac

And then login and verify our historic performance for last 6 months for one of our managed accounts of over a million $$$
Here are the details
Account Name : EliteMarket-Live
Username : 900425
Password :
Note : MT5 is the global Forex software where you can track performance of any forex trader on a daily weekly and monthly basis
Feel free to take screenshots of the account and fwd to your team mates , prospects and family members
Making Forex investing simple...
EliteFinFX Admin
It's going to be the most amazing experience you’ve ever had.

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
Newsletter:  Big Grin 

[Image: daolpub18f0.jpeg]
Quote:Wanted to give you a quick update...

But Before that make sure to join our corporate telegram group

50k+ Signups in 18 days and growing every minute

If This Doesn't Excite Everyone here , We don't know what will !
We have in last 18 days went from being no one in forex affiliate space
to now suddenly being the talk of the town !

Best of the best leaders around the world are joining us everyday
and we personally believe this is just the beginning of a
massive revolution which is about to happen .

We at corporate have our vision set on what we will be doing in next
30 , 60 , 90 , 180 and 360 days and that is to cross a billion $$$
in sales

And while we do that , a lot of you who are putting
the hard work right now - we promise will have million $$$ runs
and will practically retire financially in your life for ever.

Success In this industry boils down to being in the right time in the right place
with the right group of people and that's what is exactly
happening with each one of you in EliteFinFX !

We got tons of exciting new rollouts in the coming week

Stay Tuned
Stay Focussed
And keep doing what you should be doing right now
i.e sharing the message of EliteFinFX with the world

We are officially in prelaunch mode and we at corporate have
already started our media buys and our top leaders have
started massive advertising also..

Spread your links everywhere - on messages , phone calls ,
online ad sites , craiglist , backpage , usaads , fiverr ,
facebook , twitter , instagram , snapchat everywhere

Bottomline - Take massive action and build as big as a team
you can before launch so that you have momentum and can
maximize your commissions on the launch day and make
$1000-$10,000-$100,000 in a single day and more....

EliteFinFX Admin


Here is a list of most frequently asked questions and answers for EliteFinFX

1) Is EliteFinFx a Global business opportunity ?

Yes its a 100 % global business opportunity and you are free to join EliteFinFX from anywhere in the world and promote it anywhere in the world

2) What is the minimum package price on launch day ?

It's $100 minimum and there is no upper limit

3) How much returns can I expect on a monthly basis for my investment ?

We cannot guarantee any fixed returns as they totally depend on the market and daily profits our traders make

However looking at our track record of last few years upto 15 % a month should be normal
Our traders have been generating consistent profits of upto 30 % a month for our hedge funds which we manage and we expect to continue to do so here also and share 50 % of the daily profits we make with the investors

4) Is there any lock in period for my principal amount invested ?

Yes lock in period is 180 days for every investment - however your daily passive profits monday to friday and team building commissions you can withdraw daily

5) Can I get paid on the team I build even if I don't invest anything ?

Yes you can however you will need one minimum buy of $100 to withdraw your profits

6) Is there any minimum or maximum withdrawl limit ?

Yes our minimum withdrawl limit is $100 and maximum withdrawl limit is $10,000/day

7) How exactly the compensation plan works for the referrals I bring in ?

You can refer to this link for full details

Here is the link which explains the full compensation plan in detail

In summary

You get paid upto 15 levels

For every $$ which comes in the system ( first purchase and all future purchases included ) , we payout 15 % spread across 15 levels starting from 8 % at your level 1
upto 0.25 % at your 15th level deep

You refer a friend/family member for one time for FREE by leveraging our
$20 FREE giveaway and you get paid for life on that person whenever
they make their first deposit and all subsequent deposits in future as they
start making daily passive profits

This happens on your level one and all subsequent levels till 15th level
If you refer A , A is your level one and if A refers B , B is your level 2 and so on....
We hope you can see the power of this compensation plan in your mind
Infact , to help you calculate your virtual income as your team grows , we have
added a cool little calculator in your dashboard where you will see your teams growing across 15 levels as you start bringing in more and more people
All you got to do is enter an average $$ amount which you expect your people will buy and the calculator will show you average monthly income you will make
We believe we will have affiliates here making anywhere from 1000 $ a month to as much as $100k monthly and even million $$ a month
Forex is world's biggest market and finally you have a way to profit from it
both on your investment and via your network of friends and family

8) Where is the company based at and who are the founders ?

You can find full information here

9) What will be the modes of payment to fund my account and to withdraw money ?
Our most preferred way of payment for both incoming and outgoing will be bitcoin
though we will be adding other crypto currencies like ethereum , dash , litecoin etc also for funding and also modes like payeer , Perfect money ...
We will continuosly keep you updated on the same

10) Where can I see live traffic statistics of the company and how fast it is growing ?

You can check our live traffic and growth on Alexa via this link

11) What are the conditions to claim Free $20 , $200 and $1000 bonuses

To claim your FREE $20 signup bonus , your minimum package amount should be $100
To claim your FREE $200 bonus incase you refer 10 people , your minimum package amount should be $500
To claim your FREE $1000 bonus incase you end up in top 20 sponsors on leaderboard by 21st december , your minimum package amount should be $1000

It's going to be the most amazing experience you’ve ever had.

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
Quote:We have added a new tab in your backoffice titled Daily Profits
Login To your backoffice to see it
Here you will be able to see corporate daily forex trading profits proof images.
Feel free to leverage these profit proofs in your marketing
EliteFinFx Admin

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
Free $20 for every registered user before December 21,
regardless if they'll invest, or not  Big Grin
Quote:Here are few important launch updates which you must be aware of

1) Launch of Elite Fin FX will happen as per schedule i.e
according to the clock in the backoffice
Moment clock goes to zero , options to deposit payments
will open up

2) We will start with bitcoin as funding method and other payment
modes will be added as we go ......
So we strongly recommend you to keep your bitcoins ready
for the launch day

3) First set of Referral commissions and team building commissions
will be released after 24-48 hours.

We need to verify all the calculations
and make sure everything is working perfect

After that once process is streamlined , they will be processed once everyday
at the end of trading hours.

Note : Referral commissions can be used to purchase trading packs also

4) Minimum withdrawl amount is $100 and maximum is $10,000/day

5) You speak we listen

We recieved many messages on our support desk from people
requesting us to remove the criteria of minimum $100 deposit
to claim their free $20 which was a account creation bonus.

After careful consideration and long hours of management board meeting ,
we have decided to lift that off and now all accounts created in the system
will have $20 going automatically into trading account and you will be able
to expierence daily forex profits monday-friday on your $20 signup bonus

However conditions for $200 bonus and $1000 bonus remains unchanged

Note : Minimum withdrawl criteria of $100 also remains unchanged

6) We will be adding options of auto compounding also tomorrow in your backoffice
in profile section and by default it will be set to 100 %

This essentially means you can choose to auto-compound your daily forex
profits and team building profits for bigger passive income...

However you will have the option to turn it off at will also or choose a certain %
for auto-compouding mode

7) We will have exclusive christmas and new year offer's which will make you more
profits on your investments

EliteFinFX Admin

P.S Make sure to join our telegram group for latest real time updates

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
The chat with my sponsor:  Big Grin 
[Image: ludpoab1c2d.jpeg]
My investment:
[Image: dalpuob1c1d.jpeg]

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
I have a quick update from EliteFinFx:
Quote:As A Christmas Special Offer, for next 48 hours we have reduced the minimum deposit amount requirement of $100 to $10.
This will help anyone and everyone to get in the system and start experiencing the power of automated passive forex profits.

Just a reminder: the minimum payout $100 so everyone count with this (about 3%/week sharing back in profit).

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
Another good day ...less profits but profits 170k withdrawal for the corporate the transparency of this business Big Grin

[Image: paudlob2746.jpeg]

My sponsor explained me how we can see their MT5 trading account.  Big Grin
Just take a look at the screenshot from my chat with him.
[Image: dpaluob2747.jpeg]

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]
Quote:Is EliteFinFX A Scam ?

We have our teams consistently monitoring youtube mentions for EliteFinFX
and today we cam across a interesting video by one of our happy users
and his thoughts on whether EliteFinFX is a Scam or not

Check it out here

It will give you lot of good pointers to sell EliteFinFX business to your prospects
and handle many wuestions

Feel free to leave your comments below the video

Thanks And Regards

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]

Quote:Tick Tock.....

10 % Bonus ends in about 24 hours from now

Take action fast to claim this before the offer expires...

Team EliteFinFx

Secure Your Top Position:

[Image: f6kp57h7.jpg]

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