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Blockchain App Factory to Offer Security Token and White-Label Exchange Services
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[Image: Blockchain-App-Factory-Shifts-to-Securit...96x449.jpg]
Blockchain App Factory Shifts to Security Token Development

Blockchain App Factory which is a blockchain provider to start ups has announced that it will have a security token offering (STO). The platform announced that it will launch an STO and a White label exchange development services.

The innovation-driven firm works hard to provide blockchain solutions to businesses especially startups.

More About Blockchain App Factory

The company has over 25 clients in the crypto space including Li &Fung which is a global supply chain company which has been around for 118 years that processes over 9 million deliveries on a busy day. The orders are executed on an automated supply system . The firm also takes up startups including some whose countries have just recognized cryptocurrencies.


Blcokchain is mostly associated with token offering generation through ICOs, ITOs and STOs. Most token sales have resulted in huge losses for investors and the SECis keen on protecting the interest of the masses as far as tokens are concerned. It’s important for institutions to turn to Security Token Offerings in order to help stabilize the cryptocurrency sphere.

Most of the big investors are skeptical about token offerings and are extremely cautious when approached by them. However, with STOs, there’s digitization of assets that aren’t liquid such as real estate, security bonds and equities. STOs seem to have more legal clarity.

Blockchain App Factory is now providing a platform where companies can engage in an STO. By providing a secure and authentic platform, companies will get to develop holistic STOs which will give them good funding since investors will be confident in the development team

Why Blockchain App Factory

With Blockchain App Factory, there’s use of white-label blockchain which doesn’t face the challenge of gas prices. Many companies will delist themselves from stock exchanges due to the barriers to entry.

Traditional ways of raising capital will be tokenized and the firm believes that real estate companies will be among the first to adopt STOs. There’s a trillion dollar capital funding coming and Blockchain App Factory is placing itself strategically for this boom.


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