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"INFO -  Some Ways To Get Lumens
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thanks for the judas, we hope to take the right path
Is there any possible way?  Like mining using cpu / gpu?  Like other cryptocoin?
(17-12-2017, 11:25 PM)Stellarnug Wrote: Is there any possible way?  Like mining using cpu / gpu?  Like other cryptocoin?

There is no mining for Stellar Lumens / XLM, you can only get XLM by getting someone send you some or buy it from crypto exchange/trade market.
Other way to get it are from faucets Stellar Faucet here, but you need to have at least 20 Lumens in your wallet for it to be activated. Only then you can withdraw from those faucet to your XLM wallet.

Thanks for giving us ideas how and where to get free lumens
Thanks for sharing this prestigious information with us. Its quite helpful.
Thanks for sharing.
I will be trying to get mine.
Thanks for stopping by to give us this enlightening information. Kudos to you.
It's very essential article for us.
Thanks for sharing . Newbie learn a lot of your article.
Thanks for sharing !
Is it still currently ?
Ho can i join SBC please ?
yes, how to join SBC and may i know  do stellar lumen have mining?
(12-06-2017, 04:55 AM)jorenpo Wrote: Terima kasih telah berbagi.
Juga bergabung dengan akan memberi Anda lumens beberapa
Saya pemula disini bisa saya dapatkan info dari anda?
Thank you so much for such a detailed answer! I truly appreciate your encouraging knowledge and work,Thank you one more time!
(12-06-2017, 04:44 AM)Fahrul Wrote: 1.Being Active At
All Of You Must Know This.

2.Joining Some Bounty Program(Free)(Not Too Hard)
There Are Some Of Bounty Programs That Pays You With Lumens Just Search In This Forum And You Will Find Some

3.Finding Stellar Bug(Hard Unless You Are Lucky)(Free)
This Bug Is Not Bug
The Bug Meaned Here Is Website Bug And Stellar Network Bug

4.Joining Inflation Pool(Easy)(Low Reward)(Free)
You Can Join The Inflation Pool Just By Setting Your Inflation Destination.This Doesnt  Decreasing Your Lumens.But The Profit Is So Small Only 1% Annually
There Is 2 XLM Inflation Pool Now
StellarInflationPool(Still Not Paying)

5.Making A Stellar Project
You Can Build Your Stellar Project And get 700 XLM

6.Receiving Invitation Email
I Dont Know How To Get This
I Even Not Yet Get One

7.Joining SBC
SBC Is Stellar Build Contest
The Reward Is Different By Your Project Topic
List Of Project You Can Add
Trading Client

Now The Biggest Chance You Win Is Anchor And It Has Biggest Reward
Now Only One Anchor Added
CNY Ripplefox

8.Buying Lumens
Buy Lumens At Polo.VIP Bitcoin.Bittrex,etc

Thanks your share
(11-03-2018, 07:11 AM)laikha87 Wrote:
(12-06-2017, 04:44 AM)Fahrul 1.Being Wrote: Active At (Free) (Fácil)
Todos vocês devem saber disso.

2.Joining algum programa de recompensa (grátis) (não muito difícil)
existem alguns dos programas de recompensa que lhe paga com lumens basta pesquisar neste fórum e você vai encontrar alguns

3. encontrar erro estelar (hard a menos que você é sorte) (livre)
Este bug não é bug
O bug significa aqui é Bug site e rede estelar Bug

4.Joining Inflação Pool (Fácil) (Low Recompensa) (Free)
Você pode se juntar à piscina Inflação apenas definindo o seu destino Inflação. Isto não diminui seus Lumens. Mas o lucro é tão pequeno somente 1% anualmente
há 2 XLM Pool de inflação agora (pagando)
StellarInflationPool (Ainda não pagar)

5.Making Um Projeto Stellar
Você pode construir seu projeto estelar e obter 700 XLM

convite 6.Receiving Email
eu não sei como obter este
I Mesmo Not Yet Get One

7.Joining SBC
SBC é construída Stellar Concurso
A Recompensa É Diferente Por Seu Projeto
Lista De Tópicos Do Projeto Você Pode Adicionar
Anchor / Asset
Cliente De Negociação

Agora A Maior Chance Que Você Ganhar É Ancorar E Tem Maior Recompensa
Agora Apenas Uma Âncora Adicionado
CNY Ripplefox

8.Comprando Lumens
Comprar Lumens No Polo.VIP Bitcoin.Bittrex, etc

Obrigado sua parte

6. >>>
Agradeço ás doações nesta conta:

ID MEMO: 223968


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