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Stellar price up 200% in the last month! WOW
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Stellar did pretty well in the past month. Up almost +200%! It was for sure one of the best performers this month!

Despite experiencing an early dip in value, the market has generally moved in a positive direction so far this week, and has broken through the $300B barrier. Continuing on from last week’s positivity, Monday began with a total valuation of $280B which rose sharply during the morning by approximately $10B. The market then began a pullback which lasted until the early hours of Tuesday as the total valuation fell from $290B to around $283B on Tuesday morning. Things then began to pick up once again, and the despite fluctuating, the market remained on a generally positive trend as the midweek approached. The total market cap grew by 6% and moved from $283B to $300B on Tuesday, before going on to peak at around $304B on Wednesday.
Interestingly, Tuesday also saw a sharp spike in trading activity as the daily trading volume ran up to just over $38B. Prior to this, the 24-hour trading volume had been closer to $15B, and more than doubled on Tuesday. However, the trading volume fell back to around $20B soon after the spike and has been steadily declining since then. At the same time, the total valuation has been fluctuating in the region of $300B as the market appears to be trying to stabilize close to that figure, and the total market cap currently sits at $302B, while the 24-hour trading volume currently stands at $13B.
Bitcoin has been one of the stronger performers so far this week, as investors are continuing to speculate on the outcome of the SEC’s ETF decision. BTC opened up trading at a price of around $7,420, and despite dipping, went on to trade at around $7,715 later in the day. The price remained relatively stable until Tuesday morning when BTC embarked on a surge in value that lasted until early on Wednesday. BTC ran from around $7,720 to reach $8,220 in the afternoon, an increase of 6.5%, and went on to reach $8,360 on Wednesday morning. However, after edging close to $8,400 the price of BTC fell back to around $8,000 later on Wednesday. As expected, the surge in price followed an increase in the quantity of BTC trading as the 24-hour trading volume peaked at around $6.85B on Tuesday, either side of this, the daily volume has remained closer to $5B, and the daily trading volume currently stands at $4.97B. Bitcoin is trading at a price of $8,185. BTC also retains a market cap of $140B and enjoys a market dominance of 46.4%.
Ethereum has fluctuated significantly, so far already this week and presented more experienced traders with plenty of opportunities. ETH started the week trading at around $460 and reached $467 early on Monday before going on to drop in value. The price fell during the evening to hit $450, however, ETH grew in value significantly on Tuesday and moved from around $445 in the afternoon to reach $475 in the evening, an increase of over 6.7%. The fluctuations continued on Wednesday as ETH hit $482 before falling to $466. Interestingly, the majority of ETH trading took place on Wednesday, slightly later than BTC’s peak day of trading as almost $2.4B worth of trading was conducted during the midweek. This has pulled back slightly, and the 24-hour trading volume currently stands at $1.7B, while ETH is trading at $475 and retains a market cap of $48B.
Outside the top two, XLM has had a stellar week and despite a few failed attempts to break the $0.35 price level, it has increased by 10% this week. From a technical point of view, Stellar is forming a nice bull flag and investors are hoping to see XLM trading closer to $0.40 in the weeks to come. 11 days ago when XLM was trading for $0.21, we featured Stellar Lumens in the coins to watch article.
Hopefully it keeps going up. I'm a long time investor and it would be beautiful to see it hit 0.50

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