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07 nonono 
Hello MyStellar Community.

I would like to let you know about some abuse of this forum. Not sure who is responsible, and don't really care.

I have been posting Airdrops and Bounties for XLM assets and others in one thread:

I have discovered that several of my referral links were replaced with someone else's. My account has not been compromised. This is either an inside job or a major hack.

I will mind my own links, but you may want to investigate if you value the reputation of this community. Investigation should be really easy, who aside from thread owner modified that thread (Only First Post with full list)? If no account audit trail is available, look at IPs. Should take 15 minutes, tops.


Take care everyone!
Accounting Blockchain Airdrop:
This is still happening. I continue to advise the projects affected of the reflinks used and sending them proof.

However, is no one on the board investigating or concerned by this?

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