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What is a cryptocurrency masternode; are there opportunities for investors?
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[Image: 757z468_1531233498_bitcoin-mining.jpg]
A masternode is a server used to power a cryptocurrency blockchain

In this guest editorial Nick Saponaro, co-founder of, gives traditional investors accessible insights into the masternodes, a method of ‘coin’ generation

In an increasingly volatile market, the expanse of cryptocurrency investment options can be hard to navigate.
Investors are eager to get involved but unsure of how to do so in an optimal and secure way.

Because it’s still emerging, the digital currency market can be daunting to those less tech-savvy; the concept of trading unpredictable coins being all the more discouraging.

If you’re teetering on the market’s edge, or if your asset is stuck in an exchange platform and you’re unsure of how to actively advance your holding - fear not. Masternodes may provide a solution.

What is a masternode?

Simply put, a masternode is a server used to power the blockchain of a given cryptocurrency.

All of the masternodes within a given crypto network communicate to verify and secure transactions.

To run a masternode on your computer, you’ll need to possess a given number of coins.

People who host masternodes are continually using their electricity (although a minimal amount), bandwidth, and other resources to contribute to a cryptocurrency’s functionality.

In return, they are paid in that network’s coin. The beauty of this system is that after the server is set up, human effort is not required; your computer is doing all the work. As long as your masternode is running, you will be earning cryptocurrency for the labor your CPU is performing. 

To begin, you’ll need to enter the ecosystem of a coin that employs masternodes for its network functionality, and you’ll need to buy enough coins to meet the qualifying masternode status.

The leading player is currently Dash, whose 1,000 coin masternode requirement currently touts a minimum commitment of roughly $305,000 USD.

For Dash and most other masternode players, you’ll also need a fair level of technical expertise. It can take days for even the most tech-savvy individual to successfully launch a masternode, strictly due to the complexity of the process.

Those who have been into crypto since early days know masternodes can be an income generating opportunity characterized by exclusivity, primarily due to the complexity and price of setting one up.

However, that’s about to change. 

Divi is releasing the answer to the pain points of existing masternodes.

The system is the first in the world to offer a portfolio of masternode opportunities; there are five options, each one with a different coin minimum and, conversely, a higher rate of reward.

The more Divi coins held whilst running your masternode, the more coins you earn for your computer’s work in verifying and securing transactions on the Divi blockchain.

To further increase masternode accessibility, Divi offers a one-click installation process that users of all skill levels can execute with ease.

Divi’s programming team has removed the arduous set-up process by enabling users to download and begin running their masternode software within minutes. In short, if someone is tech-savvy enough to run iTunes on their computer, they’re likely to be savvy enough to run a Divi masternode.

While much of the hype around cryptocurrency income currently revolves around trading, mining, and other unsustainable practices, hosting a masternode is an inherently viable alternative. It requires less energy from both machines and people, and the opportunity to earn coins is ongoing as demand for your computer’s “work” is built into the cryptocurrency’s ecosystem.

It is important, however, to remain aware that cryptocurrency is still largely an unregulated market and payouts are never truly guaranteed, despite what trends may suggest.

That said, the rapid growth of digital money in recent years, along with the rate of advancement in its supporting technology and emerging merchant integrations, does suggest that cryptocurrency will continue to permeate the world economy.

While it is critical to perform thorough research before involving yourself, as it is with any market – cryptocurrency holds tremendous opportunities for those who are willing to make informed decisions.

Educating yourself now and hosting a masternode within a promising ecosystem while the market is young is currently the most lucrative—and reliable—opportunity available

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