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"?? ASKING -  Theft: Stellar Term Wallet Recovery
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23 help 
Hi guys - so I recently got my bagpack stolen that had my laptop and notepad (where I wrote down my private key). 

I filed a police report and everything, but I am pretty sure it's going to be hard for me to recover my laptop and notepad so I wanted to ask here.

For Stellar term, if I remember my login information to my wallet file and remember what the wallet file was named, is there any way for me to recover my XLM? Also - I signed up for inflation pool and I remember having to input my private key to do so... is there anyway that could help me get my private key/ recover my funds?

Thank you  Angel
next time maybe backup on cloud such as google drive or dropbox

you cant recover it anymore, or try see your setting at inflation pool, maybe there is asterix password there can be open
If you have the words keys,you can(the 12 words)
You are right I agree with you

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