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(05-07-2017, 05:16 AM)lauriceyvolle Wrote: I am not good in finding any bug in programs and stuff but will try to do it. Thank you for this.

ganbate every body...
just spread the sugar so bug can be summons :)
My Stellar Public
For hard progammer only , i think .. For newbie like me just watch and see only ?
I think it will be hard to find it, because this website kind of a bank, definitely has good security
i think .fiture secret key should be changed.

because I think it is very unfavorable for stellar users.



memo id : 176
Nice to know about this program. Lumens developer and management is a responsible organization. I like Lumens more and more from now.

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(11-12-2017, 02:43 PM)faridhawami Wrote: i think .fiture secret key should be changed.

because I think it is very unfavorable for stellar users.

Maybe. But I am quite good for the function.
User can access the ETH wallet for transaction too with just a private key.
Thanks for good information, i will read it. i hope can get big prize from this event.
Nice info for you search xlm for free :)
Go ahead Stellar!
I think this is great, looks like it's time to start testing the features of the stellar network and wallet!
Donate XLM:
Interested. I will try to find it. I wish I could found it.
as of now i have no where can i see the bug for stellar lumens
Unfortunately, I ain't no researcher to find any bugs in their currency. So I loose out again
It will be hard things to do, like me im just noob about program, but i'll learned it
good program. nothing is perfect. but, through this way stellar definitely makes its network more secure and advanced.
Any software has bugs, it's just something that happens, something wrong or less secure in a code line, like an error in typing. The issue is that to find that out, one needs to be a developer, which is not my case.
Wow ..big bounty...This really brings development and all round security...Good decision
(05-07-2017, 07:15 AM)kate3003 Wrote: saya tidak tahu tentang bug Sad  
Akan belajar tentang ini mungkin salah satu hari ini.huhu

Belajar belajar
It's interesting.....people will test the server.....and it will increase our stellar's security....nice step..
Nice one. I hope it's for real anyways. Has anyone checked and confirmed this?
Wow STELLAR XLM is very potential, can develop it !! I would also love to invest in this money !! The value of this currency is very real !!
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(02-05-2017, 04:19 PM)briangale Wrote:
1 point = $1 USD
Hi Everyone,

Today we are launching the Bug Bounty Program. To review the details of the program, please visit:

very good program .. i hope much on this program .. hopefully praa very good program .. i expect a lot on this program ..

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