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"!! Announcements -  [ANN][ICO] Startions |The World's Leading Lending Based Platform
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01 information 

Startions is a unique decentralized lending platform that combines all lending platforms like GoldReward, Hextracoin and many other aswell as the ICOs connected to these platforms. You can lend, stake and trade STRN like you are used to with other lending programs. The difference, however, is that we can and will give you higher daily payouts, a better program and a professional team. Stay tuned in our Telegram channel for daily updates and information. 

Startions is a unique ERC20 based platform which makes it easier for the users to participate into the lending program. It's based on the ERC20 Token Standard and implements all standard methods. The platform offers higher interest rates as comparing to the rivals with an ease to reinvest the daily interest earned by its users without changing the capital release date!

Furthermore, Startions is yet to offer an integrated solutions to its investors such as an internal exchange system which makes it easier for the users to swap between the currencies without holding longer, live chat feature that facilitates the users with a real-time support, real-time reporting to see the profit margin, auto package upgrade and much more. An interface including some standard functions was defined in the code of STRN, we call it STRN Standard, which is like the ERC20 standard. The Startions platform is built from scratch with the best security features integrated into the platform. It's a real innovation and we believe that a new era of Crypto Tokens is coming.

We have been monitoring the cryptoverse for quite some time now and with the recent development regarding the lending ICOs we almost feel compelled to step in and give the market what it really needs. A platform that combines all the lending platforms in a way that simply makes sense. We are not just "another" lending platform among all the other platforms. We are the one that combines the possibilities of said lending platforms into one. By doing this, we aim to become the biggest player in every lending backed ICOs available in the market right now and will be in the future. With you in our network, you will not only make money by using our services, but also your network will grow extremely, just go through our website and landing page to know in depth about the services we are willing to offer.

Specifications of STRN

 Contract: 0xb05c0358ff5cd130ac6316ee649fbdbfe39a235f
 Name: Startions
 Symbol: STRN
 Decimals: 18
 Max Total Supply: 16M STRN
 EST. Daily Interest: 1.5% - 5%
 EST. Monthly Interest: Upto 164.3%
 Type: ERC20
 Referral Bonus: Upto 10%

The airdrop budget is 1,000,000 STRN tokens which will be evenly distributed between participants. The cap is 20,000 participants. 

From 16/03/2018 to 11/04/2018

ICO ROUND 1: 2,000,000 TOKEN @ $0.12/TOKEN
ICO ROUND 2: 2,000,000 TOKEN @ $0.14/TOKEN
ICO ROUND 3: 2,000,000 TOKEN @ $0.16/TOKEN
ICO ROUND 4: 2,000,000 TOKEN @ $0.18/TOKEN
ICO ROUND 5: 2,000,000 TOKEN @ $0.20/TOKEN
Contact us on telegram
[Image: oMV62b5.png]
[Image: hSt4pH6.png]

[Image: tPou5ZD.png]
[Image: gVLjZ8U.png]

[Image: epgtHQN.png]

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