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"?? Resolved -  Software for Asset Management
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Hi everyone, a Stellar newbie user here. Quick question, is it possible to implement Asset management kind of apps/contracts over the stellar protocol  such as the one described in the melon project. Afaik, options, bonds and some other financial instruments can be implemented, wonder whether it can go further than that or it has to be done on the edges and only use the stellar network as a clearing house. Thanks!    

greenpaper GitHub link
@sr51pan  I wrote an article about what is needed to setup derivative trading on network see:  In reality you can already trade derivatives but this was meant to be a trustless system.  For trustless you would need the added bots as explained in the article.  there is also an article on how to setup bonds in another article I think written by Jed.  I'll see if I can find that one also. as far as trading equities we already do that for example FUNT is an equity traded on today.  Nothing needs to be added or change to trade equity.  They trade the same as currency on the internal uncentralized net trading system.  We also have several user interfaces tools for trading on net including stellarterm and others.
Very enlightening, it is definitely undervalued or not well understood, will be going head-down for a better understanding of the details, thank you for replying!

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