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23 help 
CRAZY price surge and followed by HUGE SCAM by RIPPLE 
[Image: attachment.php?aid=582]
Suicide RIPPLE IS DEAD !!! Angel

 the stupid coin Thief  stole a lot from the pump and then Passout  SUDDEN DEATH DUMP !!!!!
what do you think of this SCAM ?????  Surrender
remind everyone to STAY AWAY and DONT TOUCH RIPPLE Cidera 
many people suicide by this death bringer coin
all the other alt coin is all RED, but I agree ripple is death to all the people that buy around 6000 or 7000 they will feel like in hell
Ripple is dead? Geez... what's wrong with you people? It's still five times higher now than it was two weeks ago. Dead?
08 search 
Ripple still has big volume trade...still number 1 in poloniex, bittrex although the price is dump...
its going back from HERO to ZERO
there is no news to pump and there is no news to dump, Think howcome?
have you guys read poloniex trollbox when that happen, its completely disaster poloniex stop responding around 10-15minutes, then those huge red bar is happening, i was around and trading ETH
Which's better, Ripple or Dash? Risk-related motivations.

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