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"TUTORIAL -  Bot auto claim bitcoin with termux
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[Image: 20180123_090653.jpg]

Bot auto claim bitcoin di termux , this script work for
You can claim automatic wit this bot , limit claim is 100 per day . follow this guide for installation
Download termux at playstore . open and wait until finish .
Register at

Quote:$ apt update && apt upgrade -y
$ apt install php curl wget -y
$ wget -O bot.php
$ php bot.php

Paste your bitcoin address and enter .
Don't close the terminal ,  If you want to stop claiming just press "vol down + c" . type "exit" and enter for quit/close/exit


Source : Bot auto claim bitcoin with termux
Thanks for your info. But can I banned from this methode?
(05-02-2018, 07:29 AM)etcsession Wrote: Thanks for your info. But can I banned from this methode?

if they know you did this method, off course you get banned... Wink


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