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"TUTORIAL -  "Merging" How to Draw out or transfer your 20 XLM base balance
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The Stellar network requires all accounts to hold a minimum balance of 20 lumens (XLM). This requirement ensures that accounts are authentic, which helps the network maintain a seamless flow of transactions. 

But there is a way to transfer the base balance to another wallet, it is through the process called "Merge

Merge is a process to transfer your minimum balance of 20 xlm to another wallet that also has 20 XLM balance or more.

you can use this tool to merge your account (Recomended)
note: you can also use your & wallets in merging accounts.

but you cannot merge every account that has 20 xlm,
There is a fee in merging so make sure that your source account has at least 20.00001 XLM or more (0.00001 XLM will be the merging fee) 

Steps in merging your accounts:

1. Go to


2. tick the "livenet button"

3. In "Enter Source account", Enter the Public Key (GC**************) of the account you want to extract the xlm.

4. In "Enter the Source account Seed", Enter the Private Key (SB**********) of the account you want to extract the xlm.

5. In "Enter Destination Account", Enter the Public Key (GA*************) of your Destination account.

6. If Source account has assets (BTC, CNY, EQD, EUR, etc.) check the "Merge Custom Assets"

7. Enter the Destination Account Seed or Destination account Private key (SD**********) if the source account has assets. 

Just follow all instructions and you will succeed Big Grin   
#Tried & #Tested  Exclamation    

Please feel free to ask if theres a question thanks!

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