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New crypto-currency Stellar - giveaway: 6000 free Stellar
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New crypto-currency Stellar - giveaway: 6000 free Stellar
by Zenyatta » Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:00 am

Interesting new cyber-currency 'Stellar'! Investors Stripe invested $US 3 million in the Stellar foundation in exchange for the creation of 2 billion Stellars (so 666 Stellars = 1 USD). The number of Stellars will be increased at a rate of 1% per annum thereafter.

The initial pool of Stellars are being given away! Everyone who signs up now gets 6,000 Stellars for free - I signed up via Facebook and I've received my 6,000 Stellars 

I reckon its worth signing-up on the off-chance it gets popular. It's basically free money (6,000 free Stellars = $US 9 right now). 


What is Stellar? 

Stellar is a decentralized protocol you can use to send and receive money in any pair of currencies. So for example, the protocol supports sending money in dollars and having it arrive in pesos.

How does this compare to Bitcoin? 

The main differences between Stellar and Bitcoin are the following:
• Stellar is based on a consensus algorithm rather than mining. This means transactions confirm in a few seconds. 
• The supply of stellar increases at a fixed rate of 1% a year. 
• Stellar aims to let you transact in your currency of choice (fiat or digital). 

The hope is that the stellar currency itself will be mostly a behind-the-scenes currency, and that the Stellar network will help provide more liquidity between currencies.

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