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Iran to Israel: Bitcoin LN Torch Goes Beyond Borders
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[Image: e303f0273b309fed29cb4b094314883c.png]
The Lightning Network (LN) torch cost has crossed borders to Israel after being posted by an Iranian in a symbolic sign of peace amongst these two countries. This historic phenomenon only shows that bitcoin is indeed a political and borderless cash experience.

The Bitcoin LN trust chain, a series of payments developed by @hodlonaut which is growing through Twitter in a related way to the Olympic torch dispatch, keeps on going beyond borders and battles for the interest of digital currency.

[Image: DYBeUGdX4AYcQB0.jpg]
Quote:[Image: rnAdwJU6_bigger.jpg]
Ziya Sadr@Ziya_Sadr

A #Bitcoin Full node in Iran, in the middle of nowhere [Image: 1f4aa.png][Image: 1f601.png]

12:05 AM - Mar 12, 2018

Bitcoin Node Map

On Monday March 4, the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, got the trust chain from Sam Abbassi, an Iranian staying outside the country - who also got it from another Iranian called Ziya Sadr. Ziya recently gained attention after showing the geographical position on a map of his BTC node. Abassi tweeted:

Quote:[Image: ghKgpsK2_bigger.jpg]
sam_abbassi [Image: 1f952.png]@samabbassi

#LNTrustchain Torch has been passed from #Iran to #Israel. Peace [Image: 1f54a.png] [Image: 1f6ab.png] war. We just want ghorme sabzi and matzo ball soup !!! [Image: 1f1ee-1f1f7.png][Image: 2764.png][Image: 1f1ee-1f1f1.png] amazing work @Ziya_Sadr @BitcoinemBassy #censorshipresistance
sam_abbassi [Image: 1f952.png]@samabbassi
Replying to @Ziya_Sadr
Slinging this thing to #TelAviv ...From #Iran with Love [Image: 2764.png] @BitcoinemBassy keep it going it strong[Image: 270a.png][Image: 26a1.png] #LNTrustChain

8:05 PM - Mar 4, 2019
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The Bitcoin Embassy also quickly responded with enthusiasm and pride. The 229th receiver of the torch noted:   

“We received the #LNTrustChain torch! It went from Iran to @samabbassi, an Iranian living abroad, and then to us in Tel Aviv! We’re very proud to be a part of this historic moment  Reply with your invoices and let’s get this torch on the move again!”   

#LNTrustchain Gains Popularity on Twitter   

The Coinex executive Ziya Sadr, wanted to carry the torch from Iran, hence putting another nation to the list. Nevertheless, apprehensions about sending payments from the U.S earlier stopped the step from taking place.

Quote:[Image: Fk520IBu_bigger.jpg]
Bitcoin Embassy TLV@BitcoinemBassy

We received the #LNTrustChain torch! [Image: 26a1.png]

The torch went from Iran to @samabbassi, an Iranian living abroad, and then to us in Tel Aviv!

We’re very proud to be a part of this historic moment [Image: 2764.png][Image: 26a1.png]

Reply with your invoices and let’s get this torch on the move again!

8:28 PM - Mar 4, 2019
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Bitcoin is Uncensorable Money   

Responses have been very positive as far as this to the latest journey of the trust chain, with several celebrating the manner in which BTC has just connected the peoples of two nations whose administrations incline to act like sworn opponents.   

Anthony Pompliano, Founder of Morgan Creek Digital and an advocate of BTC replied to the event noting:

Quote:[Image: pPKWVpQu_bigger.jpg]
Pomp [Image: 1f32a.png]


The Lightning Torch was sent to @Ziya_Sadr in Iran yesterday.

Bitcoin is uncensorable money.

This is a prime example.

2:55 AM - Mar 4, 2019
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The international transfer between Iran and Israel is a colossal landmark concerning both the development of LN and Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. The episode recapped that BTC is basically free and beyond the control of a central authority.


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