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Stellar (XLM) Records 20% Fall Since The Beginning Of The Month - crytocure - 15-07-2019

[Image: Stellar-Lumens-Cryptonewsz-16.jpg]
Stellar (XLM) Records 20% Fall Since The Beginning Of The Mont
  • Stellar drops by 35% in the last 30 days and 20% since the beginning of the month

  • Stellar’s slumping trends become a concern for the investors planning long-term gains from the token
Stellar has been showing crawling trends which are now a matter of concern for the investors. Those planning short-term gains from the coin have to wait a little longer as the rising wave is nowhere to be seen. However, as manifested by the current market performance of the coin, long-term gains may still be fruitful.

Stellar Price Statistics:

In the past 30 days, Stellar has shown a drastic downtrend of over 35% from $0.131 to its current value at $0.084 as on July 15, 2019, at 05:28:33 UTC. The coin started falling from the last week of June and has not recovered yet. The value of XLM at the onset of July was around $0.106, and it has fallen further below by 20% since last 15 days.

[Image: XLM-Price-Chart-7.png]
XLM Price Chart
  • The current trading price of XLM token is noted to be $0.084 and 0.00000832 BTC

  • The 24 h volume has reached $253,342,693

  • The market cap is now $1,642,228,217

  • The ROI of the coin is 2,753.31%

  • The circulating supply has been 19,426,240,684 XLM

Yesterday, Stellar closed the trading day at $0.086, and the lowest recorded value was also the same yesterday. Today, the coin has fallen further to trade below $0.084. The first resistance level of XLM can be expected at $0.092 post, which it will start surging again.

Stellar Price Prediction:

There has been a continuous slow movement by most of the coins since the beginning of the month, and while some have been affected superficially, some of the cryptos have taken a massive hit, and one of them is XLM token. The coin has been failing to recover from the slow trends and trade above $0.100.  It reached $0.106 briefly in the last 7 days and fell back again and hence by the end of the month, XLM may trade between $0.090 and $0.106.


This is a good time to hold on to XLM token and wait for the slow trends to pass.

by Ruti Vora