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Stellar (XLM) Price Drop Continues Two Days in a Row - crytocure - 11-07-2019

[Image: Stellar-Lumens-Cryptonewsz-12.jpg]
Stellar is continuously dropping in the market. The coin was expected to show some recovery in the market or stability in the price. But, the indications in the coin are not good.

However, at everyone’s surprise, despite the bearish outlook of the market, the coin has managed to jump. Previously, the coin was at 12th position on the list, but now, XLM is raked at 11th position.

The coin still holds the hope of the traders for going up in the market after the price drop passes.

Current Statistics of Stellar:

The chart is taken from Trading View on 11th July 2019, at 09:09:20 UTC for price analysis.

[Image: TV-XLM-2.png]
Stellar Price Chart

Looking at the intraday chart of Stellar, the coin reflects hefty downfall. Yesterday, the coin opened at $0.101. 

Soon, the price started dripping. The coin dropped to $0.092 by 9.05% from the opening price. The coin kept it stable at the level for the rest of the day. The token closed at $0.094. The intraday loss was of 07.10%. Today, the coin again started with a drop. The coin slipped to $0.087 from $0.094 in the first few hours. Now, the coin has attained stability at $0.087.


Stellar Price Prediction and Conclusion:

The crypto market is anticipated to pick up by the end of the week. The coin will again start rising in the chart, including Stellar (XLM). The currency is anticipated to breach $0.2 to $0.25 by the end of 2019.
Altogether, the coming time in Stellar is as bright as the sun. The investment in the coin will give huge dividends.

by Trevor Holman