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What exactly is mining? - jdawgsworld - 13-06-2019

I'm a newbie... kinda feel like I'm possibly chasing a "gold rush". I can build a rig, download software, and set up wallets...

I can also light a furnace... doesn't mean I can do it right or safely...
1st legalities... do I need to setup a DBA? How about taxes?
2nd am I supposed to be competing? Or can set up a rather inexpensive rig? ( Considering a rig with 3 GPUs, running through a 1000w power supply... each GPU I priced at @$125 through Amazon)
As I post this I don't have complete specs in front of me, but I priced a rig out at @$600
3rd I know there's questions I'm not asking because I don't know them
So I'm looking for insights and information...

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