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Why Cryptocurrency Trading Will Be Mainstream in 2019 - crytocure - 05-12-2018

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After an unparalleled bull market that only lasted a few months, the cryptocurrency market hit a wall in early 2018 and has since struggled incredibly. However the market is far from gone, trading volumes are still relatively high, and the industry is predicted to go through some major changes next year.

One of the biggest changes expected for 2019 is a more mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency trading which we’ll take a look at in the following article.

What Happened to the Cryptocurrency Market?

In order to understand how cryptocurrency trading is expected to change during 2019, you first have to understand the changes the market has gone through.

One of the main reasons for last year’s cryptocurrency bull market was an explosive increase in interest from investors and developers. In turn, this resulted in an oversaturated market that soon collapsed which is the reason we have seen falling prices throughout the year.

Another reason for the collapse was a lack of established services in the industry. At the height of the bull market, when several prominent projects and platforms turned out to be untrustworthy, investors started fleeing.

Despite all of this, major financial institutions are still interested in cryptocurrencies and the systems that support them, and it’s that interest that can help save the industry in 2019.

Cryptocurrencies Going Mainstream

As we see it, there are two major changes going on right now that will help drive the mainstream adaptation of cryptocurrency trading in 2019.

1. Institutional Investment Opportunities

Out of all the changes that can have a positive effect on the cryptocurrency market, the institutional adaptation is likely to have the biggest impact. Right now, major trading houses such as Nasdaq and the NYSE are looking into ways that they can offer cryptocurrencies to their clients, both as is and in the form of derivatives. We are also seeing how the leading forex brokers are working hard to optimize their cryptocurrency products.
By doing this, they will make cryptocurrencies available to everyone using tools and platforms that people already know and trust. And it is this accessibility that will ultimately make cryptocurrencies mainstream in 2019.

2. The Normalization of Blockchain Technology

Blockchains have become an increasingly more popular topic, and the unique solutions they provide has garnered interest from major players in all of the world’s major industries.
This will help bring blockchains into peoples’ lives which would help normalize the idea of cryptocurrencies and the systems that support them.


After a bitter year on the cryptocurrency market, we all have our hopes up for a dramatic turn in 2019. And by the looks of it, we should expect some major changes especially in terms of availability and mainstream adaptation, and hopefully, that is all that’s needed to get the market back on its feet.

by Peter Hilton