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Hello people, stellar noob here.

i got an account to store TERN, and cannot move anything out. after reading things on the internets, the articles from, i made deposits up to a total of 78XLM, because of the 20XLM limit, plus exrta liomits for assets, trustlines and whatnot.

so, after 2 separate deposits, i have tried to send to binance wallet 5,10, 21, 25 XLM, using stellarterm, desktop wallet, stellarport, and stellar's "account viwer". the result is always a http 400 error, with a description of "bad auth"

the most detailed is the stellar light wallet, that shows this:

 "type": "",
 "title": "Transaction Failed",
 "status": 400,
 "detail": "The transaction failed when submitted to the stellar network. The `extras.result_codes` field on this response contains further details.  Descriptions of each code can be found at:",
 "extras": {
   "result_codes": {
     "transaction": "tx_bad_auth"
   "result_xdr": "AAAAAAAAAGT////6AAAAAA=="
also have tried different browsers, chrome and firefox,  anonymous sessions, same result.

so, anyone knows why this happens? i must be missing  some basic noob detail, can anyone help?

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[Image: binance_1025602162.jpg?fit=700%2C375&ssl=1]

Binance Coin (BNB) – a multi-language digital currency that is traded on a global scale has its price rocketed from the low of $12.63 to the high of $17.29 last week. The value of the digital currency was as low as $12.63 on the 30th of May and got to as low as $12.29 on that same day.

The Upward Trend

On the 31st of May (which is the next day), there was a little increase in the value of the coin to $13 and it later surged to $14.12 that same day – the second highest value of the digital currency that week. The value of the digital currency was hovering around the $15 mark which was its resistance level and the closest touchdown was at the $14.94 level on the 3rd of June.

The Resistance

The digital currency broke its resistance level at $15.00 on the 15th of June and increased to $15.13. After a couple of minor fluctuations, the curve kept moving upwards until the value of the coin got to $15.98. After a couple of hours, the digital currency got to its peak at $17.39 after which the value reduced by $1.11 and declined to the $16.63 level.

The Listings of Binance

All through this week, Binance (one of the top digital currency exchange platforms) has listed SingularityNET (AGI), QuarkChain (QKC), IoTex (IOTX), and Nexus (NXS) and there are a lot of speculations that these listings are the major reasons for the continuous increase in the value of BNB.

The trading platform has also listed new trading pair including XRP/BNB, XLM/USDT, IOTA/USDT, and TUSD/USDT, enhancing the possibilities and chances to trade Binance Coin (BNB) on a larger scale. Bitcoin earlier made an announcement about listing QKC, and since the digital currency was not listed on, users mistakenly invested in QRK.

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[Image: shutterstock-cryptocurrency-blockchain-f...38x410.jpg]

Kolionovo is where it's at. But reality isn't quite as glamorous as a crypto billionaire island retreat.

The concept of creating a cryptocurrency utopia has been a thing ever since bitcoin and altcoins made a lot of libertarian anarcho-capitalist types more money than they literally knew what to do with. Even so, most crypto city attempts are still in the fundraising stage and finding it tough to compete in such a competitive market.

There are probably about a dozen "world's first" cryptocurrency cities out there right now, all of which are trying to attract customers migrants with subtly different flavours of crazy.

After all, how can anyone choose between chipping in for a spot on the floating crypto islandand paying to join the community of self-described geniuses who plan to solve the world's problems from the City of EDEN in Colombia? Or would that rule out getting a spot on the glorious and unintentionally-hilariously-named new dawn of Puertopia?

And in the end, none of them will be the first real crypto village. That honour is already taken by a small village in Russia, about 100km from Moscow. It's called Kolionovo – its local cryptocurrency is called the Kolion, and it got there by necessity.

The mother of invention

Mikhail Shlyapnikov was diagnosed with cancer about a decade ago and decided to move out of the city to work the land and help revive the dying villages in the countryside around the capital. Five years after that, he found himself in need of funds to develop a plant nursery, but ran into a fairly severe form of a common small business obstacle. He couldn't get a bank loan without a hefty, bordering on exorbitant, 12% interest rate.

"I didn't want to suffocate and be a slave of the banks," Shlyapnikov said. "So I had to invent my own money. And I did it. I'm my own bank, government, regulator."

Initially, he started simply issuing a paper Kolion currency. Russian courts unsurprisingly took a fairly dim view of the farmer printing his own money.

"They came last summer and winter and in spring," Shlyapnikov said to Al Jazeera in a 2015 interview. "They wanted to see the Kolions so I made them to chop some wood to earn it... We all laughed. And suddenly a month ago I got a summons to court with scary words, like, 'urgently withdraw this money and destroy it because it threatens Russia's economy'."

At the time, he pointed out that letting the village print its own money wasn't any different from the barter system that was already common around much of rural Russia.

It takes a village to raise a coin

"People have always exchanged things among each other," he argued. "We haven't created this process... In Russia, for any type of village work you used to give a bottle of vodka and it was stable currency. So we are doing the same thing - though we don't use vodka. We printed these pieces of paper."

He was well ahead of his time. It would be a few years before Russian courts would propose exactly what Shlyapnikov pointed out and draft a proposal to declare crypto to be a commodity rather than a currency.

In the case of the paper Kolion, it was technically potato. Each Kolion was pegged to 10kg of potatoes, but was traded freely as currency. Locals could perform local work for Kolions, then go exchange those for food on the same day. Pragmatically, creating its own currency was also the most sensible thing for the village at the time. Rubles weren't that common in the village and locals might only receive them once or twice a year when they sold their harvests. The rest of the year, the villagers would operate mostly on barter systems and trading labour anyway.

As an added bonus, hoarding the rubles outside of circulation helped the village save up for long-term collective purchases that couldn't be bartered for. The village's currency, in its eventual digital form, also helped insulate the village from the ruble crash which rocked Russia's economy.

Crypto Kolion

After the paper Kolion was forcibly removed from existence in 2015, Shlyapnikov started working on a cryptocurrency version, and in 2017 somehow managed to raise half a million dollars in an ICO. Since then, it's actually managed to increase its ICO price and is now one of the more objectively successful and stable cryptocurrencies in existence.

But Shlyapnikov isn't looking to expand it. He moved out of Moscow to get away from it all and seems to have done well for himself in doing so.

"I don't want to expand because it will bring obligations I'm not ready for," he said. "I'm not ready to save the world or even Russia, I want to be comfortable and I want to share this comfort with the community."

As for Russia itself, the country is aiming to become the world capital of cryptocurrency, using it as a tool to resist economic sanctions and generally regarding it as an opportunity that's too good to miss. And on the inside, many argue that it's well positioned to become the world capital of cryptocurrency.

Stories like Shlyapnikov's might be a testament to that. Necessity is the mother of invention, and there aren't too many circumstances which would necessitate the invention of an entirely new currency, let alone one that could be effectively used by an entire village.

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[Image: Indonesia-880x400.jpg]

Indonesia Approves Cryptocurrency Futures Trading, Prepares Regulation

Laws will govern exchanges, wallets and mining operations, and trading will be taxed.

Indonesian financial media outlet Kontan reports that cryptocurrency futures trading is now legal in the country. This is another surprising development from a land whose central bank banned all cryptocurrency transactions only six months ago.

Specifically, in December 2017 Agus Martowardojo, Governor of Bank Indonesia, said that payment providers would be prohibited from conducting business with parties connected with digital currency, and a law was passed rendering all transactions executed using a non-approved fiat currency illegal.

Last week, however, it was reported that Tron, a relatively new cryptocurrency which is already one of the biggest in the world, had won a listing on the country’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Indodax. The existence of Indodax itself could be considered surprising, but the aforementioned law technically did not cover cryptocurrency trading or mining.

Cryptocurrency is very popular in Indonesia, where less than half of the population have bank accounts, and this is reflected in the performance of Indodax. It processes almost $20 million worth of cryptocurrency trading a day, and some predict that it will surpass the country’s main stock exchange in terms of user numbers by the end of 2018.

According to Kontan, Dharma Yoga, head of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (known as Bappebti), announced last week that cryptocurrency could be considered a commodity that can be traded on futures exchanges. The decision came after a four-month review.

Futures are a kind of financial derivatives, contracts based on the sale of a commodity (gold, wool, metals for example) which are executed after a pre-agreed delay. Futures contracts based on Bitcoin were first launched on the CBOE and the CME exchanges in Chicago in December 2017. 

Since then, other venues have either launched similar products or expressed an interest in doing so in the future – examples include Deutsche BörseGoldman Sachs, and Tokyo Financial Exchange

Bappebti will also establish regulations governing cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and mining operations, said Yoga. The agency is also preparing taxation laws, and has requested that Indodax report cryptocurrency trading information.

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[Image: 960x0.jpg?fit=scale]

The 2018 FIFA World Cup takes place in Russia from June 14 to July 15 this year and billions of people from across the globe will gather together to cheer on their favorite football teams. An estimated one billion people watched the final in 2014, which is equivalent to a ninth of the world’s population. Not surprisingly, the World Cup is also considered to be one of the biggest betting events to take place within the sports industry.

And as cryptocurrency continues to spark interest – Ethereum in particular, which is now valued at a market capitalization around $60 billion - it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a blockchain game would be created specifically for this year’s World Cup, allowing sports enthusiasts to make bold predictions to compete for Ethereum-based cryptocurrency prizes.

CryptoCup is a World Cup prediction game that leverages blockchain technology. The platform is one of the first DApps (decentralized application) that is not a collectible, but rather allows users to build their own ERC 721 tokens to represent the teams they think will win the World Cup tournaments.

Between now and June 14th, players can log in with MetaMask to build their tokens, or golden tickets, by making predictions for the 64 matches taking place in this year’s World Cup tournament. Once a prediction is made, players set the value for each of their tokens. There is also an express mode, in which players only predict the top four teams they think will win. When the World Cup officially begins, the token predictions end and players can start trading tokens amongst one another.

“The World Cup is the single biggest sporting event in the world. Over 3 billion people, almost half the world, tunes in. I’ve attended two myself,” Federico Goldberg, CEO and co-founder of CryptoCup, said. “We wanted to combine that popularity with blockchain technology in order to build something different than an ICO or collectible."

Putting The World Cup On The Blockchain

Goldberg, who was one of the winners in the recentETHBuenosAires Ethereum hackathon, saw the need to create a decentralized gaming platform for The 2018 World Cup partly as a solution to combat the corruption associated with sports gambling. CryptoCup operates through a smart contract, making the game completely transparent and unalterable. Records are stored in a decentralized and public blockchain, meaning players have full ownership of their tokens and transactions are easily traceable.

Moreover, CryptoCup tokens are ERC 721, meaning each is unique and cannot be replicated. The tokens are used to represent a player’s betting predictions. While the tokens are not considered to be a cryptocurrency, they are generated across the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, tokens won by players hold a certain value across cryptocurrency trading platforms based on the price of Ethereum.

Quote:Decentralization is a great way to clear up much of the corruption that comes with sports gambling. We have created a fair, honest and transparent betting project, CryptoCup engineer Martin Nagelberg said. The concept will also be easy to scale to other sporting events, such as the UEFA Champions League, the NFL and the NHL. The World Cup platform is exciting, as we grew up loving the sport and tournament, but it’s also just the tip of the iceberg.

CryptoCup players earn points based on the number of games accurately predicted during the World Cup. As more games are correctly predicted, a player’s position will move up in the rankings on the CryptoCup leaderboard, putting them one step closer to earning a portion of the CryptoCup prize money.

The overall goal is for players to be in top 10% when the tournament ends, as participants will split the prize money. The value of the prize pool is determined by the number of players who have entered (for every transaction between users, a 5% commission fee is charged, which also goes into the prize pool), along with the current value of Ethereum. At present, the CryptoCup prize pot is valued around 28 ETH (Ethereum), which is equivalent to about $17,000. 

The CryptoCup betting platform went live May 21st and will continue to run until June 13, the day before the tournament starts. Currently, CryptoCup has a gambling license in Costa Rica, but the game is open to users from all countries where sports bets are legal

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[Image: application-3426397_960_720-e1528278034986.jpg]

Stellar on June 5th, 2018 announced that their 7th Stellar Build Challenge is officially live. Submissions for the same were open since June 1st, 2018.

Stellar Build Challenge [SBC] is an experiment to find ways to develop services that are fair, affordable, and community-driven, and at the same time drive the uptake of the stellar network to maximize efficiency and reach. There have been six challenges so far and the winning projects have become a part of the Stellar ecosystem.

[Image: stellar1.jpg]
Stellar’s announcement about SBC

The SBC is an essential part of Stellar’s developer community, and for the 7th edition, the aim is to focus on the “community-driven” part of Jed McCaleb’s initial vision. Jed’s initial vision was, leveraging technology to reduce inefficiency while improving the human condition.

At the 6th edition of SBC, winners were awarded five times the prize pool than they had originally planned, which was roughly 2.7 million XLM [550 thousand originally announced]

Goals for the 7th edition SBC are,
  • Open source contributions: Stellar plans to reward new contributions [from developers] to meaningful Stellar-related open-source projects. They are looking for developers who can contribute new features and enhancements, who can work on problem-solving issues, expand project functionality, improve the user experience, and improve documentation.

  • Develop one of the four ‘cornerstone’ project: The projects are a better Quorum Explorer, a Trade Bot Maker, social trading, and Peer-to-peer wallet. These projects are the future of stellar network and they are looking for developers to design the same, this means developers participating in SBC will get to collaborate directly with SDF [Stellar Development Foundation] via these projects.
Submissions end on August 15th and winners will be announced on August 30th. Judges are the members of SDF team and the final determinations will be done by Jed McCaleb. Projects are awarded based on merit. The teams also plan to keep keep-in-touch with all the developers and offer more ways for the community to engage with each other.

Mark, a Twitter user commented,

Quote:“go stellar go! marketing surpass xrp!”

CryptoNewb, a market enthusiast commented,

Quote:“We ever moon againeeee? Just kidding. Stellar job everyone. Boom”.

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[Image: stellar-lumens.jpg?fit=700%2C375&ssl=1]

Stellar Lumens is one of the most highly regarded open-source projects in the financial market. The Stellar Lumens project is a distributed payment platform that helps to consistently and efficiently facilitate digital currency transactions, with only small charges by using a digital currency called Lumens (XLM).

How Stellar Lumens Functions

It is vital to know that the project has gotten massive support from a lot of financial institutions and Bitfinex. The way the digital currency functions is similar to other decentralized payment platforms. The system includes a network of decentralized servers that are being renewed every two to five seconds.

The Consensus Protocol of Stellar Lumens

Another amazing feature of the digital currency that makes it different from other digital currencies such as Bitcoin is its consensus protocol. However, if you are looking for a platform to provide you with solutions regarding the issues with conventional bank services such as quick access and fees, then the Stellar Lumens platform is the right choice.

This is because it lets users transfer money to anyone in any part of the world with a very little penny as charge and the transaction time is just a few seconds. With all these benefits, a lot of users and investors are choosing this platform. Due to the increased patronage, Stellar Lumens experienced an increase in its users across the globe in 2017.

The upsurge in the use of XLM has been as a result of its adoption by major financial institutions. A few months ago, Stellar Lumens was able to secure a partnership with IBM – one of the largest computer technology firms in the world today.

Another significant breakthrough of the digital currency is the support from NASDAQ – one of the most prominent stock markets in the U.S. This is a great new for Stellar Lumens, and it is going to boost the interest of many investors, making the Stellar Lumens platform an unresistable one.

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[Image: Screenshot_1-1-1024x728.png]
Stellar network requires user to "Set Trustline" to start accepting @FRASCOIN, since the process is not simple, here are the Easy Tutorial, Please follow tutorial to start trading+receiving.
on Stellar FRAS are available at 3 exchange, see complete list at

Accept FRAS now and start trade, + FRAS receive benefits

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[Image: Screenshot_1-1280x640.png]
(Stellar Based Project)
Upcoming Fras Child Project, Taxi TV Advertising, see progress update at

The will be integrated with Taxi In-Car Advertising, in which could accept Cryptocurrency payment, also mini games, and LINK to and “ Phone Lockscreen” all 3th party websites via API.

The projects will be an open platform in which make easy to any user and reader to advertise their products and be productive in getting Free Advertise Token. The token holder can self-advertise, also could monetize from their own website or by simply being active in forum( – Paid to Post), and  installing Advertising Lockscreen App.

[Image: Screenshot_3.png]
[Image: Screenshot_4.png]

We receive the Custom Android TV prototype, not so long ago, and ready to test it with the BitAdvertis we produce. The production took place at our funded UNICOM basecamp @Bandung Indonesia.

Hopefully the device and the app will be ready when the 20unit of TAXI CAR we order arrive

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[Image: New-CorelDRAW-X7-Graphic-2.png]

FRAS already listed at  thank you so much to community & @StellarOrg for the support


the FRAS can be traded at=


the exchange market links also already updated at=

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[Image: 2re73px.jpg]

We invite Indonesian Cryptocurrency & Blockchain enthusiast and idealist to join

it’s the place where you could gain Neutral-supports and business-links by fellow Indonesian Language users.

❗❗ Vision & Mission ❗❗
(On this group, We support local blockchain made-in Indonesia and your ideas can be funded by members)

We invite you to open discussions.. share ideas.. members doesn’t have to understand technical and coding, nor must have funding….

❤ This Group supporting the birth of ❤
“Indonesian Blockchain Association & Credit Union”
in which MUST NEUTRAL and have same VISION
(Wich is must follow below guidelines/rules)

❤ MISSION To support=
Free Seminary, Talks, and Free Teacher
funded by local projects
and Coin Meetups


         RULES and GUIDELINES ❗❗

1. Help Invite 1 friend to join the group chat
2. Can Freely made any discussions
3. Allowed to announce your projects

4. Dont forget to MUTE the group, to decrease notification

5. Dont SPAM
6. MoneyGame are NOT ALOWED
7. Dont be arrogance and have monopolize attitude (read number 14-17)
8. Dont DM other members and spam with Advertisement

9. Dont support FRAUD
10. Dont support Scammer
11. Please dont JUDGE and FLAMING other people/projects, until it is proven to be SCAM or have indication of FRAUD

(Nothing is more special than others)

14. Hopefully to not anonymous
15. Respect other peoples
16. Please support local products/projects
17. Hope to not hostile to each other

18. Trading discussion is allowed
19. Can share business discussion in which related to Cryptocurrency / Blockchain
20. Can share business link
21. Allowed to ask local support
22. Can try made technical discussions

23. DONT repeat any promotion/advertisement more than 2x in 2days


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i'm new to this forum. all i see are 'Stellar' related posts. all the ones i've read are either ambiguous or specifically about Stellar lumens.

is this forum specifically for discussions about Stellar Lumens only?  or are other alt Stellar projects discussed in here as well?

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XLM is used by SatoshiPay who has partnered with ‘The Register’, a U.K. based company of news and opinion. The collaboration allows the articles/books of the company to be purchased as an e-book by using Stellar Lumens on SatoshiPay.
SatoshiPay processes 1-click Nano payment transactions and is a partner of Stellar Lumens. The Register, UK’s one of the largest tech-news web channel, will use SatoshiPay to sell their digital content and data. To honor of this partnership, 1 million XLM tokens will be given away to SatoshiPay users as free credit.
SatoshiPay and their advanced Nano-payment system are integrated with the secured network of content which is provided by The Register, will now allow physical books to be available as ebooks. For starters, one of the popular books of The Register, “Geek’s Guide to Britain” is being offered as an ebook that can be bought via SatoshiPay. This is a tester to check, how much more of The Register’s content is to be made available in an ad-free environment.
The 2nd batch of the giveaway will be of 50 XLM to 20,000 users that will cost around 20$ per user.
SatoshiPay has continued to improve their Stellar network-based transaction system. They have introduced a better version of multi-signature handling, advanced malpractice protection, and have increased the stability of their customed XLM wallet.

These XLM giveaway credits can be used to either purchase the e-books or can be used to make transactions on different websites which support SatoshiPay.
On this collaborative event, Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation, said:
Quote:“This is an exciting moment for Stellar and the cryptocurrency community as a whole, as it represents one of the first mainstream uses of blockchain payments in reaching millions of consumers.”

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Stellar Lumens is one of the most overlooked cryptocurrency projects even though the XLM boasts of a position among the top ten biggest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. In fact, if data from CoinMarketCap is anything to go by, XLM features a pretty low key trading volume, especially when compared to other big-time players of the industry like Ripple and Ethereum (both with trading volume in the hundreds of millions). Basically, in terms of trading volume, Stellar Lumens ranks at number 16 while being ranked number 8 in regards to the market cap. What does this say about the coin?
Well, most crypto enthusiasts believe that the reason behind the drastic difference and a considerably low trading volume of the coin is a result of low marketing of the coin. Granted, Stellar Lumens, unlike most cryptocurrency projects, has not been featured in the headlines quite as much. Given that current market trends are mostly speculative and that the news drives behavior among cryptocurrency traders and investors, it is no surprise that some people could think of marketing as a factor contributing to the low trading volume of XLM. But is this really it?
Stellar Developments
Recently, Stellar has been anything but reserved in terms of news and marketing. Even though not to the extent of most hyped up cryptocurrency projects, Stellar has had an active month with new developments set to unfold in the near future. Just last week, the Stellar Team announced the launch of the 7th annual Stellar Build Challenge (SBC) that has seen the Stellar community get excited about working in tandem with the Stellar team to produce advancements on the platform. So far submissions are ongoing with some developers promising to develop a boosted secure mobile wallet for stellar on the next challenge.
In addition, Stellar is partnering with LALA World to create a global payment ecosystem that will enable immigrants; students and any other unbaked individual across the globe send money to their loved ones at more affordable rates. LALA World is a B2B company set to transform millions of lives by 2020. The current agreement to work with Stellar Lumens will not only be one of the biggest partnerships for Stellar but also see the creation of a fully-fledged product by the 3rd quarter of the year. The new initiative will develop an XLM market that also enables microlending for small and medium enterprises.
Staying committed to decentralization
After it’s all said and done, Stellar seems to be one of the few projects committed to decentralization. Even though its trading volume is currently one of the lowest among the top coins in the market, the Stellar Team is poised on improving and developing the platform. Whether it’s through partnerships like the one with LALA World, or through community-driven initiatives like the SBC or even with Stellar’s commitment to innovate with the Stellar Decentralized Exchange, the XLM is here to stay. As long as the foundation continues to pursue development through decentralization and transformation of people’s lives, there is a good chance for a sudden spike in XLM.
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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

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It is not a secret for anybody that cryptocurrencies are getting more traction among the industry as each day passes, a fact that without any doubt can potentially increase the scope of all of the virtual coins. Even when cryptocurrencies have given us enough reasons to want to keep them as assets, the industry still needs a spoon of validation to fulfill one of our greatest dreams as crypto users, a mass adoption.
In this specific case, a great milestone has just happened as one of the most influential companies in the financial sector has decided to place a bet on cryptocurrencies, and of course, it could not be other than the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ), the second largest electronic and automated stock exchange in the United States.
NASDAQ has decided to support one of the most mentioned coins in the industry at the moment, the Stellar Lumens (XLM). We can be sure that great things are coming for both companies with such an incredible alliance, but one thing we may ask is, why NASDAQ has chosen Stellar? Well, let’s find out the main reasons why Stellar (XLM) represents a better option for the famous stock exchange than the other cryptos in the market.
The solidity of Stellar Lumens
NASDAQ is seeking to reconstruct itself and also hit into the digital boom of cryptocurrencies, and that’s of course, something that is more likely to happen if it decides to back a solid token of the industry, in this case, Stellar (XLM).
When it comes to performance in the market, Stellar (XLM) has proven to be stable and robust, although its growth has been slow the coin has been evolving with the time, a fact that’s even more remarkable in times where almost all of the cryptos are in red.
At the moment of writing, Stellar (XLM) is the number 8th in the listings of coinmarketcap, position in which it is traded at a value per coin of $0.29263 and has increased in value by 1.08% against the US dollar in last seven days and a 2.95% against the leader of the market, Bitcoin (BTC).
Stellar partnerships and scalability
If we talk about notable partnerships in the crypto sphere, Stellar (XLM) comes out as a great performer. Over the course of its existence, this coins has been working on building up powerful alliances among the financial industry. In this matter, we can count three of the most remarkable, the one with OKEx, the exchange from Hong Kong, the ones with the Deloitte and ICICI banks, and of course, the one with IBM.
Like this, Stellar is not only opening itself to markets such as the banking; it is also working on building up a large scalable platform, a feature that for sure is of interest for NASDAQ as it is looking to solve issues of scalability.
In addition, the Stellar platform provides incredible features when it comes to cross-border transactions, including the lowest fees in the market and a very remarkable speed of operation.
As with the whole market, Stellar (XLM) is currently suffering certain drops; however, the coin has managed to stay afloat in days where the tendency is entirely bearish. The potential support of NASDAQ may represent a huge benefit for the token, so for sure, Stellar Lumens should be watched in the days to come.
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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.


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