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What smart contracts
(Smart Contracts)
The technology of plucchin has become much wider than just petcin. It has proven to the world that this new wave of Lucent technologies can provide efficiency and technological advantages that are very similar to what the Internet has done. However, BlockChen is a very powerful technology, capable of performing complex operations, able to understand much more than just how much of your homeowner currently has in a digital wallet. 
This is where the idea of smart contracts comes. Smart contracts have actually become the cornerstone of Blockkin's enterprise applications and will likely become one of the pillars of Blockchin's technology. Below we explore what the nodes are smart and how it works, and how to use it 

Smart Contracts
A contract is a term used to describe the code of a computer program capable of facilitating and executing the negotiation or performance of an agreement (ie contract) using Blockkin technology.
The entire automated process can act as a supplement or alternative to legal contracts, where the terms of the smart contract are recorded in the computer language as a set of instructions. 
Smart contracts provide an effective way to issue ownership tracking of unique digital representations of value, which we call money   . 

Smart contracts (also called self-executing contracts, blockchin contracts, or digital contracts) are simply computer programs that act as agreements where the terms of the agreement can be programmed with the ability to self-implement and self-enforce. The main goal of smart contracts is to enable the parties to anonymous trade, and do business with each other, usually online, without the need for an intermediary. 
The origin and history of smart contracts is much older than Betcuen and dates back to the 1990s. The term 'smart nodes' for the first time was coined in 1993 by one of the alleged Betquin creators, Zabo Nick, and referred to a self-automated software program that could implement any contract terms. 

Future of smart contracts
The future of smart contracts will likely be to deposit a sample of hybrid paper code where contracts are validated to verify their authenticity through the proxy, but the backup papers are also deposited for traditional asylum purposes. 

The difference between conventional contracts and smart contracts
Traditional contracts
Such as those created by legal professionals today, contain legal language for huge amounts of printed documents and are heavily relied upon by third parties for law enforcement. This kind of law enforcement is not only too long, but also very vague. If things go wrong, where parties to the contract often have to rely on the public judicial system to address this situation, which can be very expensive and time-consuming. 

Smart Contracts
Often created by computer programmers by helping tools develop smart, digital and linear nodes using code from programming languages such as C ++, Python, Java. This code defines rules and consequences in the same way as a traditional legal document, stating the obligations, benefits and penalties that may be caused by either party in different different circumstances. This code can then be executed automatically

How do intelligent contracts work on Blocchin? 

In order to understand how smart contracts work, it is important to first make a distinction between smart contract code and how this code is applied correctly. As described in the article Smart nodes can be divided into two separate elements: 

1. Smart contract code - The code that is stored, verified and executed on the blockkin. 
2. Smart Contracts Law - Use of the Smart Contract Code which can be used as an integral or alternative element to obtain legal contracts. 

The mechanism of smart contracts step by step
1- Coding 
Because smart contracts work like computer programs, it is very important to do exactly what the parties want them to do. This is achieved by introducing common sense when writing your smart contract. The code behaves in a predetermined manner, and does not have language differences for human languages, therefore, it is now automatically "if this happens then does it" part of the traditional contracts. 

2 - distributed books (how to send out smart contracts) 
The codes are then encrypted and sent to other computers over a distributed network of notebooks (ie, distributed account records). If this is done by generic blockcin such as Bitquin, the nodes are sent out similar to the way an update will update the Betquin network traffic.This can also be done in a ledger distribution platform (Blockkin permissions) or mixed as a Distributed R3 Ledger. 

3. Implementation (how to be addressed) 
One of the computers in this network of distributed notebooks receives the code, each of which reaches an individual agreement on the implementation results of the code (the network updates the distributed notebooks to record the execution of the nodes, and then monitors compliance with the terms of the smart contracts.) In this type of system, By the parties because control of the implementation of smart contracts is no longer possible because the implementation is no longer in the hands of one party. 

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[Image: DGhC6HoW0AE4H5y.jpg]
The price of bitcoin has exceeded its previous all-time high of $3,000, soaring to $3,200 for the first time.
[Image: coinbase-logo.jpg]
Figures from Coinbase show the market started moving around 03:00 a.m. when bitcoin’s price climbed above $2,900. At 10:30 a.m., bitcoin recorded a new historic high when it reached $3,200.

Today’s new high pushes the the market value of bitcoin up to $52.1 billion with the entire market now worth $108.9 billion. Over a 24-hour period, the number one digital currency increased its value by 10.19 percent while its value rose by 15.40 percent over the past seven days, according to CoinMarketCap.

It marks a new milestone for bitcoin as it hasn’t seen $3,000 figures since 12 June.

Low Support for Bitcoin Cash

Amidst a user activated hard fork (UAHF) which saw the creation of a new cryptocurrency called bitcoin cash, the new price for bitcoin signals a significant step. A lack of support for the new currency has seen its position fall from third down to fourth, behind ripple.

Bitcoin cash now has a market value of $3.8 billion while its price has dropped by over 20 percent in 24 hours to trade at $231. The highest it has reached, so far, was on the 2 August when it peaked at $727.


Some industry leaders have also come out against bitcoin cash saying that it is a ‘non-event.’

According to Sheffield Clark, CEO of Coinsource, he is reported as saying:

Quote:When we look back 30 days from now, this is essentially going to be a non-event.

Whereas, Perry Woodin, CEO of Node40, a blockchain service provider, specializing in infrastructure hosting and blockchain accounting, said:

Quote:People who are going to benefit from Bitcoin Cash are the ones who see it as free money, so they can then invest in something else. It’s going to be a race to see who can sell it the fastest.

Will Bitcoin Reach $5,000?

With bitcoin’s price achieving a massive leap it begs the question: can it reach $4,000 or even $5,000?

Last month, Sheba Jafari, Goldman Sachs chief analyst, made the prediction that the digital currency could get as near as $4,000.

However, Keiser Report Host Max Keiser has taken a more bullish approach and thinks a $5,000 price is ‘within sight.’
At the time of publishing, the price of bitcoin is currently trading at $3,167, according to CoinMarketCap.


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.png   Screenshot_1.png (Size: 120.24 KB / Downloads: 160)

Fresh off $100 million in new funding, expectations are high that Coinbase – the largest and most visible US cryptocurrency startup – will use its new investment to improve services that have succumbed to the stress of a growing industry.

So, while praise rolled in quickly for Coinbase in the mainstream press this week, just as quick were the social media criticisms, with users refraining from any reticence in describing their dissatisfaction with certain aspects of its service.

On Twitter, Coinbase users openly grumbled about the startup's struggles with uptime, as well as technology decisions that some felt have left them, unlike the company, short on funds. Not that this should be a surprise on either side – from site outages to shoddy customer support, Coinbase has struggled to keep users happy.

And to be fair, the company has been open about where it believes it has fallen short in adjusting to a market that went from cold to hot virtually overnight as the total market capitalization of the asset class exploded at the start of 2017.

"Over the past six months, Coinbase and GDAX have seen unprecedented growth," said a Coinbase spokesperson in an email. "As a result, our systems have been pushed to the limit and [this] has resulted in a negative experience for customers."

While a blog post about the raise suggests Coinbase will be using the money to address some of these concerns, increasing the size of its customer support teams, it's yet to be seen how successful it will be in correcting them.

The spokesperson continued:
"We understand how frustrating this can be, and we are committed to improving the experience for our customers. We haven't done enough to keep up with our growth and now we are taking steps to correct it."
Hopeful this proves true, but until then, here are some of the biggest questions the startup will have to answer in the months ahead.

1. Will exchange uptime improve?
Perhaps the most visible problem of late, Coinbase's exchange, GDAX, has proven to be problematic at times of high volume, going down when users arguably most need it to function. (A criticism that could just as likely be volleyed at CoinDesk itself).

But given the influence of Coinbase's brand, those outages and slip-ups generally have had a negative impact on cryptocurrency prices, leading users to be denied economic opportunities, such as the ability to capitalize on volatility.

The latest incident happened in June when a multimillion dollar sale of ether was placed on GDAX, pushing the price down drastically and automatically executing a few hundred margin calls and stop losses. Stop losses allow users to limit their loss on a position by ordering the sale should the price of the asset reach a certain price, but it's not typically put in place for exchange slippage.

That flash crash, when ether prices plunged from more than $300 to $13, resulted in GDAX blocking withdrawals and disabling trading of the ETH/USD pair.

Because the site was inaccessible, traders that wanted to cancel their stop losses and margin calls were unable to do so. Here on Coinbase's community forum, one user talks about losing $5,000 worth of ether after the flash crash.

In response, Coinbase moved quickly, crediting the accounts of those directly affected, and is now looking to put trading safeguards in place. But for some, the inability to participate in a market movement was painful.

In an email, a Coinbase spokesperson said the exchange has "committed to using funds from this round to increase the size of our engineering and support teams to improve customer experience on Coinbase."

2. Will customer service improve?
As Coinbase expands into new markets, issues have also arisen in its communication of its coverage area. For instance, the startup has an influx of customer support tickets, even in areas where it doesn't operate.

For instance, CoinDesk has talked to about a dozen people who have been locked out of their Coinbase accounts after accessing their account in Cuba. In July, Coinbase told us it was working through backlogged support tickets, but CoinDesk continues to get messages from users that have yet to hear about their Cuba-related ticket.

And their Twitter feed shows an underlying problem with support in general.
In early June, Coinbase committed to decreasing first response times to less than six hours, and cases concerning large balances in under two hours.

The spokesperson reiterated this pledge in statements for this article.

3. Will Coinbase list 'forked' coins?
Coinbase has said it would like to add more assets for users to trade, but just where it draws the line is unclear.
Cautious not to upset regulators, Coinbase likely spends a significant amount of time and money integrating a new coin into its exchange. But here, too, this has sometimes rubbed users the wrong way, especially when they could benefit economically from such listings.

Most recently, Coinbase indicated it would not support the new cryptocurrency "bitcoin cash," when it was suddenly created through a fork of the bitcoin network. Holders of bitcoin would automatically receive an equal amount of bitcoin cash as part of the process – 
if it was held in a wallet or exchange that supported bitcoin cash – but Coinbase told users interested in receiving their new funds to withdraw their coins.

Some, even with Coinbase's advanced notice, didn't take their bitcoins off the platform and are now upset that they can't reap the rewards of bitcoin cash's current price of around $330, especially when a quick sale could mean they could invest more in bitcoin.
Not only is this a missed opportunity for users, but Coinbase also stands to lose since it has access to bitcoin cash without having the ability to make money off those reserves through trading.

The exchange recently followed up on its statement about bitcoin cash support, pledging to enable withdrawals of the new cryptocurrency by January.

The question then becomes whether stalls in listing the new cryptocurrency are resource constraints that the new raise could help shore up, as the company is looking to fill many open positions.

And with another potential fork ahead, it remains to be seen whether the company will, or should, take steps to respond to this complaint.

Disclosure: CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which has an ownership stake in Coinbase.

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[Image: First-Bitcoin-Exchange-Launching-in-Egypt-1068x1068.png]
A cryptocurrency startup called Bitcoin Egypt is launching the first bitcoin exchange in the country this month. talked to co-founder Rami Khalil to find out more about the exchange as well as the bitcoin scene in Egypt.

Bitcoin Exchange Launching in Egypt

Founded by Rami Khalil and Omar Abdelrasoul, Bitcoin Egypt plans to launch a bitcoin exchange this month. “The tentative launch date is the 31st of August. We will definitely at least go into alpha testing at that time if we are not fully operational,” Khalil told

[img=300x0][/img]He claims that it will be the first in the country. “There were no prior (registered) exchanges before,” he detailed, citing “everything operates peer-to-peer and under the radar now. It’s currently a ‘black’ market in Egypt.”

At launch, the exchange will only support trading between the Egyptian pound and bitcoin. “The fees will be a fraction of the transaction size (<0.25%),” Khalil said. The company plans to add support for ether, other altcoins, as well as other fiat currencies in the near future, followed by a payment service next year.

Only “rudimentary contact information (full name, ID numbers, address, etc..)” will be collected by the exchange, he detailed, adding that “since bitcoin is technically a commodity in Egypt, we’re not bound to any formal KYC/AML regulations.” Moreover, he said “we will only be doing it to deter potential money launderers from abusing anonymity on our exchange, and to of course be roughly prepared for any future regulations set by the Egyptian government.”

The bitcoin ecosystem in Egypt is currently small with only a handful of traders listed on Localbitcoins. However, Khalil said “there are a few hundred people actively using and trading bitcoin on a daily basis in Egypt on online forums.” As for merchant adoption, he said it is “virtually non-existent,” noting that “people generally assume it’s taboo. We’re of course looking to change that outlook, and improve adoption.”

Authorities’ Warnings

Last week, Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) Sherif Samy reiterated that digital currencies such as bitcoin and ether are not authorized or supervised by the authorities, according to local publications. With the absence of legal and loss protection, any dealings with them carry significant risks, the chairman noted.

[img=300x0][/img]In June, there were reports that suggested that the central bank was considering allowing the circulation and trading of digital currencies, which the bank’s deputy governor Lobna Helal promptly denied.

“The central bank rejected this currency because the state can control the local and foreign traditional currencies, and can impose certain fees on their movement and transfer to and from Egypt,” banker and economist at Zagazig University Ashraf Ibrahim told Al-Monitor. With state-controlled currencies, “the central bank can tax the investment and trade activities generated by those funds, but cannot do the same with bitcoin,” he asserted.

No Digital Currency Laws Currently

Khalil told that “from personal contacts, the Ministry of Finance fully understands what bitcoin is, and only has problems with its potential for money laundering,” adding that:

[i]Formally, there are zero laws or regulations in place about digital assets/cryptocurrency. We’re hoping to help shape their views and provide any assistance where needed.[/i]

He then noted that “the local banks have been very firm in asserting that they have no plans to start providing bitcoin services themselves and that they will never consider it a currency, but so far no one has turned us away from opening a bank account in our company’s (very explicit) name.”

[b]Do you think bitcoin can take off in Egypt? Let us know in the comments section below.[/b]


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I will not talking to much in this thread actually just go to the point of my thread

And here's the list of Must watch anime my version

1. Serial Experiment Lain
2. All Evangelion
3. All hack series
4. Spirited away
5. Kaze tachinu
6. Nausica of the wind valley
7. All Haruhi suzumiya
8. All K-ON!
9. Magi
10. Akira
11. Flying witch
12. Porco rosco
13. Koe no katachi
14. Kimi no nawa
15. All Free

So that's my list how about your list ? And ofc You can add as well just drop that in reply section

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[Image: Corb-Lund-Roots-Country-Digital-Currency...96x317.png]
This week’s podcast with our host ‘Bitcoin Brian’ features Corb Lund, the Roots Country Singer from Alberta Canada who believes bitcoin is a disruptive technology to our current monetary system.

Also read: South Africa Will Begin Testing Bitcoin and Crypto Regulations

[img=248x0][/img]Corb Lund calls himself a “fringe underground country music” player that blends genres of Rockabilly, 50’s Rock & Roll, Western Swing and Bluegrass into his nine albums. Lund’s band typically tours in Canada but has also played across Europe, the U.K. and Australia. The musician has also been into bitcoin for quite some time and really got fascinated when he was following the currency used in an online game called ‘Second Life’, making him ponder of what money actually is.
Then bitcoin came along — bitcoin seemed like a real well thought out way of digitizing money. I mean all of our banks have digitized money in there own way that they control. But the more I read about it the more I was fascinated how it was super-national — How it transcends nation states, and it transcends banks. And I find that really fascinating.          

Lund says he used the digital currency in Las Vegas just recently, but he mostly trades bitcoin with his friends between different cryptocurrencies. The country artist also thinks banking institutions today will be disrupted by this emerging technology much like Uber did to the cab industry. Lund says he’s very “cautious” about the future of fiat but also tells his friends to be responsible with bitcoin as well.  

“Whenever I bring new friends into bitcoin, I tell them you have to be really responsible,” adds Lund.

What do you think about Corb Lund’s music and his opinions about bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below.

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Launched soon with more features.
it is based on
[img]blob:[/img][Image: lHApuHl.png]

auto refresh every 5 seconds.
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[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese: 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン HepburnShinseiki Evangerion, literally "The Gospel of the New Century"), from Classical Greek meaning "The Gospel of the New Genesis", commonly referred to as Evangelion or Eva, is a Japanese science-fiction anime television series produced by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production and directed by Hideaki Anno. It was broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 1995 to March 1996. The original Japanese cast includes Megumi Ogata as Shinji IkariMegumi Hayashibara as Rei Ayanami, and Yūko Miyamura as Asuka Langley Soryu. The music was composed by Shirō Sagisu.
Evangelion is an apocalyptic anime, set in a futuristic Tokyo fifteen years after a worldwide cataclysm. The story centers on Shinji, a teenage boy who is recruited by his father into the shadowy organization Nerv to pilot a giant bio-machine mecha called Evangelion in combat against monstrous beings known as Angels. The series explores the experiences and emotions of Evangelion pilots and members of Nerv as they attempt to prevent another catastrophe. In the series there are many references to psychoanalytic concepts, such as the oral stageintrojection, oral personality, ambivalence, and the death drive. It features religious symbolism throughout the series, including themes and imagery derived from KabbalahChristianity, and Judaism.
Neon Genesis Evangelion gained widespread critical acclaim as well as controversy. Regarded as a critique and deconstruction of the mecha genre, the series has become a cultural icon and influenced an artistic and technical revival of the anime industry. Subsequent film, manga, home video and other products in the Evangelionfranchise have achieved record sales in Japan and strong sales in overseas markets, and by 2007 gross revenues had reached over 150 billion yen.

okay that's a short explanation about what is evangelion but in this thread i will not talking much about what is evangelion and the main topic of this thread is about Evangelion Rebuild Part 4 (Evangelion 4.44) or basically it's remastered version of old evangelion (Neon genesis evangelion)

Previously, if you have been watching Evangelion 3.33 you already know about this 4.44 evangelion information and also beforehand already there is information about evangelion 4.44 already confirmed to release in 2018 later but recently i just hear about key animator of evangelion shoichi masuo has passed away here's the information 
Evangelion key animator Shoichi Masuo died at age 57

so are evangelion will come at 2018 ? or this project will failed ? 

tell me your opinion in reply section below 

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Avez-vous des sites, blogs, pages Facebook qui parlent XLM et STELLAR en Français?
N'hésitez pas à les poster ici!
j'ai pu trouver un vieil article sur L'ATELIER BNP PARIBAS mais il y a vraiment très peux de documentation française.
Du coup je trouve également très peu de personnes autour de moi qui connaissent cette monnaie et la fondation en France... alors que la communauté semble assez importante outre-Atlantique!

[Image: cr%C3%A9er-ou-reprendre-une-entreprise.jpg]

Voici l’article (déjà très positif!) de l'atelier BPN PARIBAS qui date tout de même de 2015:
Quote:Le projet Stellar, une alternative plus sûre et rapide au Bitcoin ?
Archive Avril 2015

Le bitcoin est aujourd’hui la crypto-monnaie de référence. Mais les alternatives à cette monnaie digitale fleurissent, et des chercheurs inventent de nouveaux protocoles plus sûrs et plus rapides.
Introduit en 2009 par Satoshi Nakamoto, le Bitcoin, registre public de transactions financières basées sur la crypto-monnaie appelée bitcoin, s’est imposé comme la monnaie digitale de référence. Le nombre de bitcoins dans le réseau est limité à 21 millions et la valeur du réseau s’élève aujourd’hui à 3,4 milliards de dollars. De nombreuses crypto-monnaies portant le nom d’altcoins (pour « alternative coin ») ont vu le jour : Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin … Et CoinMarketCap rapporte l’existence de 478 alternatives au Bitcoin. Leur but est de remplacer si possible le bitcoin ou tout du moins d’en améliorer certains aspects, comme la rapidité ou la sûreté des transactions. Reposant la block chain (bloc de transactions), le Bitcoin est encore relativement lent : si un ordre d’achat est immédiat, il faut encore quelques minutes pour que la transaction soit réellement effectuée.

Pour sa part, David Mazières, professeur en sciences informatiques à Stanford, a récemment publié un papier académique traitant d’une alternative plus sécurisée, plus simple et plus rapide que le Bitcoin : le projet Stellar. Celle-ci serait particulièrement utile pour effectuer des paiements transfrontaliers.
Stellar, un projet basé sur le protocole SCP
Stellar est une organisation à but non lucratif dont la mission est de donner accès aux services financiers à tous. David Mazières fait partie du projet et est à l’origine d’un nouveau protocole de crypto-monnaie. Nommé SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol), ce nouveau protocole a pour finalité de rendre les services financiers moins chers et plus accessibles dans les pays en voie de développement. À l’origine, le système développé par Stellar était similaire à celui expérimenté par la start-up Ripple Labs (classée par le MIT parmi les 50 entreprises les plus « intelligentes » de 2014) dont le but était de rendre les transactions transfrontalières plus rapides et moins chères. À cause d’un problème technique survenu il y a un peu plus d’un an, David Mazières a décidé d’inventer son propre protocole.
Le protocole régissant le Bitcoin s’appuie sur des mineurs censés déployer une puissance informatique suffisante pour garantir l’intégrité des transactions sur le réseau en échange de compensations en bitcoins. Cependant, le temps de vérification d’une transaction est pour le moment de 10 minutes. En partant de ce constat, David Mazières a décidé de supprimer le minage du protocole. Les personnes possédant le logiciel devront désigner des utilisateurs de confiance pour qu’ils vérifient l’intégrité d’une transaction, et toutes ces relations de confiance sont publiques.
Les personnes en mesure d’investir dans des serveurs pour miner sont donc les personnes de confiance dans le réseau Bitcoin. Avec le système de Mazières, chaque personne peut choisir les relations de confiance. Enfin, le protocole SCP repose sur une cryptographie plus solide en l’absence de mineurs.
Le projet Stellar est ouvert, chaque personne intéressée peut contribuer à l’élaboration d’un registre encore plus solide en modifiant le code et possède aussi une API pour l’intégrer à d’autres applications. Parmi les advisors du projet, on peut noter le fondateur de Stripe Patrick Collison, le directeur du MIT Media Lab Joi Ito ou encore Jackson Palmer, le fondateur de Dogecoin.

Merci à vous pour vos contributions!

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Plenty of ICOs promises a bounty to users on their support. Recently I took part in bounty compaign  organized by the team of the new coin  and was surprised when they send me in return their tokens worth of 6 btc on the market! Yes 6 btc for the signature in my profile, social activity on facebook and twitter, original article published on my personal site and support of  devoted thread on the forum.

What is your experience with such kind of campaign?

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