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May was an exciting month. was launched and we awarded 30 million lumens to participants of the last build challenge. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ve seen that our team has been traveling around the world meeting with new partners and collaborators who will be working with us to help the Stellar network grow. Thanks for being part of this journey with us.
Top Stories
Introducing has launched out of stealth. The company is founded by Jed McCaleb, co-founder and CTO, and Brit Yonge, previously with Palantir Technologies. Lightyear will focus on a wide range of activities, including support of global partner integrations, as well as marketing and distributing the Stellar network.

Stellar joins WanCloud, China’s Wanxiang’s new blockchain product
WanCloud provides an ecosystem for open-source blockchain protocols to be localized and made easily accessible to the Chinese development community and enterprise users. Initial blockchain protocols included in the ecosystem and supported by WanCloud’s infrastructure of developers and consultants are BlockApps, Factom and Stellar. WanCloud is committed to add more Stellar nodes in China, provide free sandbox environment and support applications built on top of the Stellar protocol.

30 million lumens awarded for the third Stellar Build Challenge
For the third Stellar Build Challenge, we have awarded 16 participants with a total of 30.5 million lumens. Check out our blog post to see the full list of winners.


Cellulant – Banking the Unbanked Across Africa
Cellulant, a payments and digital commerce service company based in Africa, is working with Stellar to bank the unbanked across Africa.

Bloom Solutions: Providing unbanked Filipinos a better way to send and receive money
Bloom Solutions second project, which uses Stellar, is called BloomNet. BloomNet will create a domestic settlement network for remittance centers in the Philippines, making it easier for Filipinos to remit their money.
Developer News

The 4th Stellar Build Challenge is here!
The next SBC has arrived and we have added new categories and a more interactive format that will allow you to receive feedback and recommendations from and our community before you upload your final submission. Head here to see all the updates.

Events and Meetups

June 7th and 8th – Gaborone, Botswana
Meet Tunde Ladipo, Head of Partnerships, at the Satoshi Centre in Gaborone, Botswana on June 7th and 8th, where he will be talking with attendees and speaking about the Stellar protocol and use cases.

June 13th – New York, NY
Brit Yonge, Co-Founder of, will be doing a talk about “Global Transactions in the Age of Trump and Brexit” at the Blockchains + Digital Currencies conference in 

New York on June 13th.
Click here for event details and event registration.

June 14th – San Francisco, CA
Brit Yonge will head back to SF and will be speaking at the IMTC USA conference on June 14th. The two-day event focuses on cross-border payments technology and innovations.
Click here for event details and event registration.

June 22nd – Nairobi
Tunde Ladipo will continue his Africa tour and head over to Nairobi to speak at Bithub about the Stellar protocol and use cases and to talk with attendees!

Stellar Around the World

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Below is Cryptocoin combined market capacity at the end of year 2016...


... and now ...


The world has actually raised the market capacity from about 15 Billion $ to the very new high above 100 Billion $ in a short period ... !!!

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I opened account last night and tried to change email address, resend activation email. but until now, still no email yet. what happened?

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Written by Michael del Castillo

The president of Russia briefly met with ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin during an event last week.
The meeting between Buterin and president Vladimir Putin occurred at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which took place between 1st and 3rd June, following an address to a global group of chief executives.
According to the brief statement released on Friday by the Kremlin:
Quote:"Mr. Buterin described the opportunities for using the technologies he developed in Russia. The President supported the idea of establishing ties with possible Russian partners."
Buterin, who described the meeting as a "brief conversation" on Reddit, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Putin’s meeting with global heads of business is notable to the blockchain community for reasons that go beyond the conversation with ethereum’s inventor. In a brief address, the president gave insight into multiple blockchain efforts happening within Russia.
From the Kremlin’s official translation of the address:
Quote:"We are doing a great deal to create a favorable business climate and above all to provide macroeconomic conditions for sustainable economic growth and a stable social system – so that working in Russia is beneficial and pleasant."
Blockchain efforts accelerate
The news comes less than a week after CoinDesk reported on several bitcoin and blockchain-related announcements out of Russia. First, Russia’s central bank is writing a new law focused on bitcoin and other digital currencies, and also, the Bank of Russia is interested in developing a national cryptocurrency.
In May, CoinDesk reported that the Moscow Exchange Group was in the final stages of tests on a blockchain-based stockholder voting platform using the Hyperledger Fabric which the group hoped would lead to an increased sense of comfort from international investors.
CoinDesk reported today that the Moscow Exchange Group was among early participants in a possible Central Securities Depository consortium aimed at leveraging blockchain efficiencies at the highest levels of the financial sector.
Indeed, Russia's government, too, has been exploring applications, with Russian Prime Minister (and close Putin ally) Dmitry Medvedev pushing for research into the tech earlier this year.
Screen capture of Vitalik Buterin watching Vladimir Putin address via Kremlin video


In my opinion, God only knows what they cooked up inside their kitchen lol
Another drama or mishap?

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[Image: shutterstock_118308151.jpg]
Japanese IT firm Fujitsu has developed a new blockchain-based system for securely exchanging data.

Announced on its corporate blog, the release is aimed at companies and organizations that want to exchange data safely but may not have a central hub for doing so. The system’s unveiling comes months after Fujitsu debuted a blockchain product centered around secure document exchange.

Fujitsu is a member of the Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger blockchain consortium, and according to the firm, the system is based on the open-source Hyperledger Fabric.

Written by Stan Higgins

Fujitsu said it will be holding a demonstration later this week at an event in Tokyo. The plan, the firm said, is to launch a commercial-scale version of the system later this year.

The blog post explained:

"Fujitsu will expand this software with the goal of commercializing it as part of the Fujitsu Network Virtuora series during fiscal [year] 2017. This will create data exchange networks where people can safely interchange their data across boundaries."

In addition to its development of blockchain products, Fujitsu has helped other firms in Japan experiment with the tech. Last year, the company took part in a cross-border payments trial involving banking group Mizuho.

It is great development that blockchain network could be used more than as way to pay.
This might open even more possibilities on the future!

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If one altcoin has more its use by people it would be gradually main cryptocurrency beside bitcoin and moreover if it also has the unique blockchain technology like ethereum it grows the freguency of using it just not by speculation but real needs for it as a crytocurrency.

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Plug-in workshop WITH RIPPLE & PAYPAL!!!!!!
By the end of today, Ripple expects an eighth connector to be built at the Berlin event, one that would enable integration with litecoin. The process, according to Ripple executives, would take only a slight tweak of the bitcoin tool’s code. The firm further said a building session will take place, one in which it expects technologists from zcash, Lightning Network, GateHub, BigchainDB, PayPal and Monax’s Hyperledger Burrow to create yet more plug-ins. Zcash and Monax have confirmed to CoinDesk that each will have a blockchain engineer in attendance to assist with the work. MORE BREAKING NEWS CLICK HERE

Thomas concluded:
Quote:“We want to make our customers happy, we want to act in the interest of our customers, and so part of that on our side – we’re all in the research department –  means thinking about what our customers are going to want before they even realize it.”


Is it true?
This indeed will boost publicity of XRP in my opinion

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[Image: BITCOIN-PHILIPPINES-720x395.jpg]
Bitcoins can now be bought in 14 different banks in the Philippines.

Among the banks are the following:

Metrobank, China Bank, Eastwest  Bank, Land Bank, May Bank, Robinsons Bank, Sterling Bank, Security Bank, Union Bank

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[Image: 17114588937_5792b5aafb_b.jpg]
A group of government agencies, law enforcement groups and academic researchers are partnering on a new digital currency surveillance project.

Backed by €5m in funding from the European Union, the initiative, dubbed "Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets", or TITANIUM, will be conducted over the next three years.

Participants include Interpol, Interior Ministries from Spain and Austria, Finland's National Bureau of Investigation, and University College London, among others.

In statements, the project's backers cited a recent wave of ransomware attacks around the globe, pointing to the event as a justification for beefing up the ability to track cryptocurrency payments.

At the same time, those involved pledged not to violate user privacy rights.

"The consortium will analyse legal and ethical requirements and define guidelines for storing and processing data, information, and knowledge involved in criminal investigations without compromising citizen privacy," said Ross King, senior scientist for the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, one of the research institutions taking part.

That the EU would take this approach – let alone fund one – is perhaps unsurprising, given past efforts and statements from leaders and officials of the economic bloc.

The EU's executive branch, the European Council, began pushing aggressively for greater oversight of digital currency users in early 2016, with the European Parliament following suit earlier this year.


What do you think regarding this Surveillance for digital assets?

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Those who hold stellar save your money and sell now before 16 billion distribution occurs. It will cause a huge dump, lowest price where it started. sell now and buy later

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I have come up to this idea since this forum is growing faster and it makes it harder to learn. I think it's better to have sidebar for better better and easy navigation for the new comers. Also it makes it easier for the user to search threads. Just my opinion. Feel free to comment.

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How To Make An Anchor/Asset In Stellar Network?
Just Wanna Ask If Maybe I Want To MAke An Asset In Stellar Network

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Any thoughts on how much will the bitcoin price will grow after a year?  :)

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Since ETHUSD has broken a new high, it might retrace a bit but buyers pressure will move the price up more. Still a good buy  below 217. 

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Hi there!

I recognized that there's a lot of threads called "newbie" "need help" etc. Most of these threads are about, how to claim XLM in this forum.

This is now an official thread for question to everything regarding this issue. I'll try to help as much as I can.

Please refrain from opening new threads for single question, this thread is all you need Wink

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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