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where can I download a Stellar wallet for Linux (Ubuntu)?


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Hi I want to ask this issue regarding activation email when signed up at this forum.  After I have successfully received my reward for one of the giveaways I refer my Facebook friends who are also interested on participating forum discussions as well as earning online.  Unfortunately,  after they had made their account successfully they get the dialogue to check their email for verification code before they can post and participate here but they don't get any from their email they try to resend email code through user cp section but no luck still not working.  Please guide me on this issue so I can give my friends instructions as well. Thank you

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In last few days stellar making big movement on exchanger.

Already its pumped to 0.0004BTC/XLM

[Image: xlm.png]

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Today we are featuring Cellulant, a payments and digital commerce service company based in Africa, with offices in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique.

Tell us about your organization? What projects are you working on?
We are a payment Platform Infrastructure Service Provider. We provide payment infrastructure services to donors, governments, corporates, merchants retailers consumers.
We develop solutions that connect businesses, governments and donors to their consumers and vise versa through the use of our blockchain technology. An example can be seen with one of our products, Agrikore. This platform helps farmers get access to farm inputs, access to finance, funding, best farming practices and new markets. Agrikore also provides end to end management of Agribusiness activities in a way that brings transparency and control to the agricultural sector.
We are currently in the middle of officially launching our Agrikore platform which is geared towards bringing together all the stakeholders in Agriculture into a single ecosystem. Further, we are in the advanced stage of exporting this platform to the Middle East.

What markets/customers are you currently serving? Are you a more B2B or B2C focused organization?
We are a B2B2C company. As long as you need to be connected to a business or a consumer we are here to make it happen for you. We work at the top and bottom of the pyramid.

What problem are you solving for these customers? Why is it important?
We are providing them with an easy, simple, low maintenance tool to make and receive payments all the time at the lowest possible cost.
We are also focused on providing financial services to the people at the bottom of the pyramid using minimal KYC, giving them access to financial institutions and the services they render thereby making it possible for them to access loans, while giving them visibility and helping them connect to more customers.
For Agribusinesses, Government and donors, we provide them with the tools needed to give them total control and visibility over their businesses and projects, thereby eliminating corruption and promoting transparency.

What is the biggest barrier to providing financial access to these communities?
The biggest barrier is our view is access to service points. Nobody has attempted in Nigeria to provide a one-stop service point for banking and payments via an agent in a structured way. As a result, there is demand but the network to meet the demand does not exist.

What efforts are being put in place by Government and others in your region to drive Financial Inclusion? Are there regulations, targets, initiatives specifically geared towards Financial Inclusion?
The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) major effort is to make cash operations more expensive and to impose financial inclusion objectives on financial system participants. So far we have not seen this to be really working as the major structural issues in the market such as anti-monopoly regulations are not in place.

What is the most important problem militating against Financial Inclusion in your regions?
The major variable today is anti-monopoly regulations. You have a situation today in Nigeria in which everyone is involved in everything, which leads to an erosion of margins that are vital to the sustainability of the actors in the sectors. For example, we have switches in the country that are technically front end payment services providers and you have banks that are competing at every layer of the value chain. The lack of specialization implies that investments are diluted across so many areas.

What does financial inclusion mean to you? Why is it essential to the next financial infrastructure?
Today in Nigeria , you have just around 22 million unique Nigerians out of almost 100 million bankable adults holding a bank account. The number holding accounts at an MFI is also another 20 Million, which technically leaves 60 million out of view. FI to us means bringing in the financially invisible into visibility.

How will digital innovation expand access to underserved communities?
It is fairly straightforward. We believe digital innovation will lower the cost of service delivery and makes operations more efficient.

What role should regulatory bodies play (if any) in bringing new digital technologies (i.e. blockchain etc) into mainstream financial services?
The most important role we believe regulatory bodies need to play in bringing new digital technologies into mainstream financial services is to quickly license the key actors. This will help move everything forward at a more rapid pace.

Some say that true blockchain adoption is still years away, not because the technology isn’t there, but because it’s not a “disruptive” technology that can create sudden mass change to the world (e.g. smartphones, social media et. all) but rather a foundational technology that will see a more gradual adoption. What events do you think will need to take place for a mass global adoption to take place?
In our opinion, Blockchain is a technology ready for today’s market. The critical event is to find a use case that has mass adoption. Cryptocurrency is a very advanced use case today in Africa, but we think the ledger use case has more mass appeal and potential.

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[Image: dash-digital-cash.jpg?zoom=1.25&resize=897%2C519&ssl=1]
“TIDE” – written in red block letters on the side of a truck. If you’re from North America (and maybe other places, too), you probably already know what this means: laundry detergent. Just like Kleenex = tissue. Charmin = toilet paper. Febreeze = deodorizer.
With continued hard work and a measure of good luck, one day in the future, the word “Dash” may be synonymous with “digital cash.”
But that day is not today.
For that reason, I’d like to make the case that we ought to include the words “digital cash” near or below the word “Dash” in future sponsorship/ad spots indefinitely. Whether it’s on the side of someone’s van, at the beginning of their YouTube video, or placed on their signage, the words “digital cash” are needed to get an accurate point across.
[Image: Amanda-Dash.png?resize=724%2C299&ssl=1]
Is it a new mobile OS? A brand of sneakers? A kind of marathon somewhere?

It can be difficult for those of us already familiar with Dash to unlearn what we already know. But if we could, we’d see how “Dash” could just as easily be the brand name of washing machines, sneakers, motor oil or popcorn.

When we have very little brand recognition, we can’t afford to let our potential customers guess at what we do. We must tell them.
I grant that there may be other ways – better ways – to communicate what we do besides including the words “digital cash” in all advertisements. I’d be only too excited to see an even better alternative see widespread use!

But until that time, I’d like to encourage masternode owners to only vote for marketing proposals in which the contractor agrees to include the words “digital cash” under “Dash” in all visuals.

Does this ring true with you? Or do you think the word “Dash” is fine all by itself? Please share below.


[Image: 922547387fd477ccdd8a385b28313f93?s=188&d=mm&r=g]
Amanda B Johnson
Currency protocol analyst. Host and writer of DASH: Detailed. Has contributed to Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph,, and Bitcoinist.

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[Image: India-Dash.jpg?zoom=1.25&resize=897%2C504&ssl=1]
Demand for cash in India remains high despite government demonetization, presenting a strong case for Dash adoption.
According to data by the Reserve Bank of India, cash withdrawals from ATMs amounted to 2.259 billion, an increase over last year. This is despite last year’s demonetization effort, recalling larger denominations of bills in an effort to move to a more cashless society, provoking economic upheaval. ATM withdrawals remaining high indicates that there is still an increasing demand for cash in the Indian economy.

Dash could present a powerful alternative to cash
Remaining demand for cash in India could provide a unique opportunity for Dash adoption. Like cash, Dash is private, allowing for frictionless transactions without worrying about establishing sufficient paperwork. Additionally, not everyone has access to banking services, including adequate forms of identification necessary to opening an account. With Dash, anyone can get a wallet and start using it instantly, removing a significant barrier to adoption.

Where Dash improves on the cash model is by allowing for instant, cheap transfers to anyone anywhere in the world, without incurring the high fees, delays, and uncertainty that are the hallmarks of distance transfers for the unbanked. Finally, and most importantly, Dash is not controlled by any single centralized entity, and as such is not subject to government censorship or, in the case of India, a central bank arbitrarily invalidating large denominations of the currency, causing financial chaos.
There are, however, some challenges to switching to Dash, such as an education barrier and relatively limited adoption. Additionally, due to its digital nature, using Dash is restricted to those with access to internet-connected electronic devices, which for the time being excludes certain portions of the global population.

The go-to digital cash alternative used to be Bitcoin
For years, Bitcoin stood as the great bastion alternative to the banking system for the third world. This is represented by a steady growth in local trading volume, currently standing at more than $33 million weekly. However, due to network congestion and an ongoing scaling impasse, average transaction fees have now exceeded $1.50, making Bitcoin untenable to use for the world’s poor.

Quote:[Image: d71a42008609b2ba425fc5e6e4a8e365?s=188&d=mm&r=g]

Joël Valenzuela
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of Dash Force News. He is a veteran writer and journalist in the cryptocurrency space, having written for Cointelegraph and the Dash Times, as well as for his personal site, The Desert Lynx. He also manages civic action organization the Rights Brigade and runs a taekwondo club.

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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]

German Bundesbank Board Member Carl-Ludwig Thiele has cautioned against Bitcoin, calling it a “speculatory object” issued by “unknown actors.”

In comments given to local newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag, Thiele said consumers should not forget Bitcoin’s past just because its value is now higher than ever. He said:
“Bitcoin is a speculatory object, the value of which changes rapidly. It may have seen steep climbs recently, but things have been different in the past.”

“From our point of view, Bitcoin is not a suitable medium for storing value. Just a look at the highly volatile exchange rate will demonstrate that.”

German bias
Thiele’s comments continue a wary position taken on cryptocurrencies by finance actors in Germany. The past few years has seen various instances of apparent bias come to light from domestic banks, which have appeared to keep Bitcoin businesses at arm’s length.

A prime example is LocalBitcoins, which in 2014 was forced to halt operations in the country due to regulatory uncertainty about its remit (it has since re-entered the market).

Thiele, meanwhile, continued defining Bitcoin as something which he “does not see as a currency” but which is “distributed” by what he calls “unknown actors.”

“Whoever considers Bitcoin as stable as the dollar or euro must bear responsibility for it,” he said, adding the central bank “would not be making any investment decisions on behalf of citizens.”

Blockchain’s story in Germany, meanwhile, strikes a familiar tone of success, with banking and startup partnerships surfacing in increasing numbers. Thiele himself considers the technology “interesting,” Die Welt reports.

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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]

Bangalore-based IT giant Wipro has said it received a Bitcoin ransom demand Friday threatening a biological attack on its campuses.
In an email sent to the company reported by local media, an attacker demands five bln rupees ($77.7 mln) be paid by May 25 to avoid the consequences.

Ongoing operation
“Wipro confirms that it has filed a complaint with the local law enforcement authorities after receiving a threatening letter from an unidentified source,” the company said in a statement.
“Wipro has augmented security measures at all its office locations. There is no impact on the company's operations. We have no further comments as the investigation is ongoing.”

The exact nature of the threats appears to be in the form of ricin samples being sent to contaminate food and washroom facilities at Wipro locations.

Ricin is a toxic substance produced naturally by the castor oil plant which when purified can kill an adult in very small doses.
According to local news resource NDTV, the email also stated a two-gram shipment would be sent to Wipro “in the coming days.”
While a similar demand in 2013 turned out to be a hoax, the media coverage provides further public image problems for Bitcoin in a country where it is already regarded with suspicion by certain parties.

Politicians and the central bank have frequently warned about or voiced their distrust of Bitcoin in particular, while recent criminal investigations involving both Bitcoin and alleged MLM scheme OneCoin scheme have all made the national headlines.

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[Image: 170506-bitcoin-feature.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=915]

Global stock indexes are not the only asset class making new highs on a daily basis. Cryptocurrencies — specifically bitcoin — are soaring to fresh levels as well.

Despite two major setbacks for bitcoin in 2017, it has soared nearly 55 percent from its year-to-date lows as Asian investors flock to the new-age currency.

Bitcoin prices are now trading at previously uncharted levels as the value of the cryptocurrency reached a high of $1,588 on CoinDesk on Friday morning.

In January the People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, launched a crackdown on bitcoin, believing that citizens were using it to move wealth out of the country. Prices fell as low as $750 on Jan. 12 before recovering.

In March the cryptocurrency had a run-up on anticipation that the Securites and Exchange Commission would decide in favor of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund driven by the Winklevoss brothers. Bitcoin prices reached a high of $1,350 before the feds nixed the proposal, sending prices to a low of $891 soon afterward.

Prices began to recover as Japan officially acknowledged the use of cryptocurrencies and passed legislation allowing retailers to accept payment in digital form.

Russia and India have also loosened restrictions on cryptocurrencies, leading to wider acceptance within their borders as both countries — India especially — struggle with their own internal currency crises.

The SEC announced in April that it would take a second look at a bitcoin ETF by reviewing its ruling in the Winklevoss brothers’ application. No timetable has been released on when that may happen.

Bitcoin’s market cap is now north of $23 billion, which is chump change for any asset class. But with more acceptance and wider appeal, the digital currency can be divided into smaller units such as decibits, millibits and centibits to make smaller transactions possible.

Ethereum, which is the second-most prominent cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, struck a new all-time high Tuesday as well, trading at $85.
It now has a market cap of $7 billion on the strength of its acceptance in gaming circles in Asian countries.

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Hello Everyone !

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Check Balance after sending balance to your Stellar Wallet with Live.

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From the source: StellarTerm is the web trading client. With full ability to interact with the Stellar distributed exchange. He strives to make it easy and safe for users of all skill levels to trade on the Star network. One big feature is that it has an updated list of all anchors so that users will have an easier and more secure experience. 

Is anyone using!
I want to translate XLM c StellarTerm on Bittrex.
It is possible to do?
How to do it?  Preferably step by step instructions!!!!!
 I am a beginner and can not understand.! Help ! What: add trust using Federation? And manually add trust?

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Hi guys,

Will a few days ago i bought some STELLAR on Poloniex.
I noticed the coin was bumping up a few days in a row.
I decided to jump in and BAM. It jumpst to a %125 raise.

So where does it will end?
Any marketcap?

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on 1 mei, equid has launching on market exchange. Dev equid is Garth wells. He said he has 10,000 equid wallet holders, and most of the users are bots in a cheat way.. their servers are overloaded, and he want to filter it. so anyone who have to join equid mlm offer you have to claim it manually, with your really account, dont use fake account or you will get banned
Of my total eanings from mlm offer, I only get paid 20,000 EQD and i have trade with XLM, 
[Image: 6wmMAkp.png]

You must create an account at to be able to trade with equid,  send email to dev Garth to request activate your account
[Image: uQOo3gl.png]

For contact, information, claim your earning and ask everything about equidcoin
Contact email                 :
Market equid exchange  :
Forum                            :

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DASH fell significantly during the session on Friday as we had found far too much in the way of resistance near the $82 level. By falling as fast as we did, we took out all of the gains from the previous session. However, there is a significant amount of support at the $72 level, so it’s likely that we will turn around and bounce from here. Nonetheless, you have to be able to handle an extreme amount of volatility to take this position.
[Image: dashusd.png]

LiteCoin fell initially during the Friday session but found the $15 level to be supportive. By doing so, we turned around to form a hammer and it looks as if the market is ready to try and reach towards the $17 level again. If we can break above there, with any type of significance, the market is free to go much higher. I have no interest in selling this market, and believe the dips continue to represent value.
[Image: ltcusd.png]


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