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PTC is one of the most popular advertising business. First of all I will explain in advance what it is PTC (Paid To Click) As the meaning of his words Paid To Click "Paid To Click", In PTC we will get wage / payment of every what we click.

There are several kinds that we can click on PTC, among others: Ads (Ads), Offer, Survey, Video etc. Each click that we do will result in wages / payments vary depending on the type we click. For Ads depending on the type of Ads, the Offer depends on the type of Offer and so on.

PTC in general use US $ currency to pay its members, after your $ collected and reach minimum withdrawal (withdraw), We can use stellar lumen as payer like some ptc using bitcoin.

We can make a withdrawal to a specified stellar wallet such as novawallet, centauruswallet, etc.

The name that occurred to me: StellarBux

What's available when making PTC Stellar Lumens:
1. Ads
Ads is Advertisment, in PTC there are advertiser and clicker ads. Advertiser is the person / member who put an ad in stellarclix for the needs, his way is to buy ads credits and then put his ads. Clicker ads are people / members who click on ads installed by the advertiser, every click ads that we do will get paid, the fee depends on the type of ads installed by the advertiser.
Every click ads that we will get paid, For the rate of ads that we can click on adjust.
1 Ad duration 5 sec = 1XLM
1 Ad duration 30 sec = 10XLM

2. Survey and Offers
Offer types vary, such as Signup, Install app in gadget, Play game, Install software, Shopping, View video and Survey also present here. Can work with various providers.

3. Daily bonus click Box / Lottery
If you are lucky to choose a box that contains a gift then you will get a cash prize in the form of XLM, a great example of prizes you can get are: 10XLM, 20XLM, 50XLM, 100XLM etc.

4. Referrals
Referrals are people / members that we invite to join in StellarBux or general we hear "Downline.Every referrals you have to do anything in clixsense be it ad clicks, work on the offer then the upline will get a commission.

Additional Fascility:
1. Forum
Our forums are integrated with the forum

2. Helpdesk
Services provided to deliver complaints to the admin, so if you have problems in Stellarbux and can not solve them or even have enough information, you can send a message to support (admin)

For details we can discuss.

It is my idea to advance Stellar, That is with StellarBux because the perks of PTC that the world's interest will increase profits for Stellar in many ways, especially the use of Stellar Lumens coin.

Forgive me if my english is less appropriate to the proper writing because I am from Indonesia and not fluent in english.

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[Image: Sk-640x427.png]

Bitcoin is shining brightly in South Korea as the price per BTC in the region has reached upwards of $3500-3800 across the country’s top three exchanges. Many traders are finding significant arbitrage opportunities due to South Korean spreads being over $1000 higher than the global average.
South Korean Bitcoin Trade Volume Is Surging
Bitcoin is very popular in South Korea at the moment. According to statistics, the country’s top three exchanges BithumbKorbit, and Coinone are exploding with bitcoin volume over the past few months. The trading platforms are processing roughly $200 million USD worth of Korean Won-KRW/BTC trades daily, and lately, most of these trades have been well above the global average. Alongside this, the South Korean Localbitcoins volumes and spreads have been off the charts as well.
[Image: SouthK.png]
Korbit and Coinone KRW Prices May 24, 11pm EST.
Fintech Friendly Authorities
[Image: Flag_of_South_Korea.svg_-300x200.png]

The region has also been blossoming with startups dedicated to bitcoin remittance and financial tech advancement. The South Korean government has been very friendly towards digital currencies, and the country is steadily becoming a technology hub. Just recently the government lowered the equity capital requirement for bitcoin companies working with remittances. The new statutes will begin on June 18 with a reduction of required capital to 1 billion KRW in contrast to the prior requirement of 2 billion KRW.
Additionally, researchers from the South Korean central bank recently released a report that detailed that virtual currencies like bitcoin can “coexist with fiat.”          
“The recent emergence of digital currency opens up a new type of dual currency regime in which digital currency, which has no intrinsic value and a government-issued fiat currency coexist,” explained the researchers from Seoul’s Hongik University and members of the Bank of Korea’s (BOK) report.
[Image: yysggaj.png]
Bithumb price May 24, 2017, 11pm EST.
Korea’s Growing Bitcoin Community and Very Large Remittance Market
Besides the central bank’s and government’s friendly attitude the bitcoin community in South Korea is thriving. For instance, the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup group has over 1,200 members and has over ten upcoming meetings scheduled. This past March the group discussed the differences between soft and hard forks. South Korea is also home to three bitcoin automated teller machines (ATM) as well.
[Image: ghags.png]

South Korea is fertile ground for cryptocurrency use with the country’s remittance market capturing billions every year. Korean remittances have undoubtedly bolstered bitcoin as startups like Korbit has pushed crypto-settlement forward. Financial incumbents like Shinhan Bank are also looking at bitcoin’s benefits towards the large remittance market in Korea.
When it Comes to Bitcoin Korea is One Country to Watch

With all the feverish demand for cryptocurrency solutions and financial technology, Korea has positioned itself as one of the top five leading countries in bitcoin trade volume. It’s safe to say that when it comes to bitcoin adoption, Korea will be one to watch with its population of over 50 million, a multi-billion dollar remittance industry, and a government that bolsters fintech.
What do you think about Bitcoin growth exploding in South Korea? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock,, Seoul Bitcoin Meetup, Crypto Compare, and

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Can we do mining on stellar ?
if yes then how ?

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We are writing to you regarding 'stellar campaign'
It is our intention to do a special page for 'Stellar cryptocoin'. is a new Magazine Publisher,
Alphabetization about cryptocurrency, for beginner, is our mission.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, Camilla.

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[Image: Download.png]
The impacts of Blockchain technology
The blockchain technology is making news. As per the news, it is not just restricted to the cryptocurrency. Instead, people are using the blockchain for many other purposes. Most of the industries around the world have figured out the importance of Blockchain technology and the benefits that are linked with it. As a result, an ideal platform has been created for the increasing popularity of Blockchain. At the moment, Blockchain technology is being used for philanthropy, cloud computing, online music distribution, cyber security, supply chain management and financial services.
One of the most prominent advances that came out with blockchain technology was the distributed ledger technology. It can be used as an effective tool in order to hold digital identities, distribute welfare payments and engage with electronic voting. It can also create a tremendous impact on the day to day operations of the lawmakers and how they write laws. It has been identified that 5 major areas would require blockchain laws in the future, so that cryptocurrencies can be accepted as a valid payment method. They include anti-money laundering, property ownership, data privacy, smart contracts and payments.
Anti-money laundering
It is extremely important for the financial regulators to take required steps to prevent money laundering. At the moment, it is possible for the people to buy and sell digital currencies totally anonymous. This creates an ideal environment for money laundering. Therefore, new laws need to be implemented, so that all sorts of money laundering acts can be eliminated.
One of the first steps that would be taken in order to avoid money laundering would be the introduction of Know Your Customer reforms. Then it would be possible for the regulating bodies to eliminate anonymous payments up to a certain extent. In addition, plans are being taken at the moment in order to introduce digital currency specific anti-money laundering measures for all the exchanges and payment processors. The regulator that is going to be introduced by Chinese in the month of June can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. On the other hand, new laws need to be introduced in order to punish all the people who are engaged with criminal activities using cryptocurrencies.
Property Ownership
[Image: Download.png]
Property ownership can be considered as one of the key factors that are being used to define the wealth of people who are living in a specific country. As a result, issues that are related to property ownership are being considered as bigger ones. There is a direct involvement of the government when handling such issues. In other words, people who have official records to prove the ownership of the property have competitive advantage over others when dealing with property ownership. However, it is important for the people to keep these records in a secure manner. If these records get into the hands of wrong parties, people who legitimately own them will have to come across a variety of issues in the future.

Blockchain technology can be used to introduce a reliable solution to this issue. The property records and all the land titles can be stored inside the blockchain in a secure manner. Companies have already started practicing this and helping the people who are in need. Bitland Company, which is located in Ghana, can be considered as a perfect example for such a company. However, it is important to keep in mind that ownership records that are based on blockchain technology are legally viable. As a result, new laws need to be written in order to accept them.

Data Privacy

The blockchain technology is ideal for storing a large amount of data in a secure manner. Access to the stored data can be controlled effectively with the assistance of access keys. Due to the immutability associated with the ledger technology, it would be impossible for someone to destroy this data. However, this can give life to a variety of legal concerns. It is the responsibility of the lawmakers in order to come up with appropriate laws, which can be used to tackle the issues with minimum hassle.

Smart contracts

Along with the increasing popularity of Blockchain technology, the concept of smart contracts has become extremely popular among people in today’s world. The smart contracts allow giving life to a digital contract, which can be shared across two or more parties. In this contract, the agreements would be coded using “what if” commands. For example, automated payments can be initiated under certain scenarios. Ethereum Blockchain can be considered as the most popular smart contract that you can find out there in the world. However, the concept of smart contracts is not yet accepted legally and it is the high time to think about implementing required steps to facilitate the legal acceptance of it.


Last but not least, the lawmakers will have to pay their attention towards the payments that are being made through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This has been a popular topic among the lawmakers since 2013, but no strict laws have been implemented as of now in order to control all the payments done with cryptocurrencies. Some countries that exist out there in the world have already taken necessary steps in order to start using cryptocurrencies as a legally accepted payment method. However, there should be a legal framework that covers the entire world, because cryptocurrencies can be used to make a payment to a person who lives in another part of the world. This would provide the tough challenge for the lawmakers on how they need to classify cryptocurrencies and how tax schemes should be implemented covering it.
[b]Cryptocurrencies would definitely become one of the leading forms of currencies in the future. However, the lawmakers will have to think about different methods that this cryptocurrency can be used and implement necessary laws in order to eliminate all the unlawful acts that can arise as a result of usage.[/b]

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Hi everyone :) hope you're all having a Good Pump ^_^ I mean a Good Day in Trading [Image: hore.gif]

who else relates with this hehe :) :) :)


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Hello sir.... i have some idea for this forum

How about we make some official page in social media like facebook, instagram, twitter.

Why? Most people who just join in this forum the first time will feel confused and may give up to continue.
so in order to facilitate new people to ask, to know the event, to know this forum and all kinds in it

that official page can also facilitate our members here to promote this forum

i believe this is 1st step to make This Forum more Popular than Before

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The price of Bitcoin been corrected at 26 May GMT+8 at 2AM
The price of bitcoin drastically dropped from IDR 48,000,000 to IDR 38,000,000
The other exchange at coinbase also corrected to IDR 32,000,000 though the trend is expected to going up again soon.
[Image: 79b24f99eaff486b923b9ea4cd5d0bd4.png]

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Does somebody know any XLM faucets? If yes, please tell us.
If there are none faucets, maybe we could create one. Unfortunately i don't have the know how.

Does someone know how to create a faucet? Big Grin

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In April, Blockchain CEO Peter Smith joined Snapchat investor Jeremy Liew in saying $500,000 would be the cost per 1 Bitcoin by 2030. 
Recently, at the Consensus 2017 conference in New York, Swiss-Based Bitcoin Wallet Xapo CEO Wences Casares forecast 1 Bitcoin being worth a massive $1 millions in ten years’ time. 

Perhaps the forecasts are unreasonable !!! It's not the real value of any cryptocurrency. 
How about your opinion ? When will Bitcoin ecosystem enter into the bubble point ?

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Why my account reset admin?
please answer me

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I just cant use explorer for stellar lumen. Isnt block explorer for stellar transactions? I type my address in the field but nothing happens. Is there some other stellar lumens blockchain explorer???

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For the past 4days all my friends I referred has been blowing my email address with messages about not been able to post here because they didn't receive activation email so their account is not active.

Please admin do something

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Exscudo is a mix of legacy and cryptocurrency-based financial tools for global finance. Its token is EON and its ICO begins on April 25th. Currently, early investors get a 10% bonus and are able to invest for about .0002 per EON. Exscudo stands for “exchange” and “escudo,” which was the currency of the great Portuguese empire.

“We have combined the best practices from the centralized and decentralized approaches,” Exscudo CTO Alex Sitnikov says in a video introduction of the platform. According to him and his team, the centralized exchange built into the Exscudo platform is not a red flag for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but instead a “source of liquidity.” But, all exchanges are sources of liquidity, are they not? And wouldn’t the point of being “open and compatible” be to provide a dumb pipe for transactions to travel down, without the need of the token’s developers – at all?
The public face of Exscudo is incredibly well polished. A dense 47-page whitepaper outlines the project. In this document, Exscudo purports to not be a competitor of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or anyone else – rather, their purpose is to provide “flexibility” that these platforms do not. This begs immediate questions, because the statement “existing blockchain systems could not give us enough flexibility, functionality and independence from third parties” requires significant qualification to ring true. In what way, for instance, does creating a new third-party platform solve the problem of reliance on third-party platforms? Users are simply now relying on this untested third-party.
The whitepaper is not dishonest, however. It notes that the EON blockchain is not particularly better – their reason for creating it was a matter of independence.
Quote:… it enables Exscudo to be independent and launch new functions when it is needed.
These things may not be a total project killer, though, because the project seems to have a myriad of goals. Let’s go over them.
1. Enable easy transactions for users without much technical expertise.
This goal is shared by a number of other projects released in the past several months, including Humaniq and Cosmos. That this market is becoming more crowded is not necessarily a drawback, but novelty is important when it comes to driving value toward a single variable. A similar goal of the project is to offer fiat debit cards to users, something which took several years for other new world currencies to develop.
2. Make it easy for miners to get from mining to cashing out.
Quote:Exscudo offers a large range of cryptocurrency pairs to trade in comparison with the mainstream crypto-currencies and fiats. It offers extended functionality for trading (mobile platforms, web-platforms), ease of withdrawal to fiat, reliability (developed technology to protect against DDOS attacks) and protection against hacks.
It appears that the EON blockchain itself is a separate project from the Exscudo Exchange and related services, but they use EON. It seems that a version of proof-of-stake is used to mint blocks, with users being required to put up funds in order to process transactions.
3. Provide an API for merchants.
Merchant APIs are still a rarity in the Bitcoin world, with only a few main players including Bitpay. Having this from the outset as a core-developed project is a value add. The Exscudo merchant API would allow the acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into the Exscudo ecosystem.
4. Provide reliable trading platforms for international private traders as well as institutions.
5. Offer a secure messaging application.
This project is already in the works. Like Exscudo Exchange, it uses the EON blockchain to function. Others could presumably built in competition with it. There is a booming market for secure messaging, and no serious blockchain-based plays have previously come about. Channels could become an investor’s Signal app, and could rightly be the only truly valuable offering here.
Who Is Behind Exscudo
For this article, we’ll focus on the figureheads. As previously stated, the platform has a very polished look and feel, which can be credited to the front end team. In our modern age, this does not necessarily mean anything at all. Good web developers are increasingly common, to the point that the industry is moving to a self-service model by and large.
Quote:Owner and the CEO of Exscudo. With over 18 years of experience in IT technologies and their integration into the real sector of economy he has worked on managerial positions for more than 8 years now. He is a consulting expert on DAPPS Ethereum and consults major Russian financial market players on cryptocurrencies trading. Andrew is an expert on blockchain technologies and decentralized cryptographic data transfer networks.
According to LinkedIn, Andrew Zimine is Estonian, an alumni of Vyatka State University, and has served almost exclusively in executive capacities throughout this career. He lists Java as a skill, and must have used that much more between 1997 and 2002 when he worked as a “specialist engineer.” It is hard to reconcile the claims of his public-facing bio with his LinkedIn resume.
Next up, we have Alex Sitnikov, from the video. Sitnikov worked for Big Blue (IBM) from 2007-2010. This is a big plus in terms of his understanding of how large organizations operate and use money. He appears to have attended Vyatka State University at a time which overlaps Andrew Zimine’s – which might explain how the two met. He is eloquent in his expression of the project, and if the project takes off, will be a valuable asset in terms of professional communication.
Then there are several lead developers, presumably in charge of hiring others who do not make the list. To credit for the amazing web design is one Aliaksandr Zahatski, who previously had an executive role at a “major e-commerce company.” Some research reveals that this company was, an apparent Eastern European answer to Zappos, but only for shoes. From this side of the pond, it’s hard to determine the validity of the use of the term “major,” but one thing is for sure: this fellow knows how to make clean websites that are appealing to consumers.
The Verdict
It is not looking good for Exscudo. Perhaps the author is salty, having covered dozens of scams and failed cryptocurrency projects over the past few years, but there are some seriously severe drawbacks to Exscudo which are not sufficiently addressed. Let’s go over them in detail before pronouncing a safety rating on this ICO.
  1. Closed-source?! One of the fundamentally important things about cryptocurrency and cryptography in general is that code is open for review by security researchers around the globe. Much of the Exscudo platform, and the Eon blockchain product, are going to be closed source. According to them, this is for security. This alone is sure to earn it bad reviews from cryptographers and cryptocurrency experts, as well as developers who might otherwise have been interested in building products for the ecosystem. This is not 1996. If it’s not open, there has to be a good reason, and “because security” doesn’t pass the bar. Nevertheless, for those who want to be more forgiving on this score, the whitepaper does note:
    We will publish the source code concerning consensus rules, coin emission and block confirmation on GitHub. The description of the mathematical model is available in the EON whitepaper on the site
  2. Limited novelty. Hacked readers already know that this is not the first “integrate all the coins” solution, and surely not the last. Exscudo needs to have some serious partnerships, on the scale of BBVA or the World Bank, in order to really set itself apart. Unfortunately, it is not boasting such.
  3. Murky team. So you say, “Satoshi Nakamoto was anonymous. What does it matter who is building these projects?” Typically, on this score, you would be right. But Exscudo demands to know your identity in order to use the platform fully (which could be seen as a plus for regulatory issues), so you too should demand to know more about its backers. They claim to have around $6 million invested of their own money, but this also begs the question of why not just sell the coins on an on-going basis, instead of using the ICO model? There are a lot of unknowns in their team portfolio, and this could lead to scaring off would-be other investors besides yourself.
  4. Large pre-mine. 35% of the total coin supply will remain with the Excsudo team. This is absurd and almost begs the question of why create a currency at all. If 35% of the US dollar were in the hands of less than 10 people, would it even be considered a currency? We may have a situation where most of the “wealth” is controlled by a few, but this wealth amounts to far more than just their currency. By that metric, Exscudo is far more extreme: 35% of the currency as well as the entirety of its liquidity is centrally controlled. Are they sure they’re utilizing decentralization appropriately?
These factors are all very serious. They do not necessarily spell out a scam, but the thing could easily go that way! These factors combined, while comparing Exscudo to competing plays (such as Humaniq), make its monetary safety rating very hard to upgrade beyond a 3.9.
The author could be wrong, and you might get lucky, but what we’re looking at here is something that most traditional investors could determine they do not need and that any cryptocurrency expert would run away from. The idea may be noble: make it easier for traditional investors to get into cryptocurrency, but we have such offers on the table already or in progress via ETFs and professional-grade trading platforms like Gemini or Bitfinex.
Again, the author could be wrong. As always, this is only one person’s view. Other viewpoints so far seem to be overwhelmingly positive, but one must keep in mind how easily some “journalists” are bought off in this day and age. The author did not pollute this article with any input from the Exscudo team themselves, but purely graded it on its apparent merits (or lack thereof.)
Investment Details
As noted, 35% of the coins will remain with the Exscudo people. Some more will be issued to those who are answering bounties – doing things for the project that have not previously been done, including evangelizing (which is fishy, because it shouldn’t be something users need incentive for). In total, 156,600,000 coins will be available to the public, although of that another 5,280,000 EON will be issued to bug fixers as well as the adviser/ambassador team also listed on their front page.
To invest early and get a 10% bonus, you can create an account like below. At time of writing, the price was around 20,000 Satoshi each.
[Image: 6-exscudo-1.png]

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Welcome Newbies to!
[Image: rDGJjoZ.jpg]
Since there are plenty of newcomers signing up day by day. 
I think it's a need for me to share a few forum rules and guidelines for newbies.

Please keep the rules in mind for you to not to get banned for all eternity Funny

So far, these are the common rules I found out:

NO Spamming
Spams are simply non-sense posts, or a reply with just a smiley without even a single word.

NO Bumping of own Threads/Topics
Since each of the thread/topic replies we post here in this forum are being counted, bumping your own thread to get more audience is NOT allowed.

Duplicate Threads are NOT allowed
This would mean that the same topic/thread with the same contents are NOT allowed.
example: Threads about the same movies or the same alternate coin or promotions.
Use the Search Function first, search if the thread/topic you're about to create has already been posted or not/

Post in the Proper Section/Sub Forum
Read the name of the forum section or sub forum before creating a new thread/topic.
Think first if you're thread/topic would fit in that section/sub forum or not. This would greatly help our moderators to lessen their tasks.

Search Function
Use this powerful tool to find what you're problem is, chances are, what you're looking for are already in the forum and you won't have to create a new thread/topic asking about your problem.

So far, these are the Forum do's and Don'ts that I know of.

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