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Overstock considers cryptocurrency as a much more efficient way of processing payments than credit cards.

An online retail giant, Overstock is one of the premier companies accepting cryptocurrencies for payments, with a long history of blockchain-friendly attitudes. In an address to the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, Overstock board member Jonathan Johnson stated that the company incurred much higher expenses processing credit card transactions than transacting with cryptocurrencies:

Quote:“We pay a processing fee for credit cards, and we employ about 40 people in our fraud department. That’s a cost of doing business with credit cards. When we take cryptocurrency, we have a very small transaction fee with Coinbase, much smaller than our credit card processing fee, and we have no fraud prevention department. It’s like a cash transaction. For us, that is a much cheaper way of doing business.”

Overstock was one of the first major retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments, starting with Bitcoin over four years ago. Since then they accept a variety of coins through a ShapeShift integration.

Cryptocurrencies combine the best of cash and digital payments

Accepting payments in cryptocurrency provides several benefits over relying on credit card payments. In addition to mitigating the fraud issues as outlined by Overstock, payments-focused coins like Dash have significantly lower fees. Additionally, accounts are permissionless, meaning anyone can download a wallet and start sending and receiving funds. This is particularly important to businesses such as the cannabis industry, whose uneven legal status has caused many businesses to forego payments solutions and pushed them to operate on a cash-only model.

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Unlike cash, however, cryptocurrency is fast and easy to send anywhere in the world, without great transfer risk. It is also easier to denominate and far cheaper to secure, leading to a much more attractive option, when widely used, than either cash or banking and payments services. Because of this, businesses like Alt Thirty Six that provide cryptocurrency-powered payment solutions may see a sharp rise in popularity in coming years.

Dash use is on the rise in underserved areas

While accepting payments in Dash makes sense for businesses in all economic environments, marginalized markets are where it truly shines, which has been reflected in adoption. As a result, Venezuela, which is undergoing a currency and economic crisis, currently ranks #1 for Dash adoption globally, recently passing the US. This includes areas such as New Hampshire which have traditionally had extremely high rates of cryptocurrency adoption.

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Bitcoin and the vast array of cryptocurrencies within the digital asset economy have become extremely popular these days, and one reflection of this metric is how many games can be found trending on the most popular app stores. There are many games available that allow gamers to create their own virtual mining farms, simulate trading cryptocurrencies, and games that even reward people in micropayments.

Cryptocurrency Games: Your Chance to Be a Virtual Mining Tycoon and Bitcoin Billionaire

Have you ever wanted to try testing your luck in the cryptocurrency markets, but don’t want to lose real money? Or maybe you’ve contemplated creating a mining empire, but only have enough coin in the bank for a couple measly machines. Well, now people with some imagination and a love for games can find a wide array of gaming apps at Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Not too long ago, there were only one or two cryptocurrency related games like Bitcoin Millionaire on the app stores, but nowadays there’s a ton of different recreational apps where you can do various bitcoin-related things, and some of them even pay out a few cents in crypto if you play them long enough.

Bitcoin Mining Simulator

One fun game called Bitcoin Mining Simulator (BMS) allows you to become a bitcoin mining tycoon. Basically, the mining simulator allows you to purchase virtual rigs in order to mine bitcoins and profit from selling them at market value. The game starts with a few simple machines until you can get enough coins to purchase your own mega farm. Essentially the game created by the developer Aliaksandr Prakarym allows the player to continuously improve the farm in order to get a return on the investment (ROI). The BMS app is also available on both iOS and Google Play.

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Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is very much like the classic app Bitcoin Millionaire as it allows a person to become filthy rich by earning bitcoins by tapping — And who doesn’t like incessantly tapping their phone? Again, like the many other games that yearn to be original, Bitcoin Evolution starts you off by running your own virtual bitcoin business where you mine coins from your own farm and gather profit by selling them.     

“Invest your virtual mined income thoughtfully and grow your virtual bitcoin firm — Soon you will be the most popular virtual bitcoin capitalist and earn billions with your smart business,” explains the developer, Romit Dodhia.

But be aware that you will face all the problems that a successful merchant needs to go through. And don’t forget to launder your money!

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Bitcoin Miner: Clicker Game

The recreational Bitcoin Miner: Clicker Game (BM) is an iOS mining simulator that allows you to earn bitcoins, obtain more computers and luxury automobiles. The game is very much like the aforementioned bitcoin mining simulators above, but with different graphics. BM allows the person to create their own farm and develop it more to profit. “Interested in mining but afraid to try in real life?” asks the development team 99 Drones B.V. “ Don’t worry — Mine in this game to get a taste for free — It’s time for you to start mining.”

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Crypto Rider

Now the game Crypto Rider is funny and original as it’s a two-dimensional racing game where the tracks are the real-life historical price charts of popular cryptocurrencies. The racing app featured on Google Play and created by Superfly Games allows racers to collect blocks to unlock nine crypto-themed vehicles. “Fed up of watching all the price dips? Well, now you can ride them,” the developers’ detail.

Compete for the top spot on global leaderboards! Shill your high score to your friends with the sharing feature.

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Bitcoin Flip

The iOS trading simulator Bitcoin Flip teaches gamers how to trade cryptocurrencies. The game is good for investors just learning how to trade digital assets. Bitcoin Flip instructs users on how to trade Bitcoin Cash, Nano, Tron, Vechain, Steem, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dashcoin. The simulation follows real-time cryptocurrency spot prices with a 0.0005-second accuracy. Further, the platform starts players off with $5,000 (virtual dollars) to invest in and collect or lose virtual gains. Essentially, Bitcoin Flip gives people a chance to learn how to trade but can also be used for pure amusement.

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Bitcoin Bricks

The Android game Bitcoin Bricks created by Joy Soft is a Tetris-like puzzle game that pays BTC micropayments for every game field filled. Joy Soft says instead of rewarding people with “useless points”, Bitcoin Bricks players get 0.00000001 BTC for every filled row and withdrawals are allowed after a certain threshold. After filling rows and collecting a micropayment, the BTC balance is shown above the game board so people can view how many coins they have earned.

[Image: BitcoinBricks.jpg]
The Blockchain Game

The Blockchain Game is another iOS strategy tournament that involves players building the longest blockchain and winning BTC. Just like Bitcoin Bricks, users add their BTC wallet address and they can begin trying to earn micropayments. The basic concept of the game is stacking blocks in order to create the longest chain. Just like in the real world, the virtual blockchain with the longest concession of blocks gives players a higher reward payout.

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Games Can Be Fun and Addictive but Remember Time Is Money

There are so many cryptocurrency and blockchain games these days that this post could go on forever. However, lots of them lack originality and are mere copy-cats of games that simulate mining, or allow players to become a virtual bitcoin billionaire tycoon. The games are definitely amusing if you are a crypto-enthusiast, and some of them are educational, and even payout small amounts of cryptocurrency. Even though some games advertise the rewards as ‘free BTC,’ the incentives are not really ‘free.’ 
One reviewer explains how he spent a whole week playing a ‘free bitcoin game’ app for hours and earned a whopping $0.35 cents in BTC. So unless you consider your time as ‘free,’ that description is a bit misleading, but the games can be fun and addicting. So if you want to burn some time, head over to Google Play or Apple’s App Store and search “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency games,” and you may find yourself losing hours of your life just to earn a 35 cents in crypto. 

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Along with Brexit, Bitcoin was one of the biggest news stories of 2017. The value of this previously low-profile phenomenon brought it very much into the public eye. It’s amazing that it had taken almost a whole decade for something that was first launched in 2009 to reach the public consciousness – and it took its meteoric rise in value to help it break through as big news.

First of all – what is cryptocurrency? Well, it’s a digital currency that uses encryption to regulate its use and generate its release. 

Cryptocurrency uses a technology called blockchain to keep a log of every transaction – and this prevents the same coin being spent twice by the same person. However, at heart, it is also a currency just like the pound, dollar or euro – it’s just not regulated by any bank, government or financial authority.

Bitcoin is the leading brand of cryptocurrency. It operates by using peer-to-peer exchanges which match buyers with sellers, who set their own price and methods of payment. If you want to buy Bitcoin, you must first own a digital wallet. Then you’ll need to find a recommended exchange platform, such as Coinbase, before choosing the right Bitcoin trader based on the kind of deals they’re offering. Due to the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing in 2018, even just 0.01 of a Bitcoin will set you back hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

In fact, the original aim was to create a payment method that would be free of all government or financial authority regulation bringing with it a whole number of advantages that fiat currencies simply couldn’t offer. That’s been attractive to many – therefore the number of wallet users has grown exponentially.

Naturally, as cryptocurrencies start to gain more traction they are also starting to attract the big financial institutions who they were originally designed to side-track. For most, it’s the blockchain technology that interests them most and it’s likely that many will be incorporating this into their own systems in years to come.

While Bitcoin is the leader of the cryptocurrency pack, it’s by no means the only player. For example, Ethereum is seen as a platform which has a wider range of applications than Bitcoin, compared to just financial ones. Then there’s Ripple, which was started back in 2004 as a way for users to get around the immense amount of computer power needed to complete Bitcoin transactions. Another alternative to Bitcoin is Petro, which was created in Venezuela. Unlike Bitcoin, Petro is a sovereign currency backed by oil prices and can be exchanged for its equivalent in other cryptocurrencies.

Which businesses are using bitcoin?

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Gradually, more businesses have started to come on board by accepting mainly Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies as well. For example, giants like Microsoft, Expedia and Paypal already accept it and so do many smaller places, particularly ones whose prime customers are the millennials – who are the perfect demographic to embrace the new currency. Bitcoin can also be exchanged for Nike, Amazon and Walmart vouchers shopping app Gyft.

But retailers aside, Bitcoin has been seen as attractive to many types of businesses and industries. Some banks are known to be experimenting with blockchain, which holds the infrastructure of cryptocurrency together. These include the likes of HSBC and Goldman Sachs, which operate all over the world, as well as the national banks of Canada, Australia, and India.

Blockchain has also been used by companies in the hotel industry, as a way to refine their internal processes and revenue management. Industry giant TUI Group is one of the companies known to be experimenting in this way.

Finally, some healthcare providers are looking into how blockchain can support the security of supply chain management – cutting down time delays and human errors, as well as helping providers share data more effectively.

So in this context of a world that is gradually embracing cryptocurrencies, should you too?

There are a number of arguments for and against which we’ll go through here.


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  1. More choice for your customers
We all know the expression the ‘customer is king’ and this has never been truer than today when consumer demands for personalization and immediacy are at an all-time high. So the more payment options that you can offer, the better for you both. With an estimated 300,000 new bitcoin wallets being opened each month it’s certainly a trend that’s worth looking into for your business too. Because it could be that, before you know it, businesses that don’t accept cryptocurrencies could soon be the exception rather than the rule.
  1. Lower costs
For many businesses, the charges made by their banks are an appreciable overhead and one which they could well do without, especially when they can be as high as 5% on some transactions. But one of the many advantages of cryptocurrencies is that this figure is generally far lower and sometimes there are no charges at all. That’s because there’s no intermediary to pay.
  1. Faster transactions
Another bugbear of many businesses is just how long it can take for transactions to go through. Because even though we’re living in a 24/7 age many banks and financial organizations still stick to a fixed number of working days for payments to be made. But the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies means that they can be made in minutes instead. Admittedly, some currencies can take longer than others but even the slowest is far faster than most banks.
  1. Greater security
The nature of the blockchain means that all transactions are verified, secure and nonreversible. So if you’ve ever had a cheque bounce or a transaction fails to go through because of lack of funds this will never be a problem with a cryptocurrency. This could make a big difference to, for example, online casinos. At one point, online betting site SatoshiDice comprised half of all transactions on the Bitcoin network – and it made sense because it represented a much more secure way for winners to collect their jackpots than carrying cash.
  1. Ideal for cross-border payments
If you do business with other countries, then using a cryptocurrency will solve all of the issues you may face with exchange rates and bank fees for converting one fiat currency into another. Much like the advantage in terms of cutting costs, this has to be good news.


[Image: Picture5.png]

So those are all the good things about going cryptocurrency, but there certainly are some disadvantages too. This is why even forward-thinking and innovative businesses like online casinos do not, by and large, accept them as a form of payment. Here’s why.

  1. Fluctuation in value
As we’ve seen, the value of cryptocurrencies can rise and fall rapidly so there’s always the danger that you can be caught on the wrong side of one of these dramatic drops. In fact, Bitcoin has dropped as much as 40% in a single day on previous occasions. Due to this unpredictable, uncontrollable nature, for customers, it’s a case of either hanging on until the value rises again or simply biting the bullet and accepting that you’re going to make a loss. Attracting customers with an unreliable income may one day have a negative impact on your business.
  1. The threat of regulation
At the moment, there are few regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies. But as they become more widely used, many governments are suggesting that regulations will need to be introduced. Until we know what these are likely to be it’s impossible to predict what this will mean for businesses. But the threat of them could be enough to make you think twice.
  1. The anonymity of your customers
For some, the anonymity of using cryptocurrencies is a large part of the appeal. But this can create an issue for businesses who need to know exactly who they’re dealing with. It’s this anonymity that has also led to cryptocurrencies gaining an unwanted reputation for being used for all kinds of shady or criminal activity online.
Taking the example of online casinos again, all gambling operators in the UK need to have a certain level of data on their customers – such as their age, email address, and occupation – to allow them to gamble. The players also have to prove they have sufficient funds, according to UK Gambling Commission regulation. Cryptocurrency, by contrast, offers no transparency, which puts online casinos off.
That’s why when you look at the payment options offered here by leading online casino 888casino, you’ll find that it allows a range of payment options – but not cryptocurrency.
  1. More complex accounting needs
While transactions in cryptocurrencies can be treated just like any cash exchange it will undoubtedly make accounting a more complex process, just as dealing in different currencies would. So this is another consideration that you will have to bear in mind.
So hopefully this has given you plenty to consider when you’re thinking about whether to start accepting cryptocurrencies. But one thing is definitely true and that is the more businesses that do start, the greater the momentum will be. And if a huge multi-billion sector like online casinos came on board it would certainly serve to catapult cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Whether they will remains to be seen – but it’s safe to say that we can expect to see many more headlines about Bitcoin and the thousand other alt-coins in the months and years to come.

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Hi guys - so I recently got my bagpack stolen that had my laptop and notepad (where I wrote down my private key). 

I filed a police report and everything, but I am pretty sure it's going to be hard for me to recover my laptop and notepad so I wanted to ask here.

For Stellar term, if I remember my login information to my wallet file and remember what the wallet file was named, is there any way for me to recover my XLM? Also - I signed up for inflation pool and I remember having to input my private key to do so... is there anyway that could help me get my private key/ recover my funds?

Thank you  Angel

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A Look Into the Future of Cryptocurrencies – 3 Predictions for the Cryptocurrency Market

As regulation of cryptocurrencies rises, investors' faith in them will rise, too.

It's less than a decade in, and cryptocurrency has already made a statement in the financial sector. Seemingly out of nowhere, this currency has managed to get people's attention and, often, their admiration. And it's already affecting some aspects of the general public's lives, including entrepreneurship.

Adopting cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology to work with already existing systems, of course, has posed challenges. A recent example occurred when the technology infrastructure company Stripe took a stab at incorporating a bitcoin payment option. Unfortunately, the result wasn't a success.

It turned out that the speed in processing bitcoin transactions turned off clients. In a blog post this past January, Stripe's project manager, Tom Karlo, said his company's customers rejected the cryptocurrency option because of confirmation lags, high fees and a disconnect between transactions and the fluctuations of the currency's value.

In fact, digital cryptocurrency overall has had its fair share of failures. But despite them, many people still believe cryptocurrency has a bright future. In an interview, Kevin Murcko, CEO of CoinMetro, for instance, firmly stated his belief that cryptocurrencies are still developing and that there is more we'll see in the cryptocurrency space.

"The cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are works in progress," Murcko said. "Look at Bitcoin, for example; it's not the way it was almost a decade ago. Aside from the change in value, it's operating in different terrains. It's receiving more feedback in terms of problems that provide areas for growth, development and innovation."

True, cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs. However, the following trends of the cryptocurrency market give us a somewhat intelligent guess as to what we can expect in the future:

1. Cryptocurrencies will receive more patronage from institutional investors.

Given that more and more governments are looking into the regulation of cryptocurrencies, investors are feeling more comfortable about putting their funds into them.

With added regulation, institutional investors will be able to breathe easier and have less anxiety about the uncertainty of the cryptocurrency market. In fact, more investors are seeing cryptocurrencies as a viable asset because of their attractive returns: In December 2017 bitcoin hit a record high of almost $20,000 for one tcoin. Although the price has gone down since then, experts predict that Bitcoin's value could actually go higher than that 2017 figure.

Billionaire investor Tim Draper boldly predicted, for example, that Bitcoin would achieve a value of $250,000 per coin by 2022.

However, any rise in that direction will be a gradual one. While some institutional investors are investing in cryptocurrencies, others are diligently watching the market. Therefore, the introduction and implementation of regulations may attract some of those watchers to jump in.

2. Why cryptocurrencies are being regulated

Lack of security has long been one of the biggest concerns for traders. In fact, a surveyconducted by Encrybit, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, revealed that 40 percent of the participants polled saw security as a major concern.

According to the Securities Exchange Commission, cryptocurrency exchanges overall remain unregulated. This is in contrast to cryptocurrency's conventional currencies counterparts, which are regulated by the central banks of their respective countries.

At times, hackers and cybercriminals have already taken advantage of the lack of cryptocurrency regulation and made trading in these currencies unsafe for investors.

However, attempts are in progress to regulate cryptocurrency in the international arena. For example, at the G20 summit in Argentina, directives were made for global regulations.

In a recent conversation I had about the future of the blockchain industry with Ahmed Khawanky, the CMO of IngotCoin, Khawanky emphasized the need to regulate the cryptocurrency market as a way to maintain security.

"When you try to push something new to the market," Khawanky said, "there's a need to win the trust of the people. People won't trust something they don't know or like. Therefore, ensuring security is the heart of the overall success of the blockchain technology."

3. Cryptocurrencies won't stop being volatile.

Despite the measures to ensure stability in the cryptocurrency market, it's still a struggle to stop or at least reduce cryptocurrencies' volatility. There are still so many factors keeping them volatile. These include: the currencies' lack of intrinsic value, the lack of institutional capital, the implementation of regulations and thin-order books, among other factors.

Although regulation of the currency and their markets will help lower volatility, that alone will not be enough to make a considerable difference in cryptocurrencies' volatile nature.

But, as cryptocurrency trading becomes more popular, we should be seeing an ebb and flow of volatility. While some people will benefit from the sudden increases those ebbs and flows bring to cryptocurrencies' value, we should not overrule the possibility of a sudden crash as well.

In short, cryptocurrencies won't stop being volatile. And that's something any investor should plan for.

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When you think about the ultimate safety across banking institutions, the first thing that crosses your mind might be Switzerland is otherwise known as the home of the world’s safest vaults.

On the other hand, we have cryptocurrency and digital assets encountering huge NO in the world of banking and financial services where bankers are interested in blockchain technology but want to take their business further from the “new age money”.

Struggling with different regulations in highly regulated ecosystems that banks represent, the still unregulated currencies are struggling to get past that obstacle and get their place across global banks.

A Swiss bank, Hypothekarbank, has recognized the value of digital assets, so this was the result of that recognition.

Swiss Bank Adds Cryptos to its Services

Switzerland is known as a global leader across numerous banking institutions, as they have always been following up with the latest trends in the financial industry and banking. Once again, starting with a high authority Swiss bank, Switzerland has shown its readiness to adopt the latest trends, this time turning to the fintech industry.

The bank that has successfully spotted the potential of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is a 150-year-old bank stationed in Switzerland.

The bank named Hypothekarbank has most recently announced that they are going to release a series of services related to digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

This announcement came off as a bit off a surprise given the fact that adding cryptos to banking services is what the majority of banks are strictly avoiding, while it seems that they have nothing against the blockchain technology itself.

The Swiss banks, Hypothekarbank, is actually specialized in mortgage, however, their CEO stated that the bank feels ready to cooperate with blockchain startups and cryptos in Switzerland while aiming to implement cryptos into their services.

The service is said to appear in form of cryptocurrencies and digital assets for business purposes, while there will be cryptocurrency accounts available for service users in the area of blockchain business.

The CEO of the bank also stated that the bank is very well aware of the fact that there is a certain n level of risk that comes with the adoption of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, but she also added that the bank is ready for any case scenario.

More information is to be provided on the mentioned cryptocurrency-based services that are to become available for Hypothekarbank’s clients.

Crypto Revolution: Hypothekarbank is not Alone

Although Hypothekarbank has made a revolutionary move, especially on the behalf of cryptocurrencies, by adding cryptos to its banking services, this Swiss bank wasn’t the first private bank to make this move.

Another private bank located in Switzerland, called Falcon Swiss Private Bank, added cryptos to its services back in 2017 in April. For a year now, Falcon Swiss Private Bank is offering services related to Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The offered service is dubbed Blockchain Asset Management Service and it allowed its clients to manage their BCH, ETH, and LTC.
Alongside this service, Falcon Swiss Private Bank offers Bitcoin-related services. However, Hypothekarbank is the first bank ever to offer accounts for blockchain business, while also inviting Swiss-based blockchain and crypto start-ups to cooperate with the management of Hypothekarbank.

The main reason why Hypothekarbank decided to offer this service to blockchain startups, alongside for being more benevolent towards cryptos in oppose to a great part of Europe and wider, is the fact that blockchain startups often find a hard time trying to open business accounts in Swiss banks.

This is no strange case since the regulations are being brought upon the cryptos by the governments and financial systems mostly due to the fear of having cryptos and blockchain networks being potentially used for money laundry and similar money-related illegal activities.

However, Hypothekarbank has seen the best in cryptos, and a stated is prepared for the risk that comes with digital assets. This bank is operating on the local basis and it can be found in the public listings, so Hypothekarbank will for now only cooperate with Swiss-based blockchain and crypto startups.

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Despite a tumultuous and volatile market, infrastructure investment within the blockchain space sees no signs of slowing down. In another coup for the Maltese government, YOVO – the world’s ‘first’ cryptocurrency-based mobile phone network, has relocated its global headquarters to Malta.

Utilising the Stellar network, YOVO and its native ‘YO token’ can be bought, earned and spent on over 500 mobile network partners, across 130+ countries at launch. Promising to be the first international mobile network powered by its own currency, YO tokens can be purchased or earned directly on a mobile phone. Tasks such as downloading and trying new apps/DApps, shopping, micro-tasks, receiving a call or text through the Virtual SIM, signing up to a new cryptocurrency exchange and more all earn the digital currency.

Quote:[Image: KU0dYJfR_bigger.jpg]


We're very excited to share something we've been working on.  Our universal top-up service YOVO GO lets you pay your phone bill with crypto almost everywhere - with support for over 500 operators worldwide from day one.  Launching soon! [Image: 1f680.png]
6:04 PM - Jun 6, 2018
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Richard Skaife, CEO and Co-founder of YOVO, commented on their relocation to Malta:

Quote:The world’s most innovative mobile network is proud to call Malta, the global leader in blockchain, its home. We shall serve millions of digital money customers with mobile service from our Malta HQ and be an active part of the broader blockchain community that’s growing daily on blockchain island. We are particularly grateful for the support of the Maltese Government through Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri as we launch YOVO”

The Stellar protocol was also praised in the announcement, described by the YOVO team as ‘the fastest protocol for building financial products that connect people everywhere’.

In what promises to be an exciting business development to watch –  cryptocurrency, and the Stellar network in particular, seem ripe for industry application and disruption. Whilst it’s too early to tell whether the large telecommunications players are worried, YOVO and their blockchain solution will certainly capture the attention of professionals and the public alike. The company have secured an initial €20m of funding for their venture.

Despite the unpredictability of the current market, one thing is for certain – finance ministers across the world will be growing increasingly impatient at their own government’s inability to capitalise on the speed of development, and potential tax revenues from the blockchain space – and envious of Malta’s attractive legislation and growing digital global dominance.

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[Image: stellar-coin-trading-chart-for-monitoring-xlm.jpg]

an incredibly exciting development for Stellar Lumen’s holders and cryptocurrency supporters, Stronghold – an exchange utilising the Stellar network’s inbuilt decentralised exchange mechanism and protocol – is launching the networks first USD anchor. Uncovered by members of the Reddit community, and hinted at by the company, a USD anchor can clearly be seen on Stellarterm.

Stronghold’s hint, on 8th May

Quote:[Image: 1ffed3b38ef093b064c4cb18b7e08de5_bigger.jpeg]
[/url]Tammy Camp@TammyCamp


Today could be the biggest day of @ItsSeanBennett and my careers. Certainly big news coming soon for @strongholdxchg #xlm #stellar
11:04 PM - May 8, 2018 · San Francisco, CA
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Unlike stablecoin swap mechanisms such as Tether, real USD will be deposited or withdrawn through the anchor, and then digitised and exchanged for any digital asset on a platform built upon the Stellar protocol’s decentralised exchange (DEX). Furthermore, because of the vastly reduced operation costs of transactions on the network (currently 1 XLM powers roughly 100,000 transactions), the USD anchor will provide a much cheaper mode of exchange than current market options.

Stronghold has long been a supporter of the Stellar protocol, and involved with the founders since 2014. After initially launching a USD anchor in 2014, the company decided to close that particular functionality due to general lack of interest from the space. However, their expertise and experience within the field have clearly paid off, as they will (again) be the first to launch a fiat anchor onto the network.

A complaint often levelled against both centralised and decentralised exchanges is that funds can still be hard to deposit and withdraw, attracting large fees in doing so. Coinbases’ dominance as arguably the main gateway to the cryptocurrency space is mostly attributed to its user-friendly interface and easy deposit mechanism. High fees and delays are often a complaint.

The 7th most valuable cryptocurrency having a direct fiat on-and-off ramp will certainly be a game-changer, and may go some way towards decoupling its native asset and network from Bitcoin’s volatility. Whether this news will attract new speculators to Stronghold’s DEX is another matter. 

However – with the foundation’s announcement of its own SDEX being launched in July and receiving a professional-grade trading platform makeover, to rival the UI and functionality of Binance, and almost daily news of projects built on Stellar – it seems that this particular protocol and digital currency will continue going from strength to strength.

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[Image: stellar-lumens.jpg?fit=700%2C375&ssl=1]

The value of a digital currency is determined by several factors, and in this article are some of the vital factors that play a role in the value of Stellar Lumens as well as its price prediction of $4 by the end of this year.

To assess the future potential and present strength of digital currencies, certain criteria are put into consideration, including scalability and transaction costs, intrinsic value and underlying tech, and the development team and leadership of the digital currency.

Intrinsic Value

When assessing the intrinsic value of a digital currency, the volumes and uses are the best reflection of the present and forecasted intrinsic value. The above-mentioned projects are key to increasing the adoption and use of Stellar Lumens, hence increasing the value of the coin over time.

The vital keys to continuous adoption are speed, scalability, and cost of transactions. These are the most important factors investors look out for.

Development Team and Leadership

Stellar Lumens is founded by a respected figure in the crypto sphere – Jed McCaleb, and it has since been backed by a rising star in Silicon Valley – Stripe. Stellar Lumens have a lot of partnerships and the development team has built a very strong network.

Cost of Transactions and Scalability

Stellar Lumens can process up to one thousand operations per second, and the consensus protocol of the Stellar is safe.

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2018

Stellar Lumens price action is very strong. There has been a consolidation accompanied by a solid upside trend. At the moment, the value of the Stellar Lumens against the USD is breaking out from the Bull flag in the daily chart of the digital currency.

For a long-term perspective, it is very much likely that the value of Stellar Lumens (XLM) will get to $4 by the end of this year provided the team behind Stellar continues to deliver on their promises, commitments, and no major security issues in their code.

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The world’s first cryptocurrency mobile phone network – YOVO chose Malta as its home which will be built on the blockchain technology. Being called the blockchain pro-nation, YOVO has chosen Malta. The blockchain based phone network will be completely built on the Stellar network and will be relocated to Malta where they plan to take their project ahead.

The phone network will be built based on the Stellar blockchain as they believe it is the fastest protocol to build financial products that connect people everywhere. Just like Kin Foundation and IBM believed in Stellar’s network, YOVO has its faith in Stellar.

The London based YOVO’s mobile service allows users to earn and spend cryptocurrencies with more than 500 mobile network partners across 130 countries at the launch. Later on, it will expand from 150 to more than 200 countries within the next 12 months of launch. It operates with a SIM or on a virtual SIM-based network too, and in this case, Stellar will be their supporting network technology.

YOVO’s alpha release of YOVO GO can be seen around this month, June. The alpha release is a global product that can be used to monitor and pay for mobile services using digital currencies. Their team residing in the headquarters will consist of 30 members initially with an investment of 20 million euros.

They stated their primary aim:

Quote:“We shall serve millions of digital money customers with mobile service from our Malta HQ and be an active part of the broader blockchain community that’s growing daily on blockchain island.”

Adding on they said:

Quote:“We are particularly grateful for the support of the Maltese Government through Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri as we launch YOVO.”

YOVO had posted last week about their progress of this project without revealing much:

Quote:“We’re very excited to share something we’ve been working on. Our universal top-up service YOVO GO lets you pay your phone bill with crypto almost everywhere – with support for over 500 operators worldwide from day one. Launching soon!”

Silvio Schembri , Digital Economy parliamentary secretary said:

Quote:“This news comes at perfect timing. Just today, the three bills—Malta Digital Innovation Authority Bill, Innovation Technological Arrangements Services Bill and Virtual Financial Assets Bill—are now at the second reading stage, and we look forward to enacting them into law.

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Retired American professional basketball player Dennis Rodman arrives at Changi International airport ahead of US-North Korea summit in Singapore on June 11, 2018. - North Korea's Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump meet on June 12 for an unprecedented summit in an attempt to address the last festering legacy of the Cold War, with the US President calling it a 'one time shot' at peace. (Photo credit: ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Potcoin, a cryptocurrency geared towards the booming cannabis industry and its fast-growing community, is the first winner from today's historic deal between U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The Trump-Kim summit comes after months of negotiations between the two countries but it all might never have happened if not for retired US basketball player-turned diplomat Dennis Rodman, who is on good terms with both Trump and Kim.

Rodman, while not formally invited to the Singapore summit this week, arrived in the city state promising to "give what support is needed" to the two world leaders.

Sporting a shirt blazoned with the potcoin logo, surrounded by the slogan “peace starts in Singapore”, Rodman pushed through crowds of reporters and gave a rambling, incoherent interview to CNN.

As a result of his appearance in Singapore the potcoin price jumped by 20% last night, adding $4 million to its market capitalisation, according to CoinMarketCap data.


The potcoin price has, like most other cryptocurrencies, struggled in recent months following last year's bull run.

At the beginning of this year it had a market cap of over $90 million but that has since fallen to just over $20 million.

This is though not the first time potcoin has sponsored Rodman’s travel, including a 2017 trip to North Korea that saw Rodman advertise potcoin in a similar way.

That trip also gave the potcoin price a bump, sending it up some 90% from its price the day before Rodman's trip.

potcoin, which was created in 2014, was designed to give U.S. cannabis dispensaries access to banking services as federal law prevents banks and credit unions from doing business with them.

Since then more than half of U.S. states have legalized medical marijuana and eight have voted to legalize it for recreational purposes, but it remains illegal under federal law.

Marijuana is also illegal in Singapore, where the maximum penalty for being caught with the drug is death

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

A guide on how to invest in crypto and whether it is right for you.

The cryptocurrency craze has everyone excited about the potential gains that one can make in the market. There is a market for both individuals looking to make a short-term profit as well as those looking to be in it for the long haul. However, there are plenty of those who still don’t know what to do in the crypto market, so here we will break down the basics of how to get involved in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Should I Invest in Cryptocurrency?

The first question that one should consider is whether investing in cryptocurrencies is worth it at all. After all, there are several factors that one needs to be aware of before they decided to commit to the investment in cryptocurrencies. Only after taking these certain factors into account can one be completely positive that this investment is right for you.

Time to buy the dip?

The first factor to consider is the fact that the valuation of cryptocurrencies cannot be determined by traditional economic metric systems. Beyond this there is the jungle of regulation to consider which is extremely problematic for users. There is also the issue of hacking and fraud which you’re never truly protected from to consider. If these issues are something you’re comfortable with, then investment is for you, if not it’s 
probably best to put your money elsewhere.

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How Much Should I Invest?

The best way to begin investing in cryptocurrency is to begin with smaller amounts which can give you a way of getting a feel for trading. This can later evolve as you get more confident and discover more. It is also worth remembering not to invest more than you are prepared to lose as the cryptocurrency market is very volatile.

Another aspect one should consider is how much of given currencies your portfolio should be made up of. Bitcoin is the most popular currency by far, and as such, it would be sensible to have the currency make up the majority of your portfolio. After all, other cryptos rely on Bitcoin’s performance to increase and decrease in value so it would be important to look at Bitcoin in terms of investment.

[Image: Bitcoin-square-version.jpg]

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Sign Up for an Account

Create an account on an exchange to be able to to commence trading. There are numerous exchanges to choose from for different purposes and different currencies. You would need to select which cryptocurrency you want to trade as well, as this will determine the exchange that you will use. Once you’ve done this, you can move onto the next step.

Buy BTC with Fiat

Now that you’ve created an account, it’s time to actually purchase the currency. Depending on where you’re located and which Fiat Currency you use you can use USD, EUR trading pairs to obtain your crypto of choice. Ultimately though, it’s most likely that you’ll need to begin by buying Bitcoin (BTC) to kick off your purchases–most altcoins cannot be bought directly with fiat cash. Once you have obtained some BTC, you can move on to obtaining other currencies. Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Coinmama, and Bitstamp all provide Fiat to Crypto Exchange values.

If Necessary, Deposit BTC Onto Your Exchange

Sometimes, you may have to deposit the coins to your exchange if you did not buy them directly from that exchange.

Start Trading

Once you’ve set up you’re ready to go and can start buying and selling currencies for profits.

Types of Trades

There are four primary types of trades that you need to be aware of when considering investing into crypto currency. These are Scalping, Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Position Trading.

Scalping is for the user who wants to make money quickly. It is done quickly and efficiently, normally within a matter of minutes or seconds of purchasing the coins. You would be required to leverage a lot of money for each of these transactions and gain minor profits, but this is done in a short period of time. Making quick decisions is key here as analysis of markets in the short-term is less reliable.

Day Trading is another short-term strategy, but less intensive that Scalping. Day Traders normally do trades within periods of 15-30 minutes and analyze trends and see how their trades fit into those trades. Indicators and technical analysis are vital in this scenario, so RSI and MACD are important to utilize. News and information are also important in this scenario.

Swing Trading is the more common type of trading in the cryptocurrency market; it requires buying a trade and then leaving it for several hours or several days. It normally involves buying a certain type of altcoin, converting it into currency to purchase another coin and ride on the wave of profits. Once again, MACD and RSI come in useful in this scenario.

Position Trading is more of a kind of investment rather than trading, as it’s done on a very long-term basis. It is made of opening numerous positions and leaving them for several weeks, months or even years. It requires in-depth analysis and understanding which is constantly updated. However, the gains from this form of trading can be much larger than from other types.

Next Steps

Once you’ve completed your investments there is the matter of securely storing you cryptocurrencies to ensure that your funds are fully secure. While it is impossible to be 100 percent certain that your money is safe, there are steps that you can take to maximize your security which you can find here.

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