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Indonesia’s central bank is reportedly planning regulation to enact a complete ban on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Bank Indonesia (BI), the country’s central bank, is drawing up regulation to enact a sweeping ban on all forms of cryptocurrency, their trading and their usage in transactions as payments, according to Agus Martowardojo – the governor of the central bank. According to local publication Pikiran Rakyat, the central bank official made the revelation during the central bank’s annual meeting last week, claiming the crippling regulation was required to maintain the sovereignty of the rupiah [Indonesia’s fiat currency] as the country’s legal tender.
He went on to detail additional restrictive measures by the bank, stating:
Quote:We [will] also prevent arbitrage opportunities, unhealthy business practices and business controls by parties outside the legal reach of Indonesia’s laws that could damage the structure of industries here.

Digital currencies, the official said, are also potentially used [abused] for terrorism financing and money laundering. Martowardojo has now doubled down on the bank’s hostile stancetoward cryptocurrencies after threatening bitcoin adopters in the country. In remarks earlier in October, the central bank chief said those using bitcoin as a payment method “will be dealt with.”

Further, the new rules – due to come out in 2018 – will also include financial technology (FinTech) companies and startups under its purview, according to the central banker.

Martowardojo’s remarks about a future ban on cryptocurrencies comes within days of Indonesia’s financial regulator urging retail investors to stay away from the ‘lure’ of cryptocurrencies.

According to CCN Indonesia, the chairman of Indonesian Task Force (SWI) under the Financial Services Authority, Tongam Tobing said last week:
Quote:We urge you to invest in logic, not Bitcoin, so people do not go there…People, if you want to invest, do not invest in virtual money, but invest in the legal [assets] that can improve the economy of Indonesia.

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The hyper bull named bitcoin will hit $100 k by July 2018 . Why ? To being with it’s a craze .... fear drives and crashes a market .... right Now it’s crazy FOMO . Secondly , it’s reaching its 21m circulation point shortly . What then ? Split the BtC ? 

Bitcoin will become the premier base currency of the world . The death of the US dollar will be slow ..... but a major war will end the rise of bitcoin .... where it will crash .... and eventually tamed . 


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Hello Everyone. Sorry..
I want ask about update my str to lument.
Please help me.

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To All,

There is a scam going on.  People have been posting this...

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if you see it or something similar, help report. it's a scam!!! 

Angry Angry Angry

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Sad Sad Sad Sad
Tolong gan saya masin baru nih di sini .. mau tanya tanya dulu ... kita biar dpt XLM dengan reply roang pakek bahasa indonesia di thread bahasa ing apa bisa ? Terus semisal saya punya saldo 10 XLM apakah bisa di kirim ke VIP . dan bagaimana caranya ? Terus cara melihat saldo xlm kita gmana ? tlong di jawab
Terimakasih Big Grin

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stellar lumens price rising! i think it will over ripple, lets save it!

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Permisi gan..

Numpang bertanya ya, untuk coin xlm adakah yg trading dengan coin xlm?
Kira2 bisa tidak trading coin xlm untuk jangka panjang?


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In capitalism there is fierce competition but in the end there ends up being more than one company to perform similar tasks which gives customers the ability to choose. Ripple (XRP) has been signing up large banks in rapid fire succession and rapidly grown to over $10 billion in market cap as a new generation payment processor. Ripple (XRP) promises much faster and cheaper processing than legacy banking and is building a following as it grows out.

Enter Stellar Lumens (XLM). Much less well known and with a current market cap at $1.6 billion Stellar Lumens is looking to compete with Ripple as a new generation mechanism to transfer funds across the blockchain. Unlike many new crypto companies which seem to carbon copy the market leading blockchain technology, Stellar Lumens is not simply a copy of Ripple.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) technology promises all of the latest features like smart contracts, decentralized processing, and a ledger network that works via consensus to process payments in 2-5 seconds. While Ripple (XRP) is a for-profit business and has a concerning 20 billion XRP holdback for development, Stellar Lumens has a small 5% holdback of XLM for future development and advancement of the foundation. Just as Visa, Mastercard and American Express all compete for the same customers and each are very valuable companies, Stellar Lumens (XLM) is looking to compete with Ripple (XRP) but that does not mean investors have to choose only one.


Customers are key to success of Stellar Lumens. Just as Ripple has over 100 banks and growing including American Express and Santander, Stellar is adding a growing list of large companies who hope to use the Stellar network to reduce cost and speed transactions. While Ripple has focused on large financial institutions, Stellar hopes to bring in large customers but also advance microtranscations for the ‘underbanked’.
The most exciting add to the Lumens network to date has been IBM which trades on the New York Stock Exchange and has a market cap of $142 billion. More importantly IBM had nearly $80 billion in revenue in 2016 all which had to be collected and processed from all over the world. This is where IBM hopes to use Stellar Lumens technology to make the movement of revenue cheaper and faster compared to legacy banking.
On the smaller scale processing comes KlickEx which grew out of a need to process payments in the underserved cooridor in Oceania, various Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. KlickEx focuses on foreign transactions, remittance, compliance, and payment processing for a variety of small to medium businesses and already operates in 12 different currency cooridoors proving viability of the Stellar Lumens exchange.

Advisors Show Varying Interest in the Project
Most crypto companies have a variety of software and security engineers on the dev team but Stellar Lumens is receiving support from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in the technology but also the ability to connect people to banking. Matt Mullenwig founder of WordPress, Patrick Collison CEO of Stripe, Bhagwan Chowdhry professor of finance at UCLA Anderson, and the president of Y Combinator Sam Altman are just a partial list of those serving as advisors to the Lumens project.

Partners and Customers
Currently IBM is the clear big fish in the Stellar Lumens customer list. The remainder of signed up partners and customers makes up a group of payment processors that represent the entire globe from Asia to Europe and Africa. The list can be viewed here and includes India’s largest private sector bank in Icici bank and diverse to include environmentist focuses companies like Poseidon which hopes to bring saving the earth to the financial markets by allowing the trading of carbon credits on the Stellar Lumens (XLM) blockchain.

Second Fiddle to Ripple (XRP)
At a current market value of $1.6billion, Stellar Lumens pales to the $10 billion Ripple (XRP). Name recognition aside, the next push for Lumens will be the possible addition of a large payment processor like the rumors swirling about Visa possibly testing the Lumens technology. Just as American Express and Santander did for Ripple, any announcement of a Visa, Mastercard, or large bank partnering with Stellar would jumpstart the market move for Stellar Lumens (XLM) and could propel it into the top of the crypto market.
Mastercard already has a blockchain technology but opted to develop its own technology which went live earlier this year but not much else is known about the project. This leaves Visa as the other big fish in the payment processing market. After seeing Mastercard and American Express move into blockchain technology there is no doubt Visa is looking hard at the market.
The rumors about a possible Visa – Stellar Lumens (XLM) partnership have been around for months but took off with this recent tweet on the official Stellar Twiiter account.

View image on Twitter
[Image: DP0WAMaW0AETIlB.jpg:small]


[Image: ABA6i52g_normal.jpg]meinhard@meinharrd

[Image: 1f4bb.png][Image: 1f4ac.png] ama time! ask me anything about our partnership with  in the @StellarOrg subreddit this friday, 1 dec, 8pm cet: …
12:53 AM - Nov 30, 2017
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If you look at the whiteboard on the far right of the pic you can clearly see the words, “(untitled) visa”. Course the context and the remainder of the board remain unknown. If it were to be announced we could expect a nice bump for Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Visa market cap – $251 billion
Mastercard – $158 billion
American Express – $85 billion
Ripple (XRP) – $10 billion
Stellar Lumens (XLM) – $1.6 billion
This is not Highlander and there can be more than one large blockchain payment processor. Stellar Lumens (XLM) has a growing customer base with one big fish to catch (VISA) which could be a game changer and propel Lumens straight to the moon.

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[Image: hurdle-jump.jpg]
The stellar price soared more than 50 percent on Wednesday in response to news that the blockchain project had formed a partnership with recently-launched Korean cryptocurrency exchange GOPAX.

Earlier today, Stellar announced that it had formed a partnership with GOPAX, an exchange that launched in November under the banner of Streami, one of the Digital Currency Group’s portfolio companies.

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[Image: DQVyH0gXUAA0V9W.jpg]


[Image: gcEn0VEI_normal.png]Stellar


Celebrating with our new @StellarOrg partner @GOPAX_kr in Seoul, Korea #blockchain #fintech #cryptocurrency 
12:38 PM - Dec 6, 2017

The announcement was thin on details, but it immediately caused the stellar price to begin rocketing up the charts. The reason for this is that although South Korea has emerged as one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets, many cryptocurrencies — including stellar — have yet to penetrate it. Even if the stellar “partnership” turned out to be something as relatively mundane as being listed on the GOPAX exchange — although this appears unlikely given the tweet’s wording — that would still provide XLM with its first KRW trading pair, making it available to a host of new investors.
[Image: stellar-price-dec6.png]Source: CoinMarketCap
In the past day, the stellar price has risen more than 53 percent, bringing XLM to a present value of $0.16. Stellar had already been a bull run, thanks largely to the October announcement that IBM had tapped the Stellar platform for a cross-border blockchain payments solution. Thanks to this quarter-long rally, stellar’s market cap leaped to $2.9 billion, which is 12th-largest among all cryptocurrencies. Stellar has accumulated more than $360 million in daily trading volume, with nearly all of that concentrated in BTC pairs on Bittrex and Poloniex.
[Image: stellar-price-trading-volume-dec6.png]Source: CoinMarketCap
It is likely that more details about the partnership will be revealed on Friday at a joint meetup between Stellar and GOPAX, but many investors are looking forward to the weekend with even more anticipation.
On Saturday, Stellar will be holding a joint meetup with Coinone — the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea and a top 10 exchange overall. The topic for the meetup is “Roadmap to a Stellar Future,” and bullish investors are already speculating that Coinone will add trading pairs for stellar, further empowering XLM to penetrate the Korean market.

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Does anyone know of a place to buy stellar with a credit card? I have a wallet, I just need a site that I don't need to use my bitcoin

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JP Buntinx  December 6, 2017  CryptoNews
Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts pay close attention to the top 10 currencies by market cap. Right now, we have a few coins separating themselves from the pack in quick succession. However, interesting things are happening to the Stellar Lumens price as well. Thanks to solid gains over the past few days, one XLM is now worth over $0.15. A massive boost for the Stellar Lumen price, as the currency inches closer toward its main competitor Ripple.


Very few people keep tabs on currencies such as XRP and XLM, mainly because they can’t be classified as cryptocurrencies. Instead, these are digital tokens which are purposefully designed to aid the struggling banking sector. It is a worthwhile venture, especially as a lot of people can benefit from an optimized banking system. Faster and cheaper transactions will be beneficial to consumers and corporations, at least until cryptocurrencies start making a bigger impact.

As such, the Stellar Lumens price isn’t something a lot of people will pay attention to. Given the airdrops of this digital token, there will be people who own XLM and not even realize it. Additionally, a lot of people sold their tokens in the past without giving XLM  a second thought. There are entities who do see merit in this currency, though, as its value has almost quadrupled in the past month. A remarkable growth for a digital asset few people in the cryptocurrency world actively care about right now.
More specifically, the Stellar Lumens price has increased from $0.028 in early November all the way to $0.154. While this value pales in comparison to Bitcoin or most altcoins, one also has to keep in mind there are close to 18 billion XLM in circulation. As the supply is bought up slowly, the Stellar Lumens price increases accordingly. Especially the past few days have been interesting, as the value almost doubled. It is unclear where this sudden demand is coming from, or whether this is a pump-and-dump cycle.

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which digital currency do you prefer to use and have in future, XLM or BTC or IOTA?

Me personally, i prefer XLM and IOTA

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any one can halp me give idea, .............................?
i have big hope that it can be heapen in future.
thx BTW 

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Hi all,

lets help make stellar lumens more popular. get the word out!! hopefully there will be more exchange adding XLM to their products.

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Yesterday i purchased a number of XLM. Downloaded Stargazer wallet. Deposits went smooth and fast.

Now i tried to make a small transfer (as a test) of 20 XLM to another XLM account, in fact of an exchange. And i can't send anything...

Is here anyone who can assist? i am not a tech guy....

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