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Hi! How can I earn here? I'm a newbie. Please help. Thanks.

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 Bitcoin Cash Price Surges to Nearly $400 Despite the Odds
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Contrary to our expectations yesterday, it appears the Bitcoin Cash price momentum is still in full effect as of right now. Although it seemed doubtful the price would maintain the $350 for long, things have evolved in a good direction for the Bitcoin Cash price. Right now, one BCH is valued at almost $400. A surprising trend considering how Bitcoin is effectively struggling for traction right now.
[/b]If every price assessment people made was 100% correct, there would be far less fun to be had in the world of cryptocurrency these days. It appeared the Bitcoin Cash price would eventually succumb despite this rise to $350 yesterday, but a lot of people -including ourselves – saw things from an incorrect perspective. In fact, the Bitcoin Cash price has continued to climb steadily over the past 16 hours and now sits at almost $400. A strong increase, to say the very least.

What is rather remarkable is how this Bitcoin Cash price increase materializes during a time at which the Bitcoin price is struggling. In fact, BCH is the only major altcoin to record any gains over the past 36 hours so far, whereas other coins are massively struggling for value right now. It will not be easy to overcome that situation whatsoever, though. We can only wait and see what the future will bring for this popular altcoin in the coming hours and days.
No one knows for sure why the Bitcoin Cash price is increasing now, though. More specifically, there is no apparent reason for this currency to go up in value over any other altcoins in existence right now. Then again, the charts don’t lie, as the Bitcoin Cash price is steadily heading toward the $400 price target. Whether or not this venture will be successful, remains to be determined, though.

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ICO Round 1 price $0.76.

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Hellow, guys can i ask what is our opportunity in this forum? how to earn by posting by ranking up and by inviting friends??

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Everything is still full steam ahead for Segwit2x upgrade in mid-November 2017. Segwit2x is a scaling solution backed by a number of companies in the industry. But don't know how much 1 btc will cost after nov 17.... :)

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France's financial regulator, Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF),
has launched a new initiative focused on initial coin offerings (ICOs)
as it looks to formalize a regulatory framework for the blockchain use case.

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MasterCard Now Allows Clients to Pay via the Blockchain

The last couple of years have brought numerous advancements in the development of blockchain technology. While it’s bound to revolutionize several markets, only a few big companies have started offering blockchain-based services so far. Leading payment processor MasterCard is now joining the race.

So far, reports have indicated that MasterCard is still researching suitable ways of deploying blockchain technology to the masses. Last Friday, the company announced that it’ll be offering blockchain technology to a couple of merchants and banks to serve as a more efficient method of paying for products and services.

What is surprising to many is the fact that this system isn’t based on any digital currency, but rather only works with fiat. In a recent press statement by Justin Pinkham, the senior vice president of MasterCard Labs, he noted: “We are not using a cryptocurrency, and we are not introducing a new cryptocurrency, because that introduces other challenges, regulatory and legal…If you do a payment, then what we can do is move those funds in the way that we do today in fiat currency.”

Following IBM, MasterCard is now the second Fortune 500 company to start offering blockchain payments to its customers. However, it is important to point out that although MasterCard is actively targeting cross-border payments made between businesses, the feature is invitation-based, which means that the mainstream public will still not be able to use blockchain technology for sending payments.

However, by offering this service, the company hopes that it will provide benefits associated with blockchain technology such as security, transparency, and efficiency to its customers. MasterCard’s blockchain alternative could help remove the middleman when sending overseas transactions, as fees won’t pile up from every bank that the funds move through. Rather, funds will go straight from point A to point B. Unfortunately, it seems as though the system won’t provide a speed improvement, as the funds will reportedly move through the same system as before.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you think about MasterCard offering its blockchain technology as a new way to send funds? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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A group of bitcoin entrepreneurial experts has formed a club that makes bitcoin earning very simple and enjoying. Just start by joining

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Lumens , XLM has daily volumes in the millions as opposed to other cryptos who have SM platforms .

Why is a volume important ? 

  • If for example you are selling a car , on a website , then if no one is offering Any price to buy your car that usually means that something's is wrong !, i.e , there's are no buyers .. and hence no market / demand for your car . 
  • Lumens has had large volumes even comparable to say ethereium ! Lumens trading volume so far today's I say 8 million and ether , 14 million . Not bad at all . 
  • Now the best part is that lumens is work in progress , and as the team make progress and inroadS with IBM etc , the better the price . 

Here is the chart for XLM today

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Stellar Faucet

Get your free XLM!

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Faucet for STELAR link   here

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XinFin.Org Releases Full Technical White Paper Showcasing IoT Enabled Real World Connectivity

XinFin.Org Releases Full Technical White Paper Showcasing IoT Enabled Real World Connectivity

XinFin.Org Releases Full Technical White Paper Showcasing IoT Enabled Real World Connectivity

[size=undefined] releases Full technical white paper for XDC hybrid blockchain protocol, invites participation from developer community and institutions
Aiming to fix the inefficiencies in global trade and financing, has released it’s full technical white paper for the XDC01 protocol, the Hybrid blockchain platform that it is forked from ethereum and quorum.
Github Link to the technical white paper :
“We are excited to be presenting our full technical white paper for XDC Hybrid blockchain protocol today. XinFin aims provide a platform for real world institutions to build real applications in the trade and finance domain. We would like to invite and work with best minds of the world. Developers can interact with us on various public channels.” Added Karan Bharadwaj, CTO of XinFin.
“XinFin has already secured LOIs and agreements from several state level Governments to pilot peer to peer financing of projects. We are about to onboard some of the largest institutions of the world for a variety of use cases in financing and are in discussions with several banks and regulators to support these pilots.” added Mr. Atul Khekade who looks into Ecosystem Development at XinFin.

[size=undefined]A HYBRID BLOCKCHAIN

Public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum still have many unresolved issues like security and scalability because of the protocols themselves. Hybrid blockchains have been in discussion for a while but a trusted hybrid network does not exist today. XinFin aims to develop a full production hybrid blockchain by forking open source platforms like ethereum and quorum.


Fully trustless nature of public blockchains expose the account holders and stakeholders to various security risks. While participation of the XDC blockchain is open for all, the masternodes participation is permissioned and that gives the network stakeholders all the flexibility to address various security concerns.

[size=undefined]Since the core consensus process of the XDC protocol is based on Proof of Authority evolving gradually into proof of stake, it does not use the expensive and energy heavy proof of work. This not just ensures that the network is a “green network” but is also able to process anywhere from 150 to 300 transactions per second.[/size]

While currently using the RAFT consensus, XDC protocol aims to evolve the consensus mechanism to better suit the use case. The enhancements in the roadmap include supporting higher TPS and ensuring robust Byzantine Fault Tolerance for greater security as the number of masternodes proliferate across the globe. The consensus is also meant to support the distributed nature of the XDC protocol as vast network of enterprises adopt the XDC protocol.


Digital Asset markets deal with high and notorious level of volatility to the extent that such networks are too risky to be used for mission critical transactions. The settlement windows for proof of work trustless systems are also significant which exposes the transacting parties to various risks. While XDC protocol does not use POW consensus, it may still be exposed to the volatility of digital assets. To address this problem, XDC network has a provision for hedge pool that ensures stable price during lifecycle of the transaction.

[size=undefined]With the regulations around token based on digital assets coming forward in for most jurisdictions, XDC protocol has proposed a XDC01 standard that not just ensures security during fund raising process but also allows regulated institutions to work with a secure tokens environment on XDC hybrid network.[/size]

source here

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I am trying to send XLM over to Biottrex but it needs a memo. There is no option to add one on this version of the wallet (Unless I am missing something but I have tried clicking on every menu and option I could including adding contacts etc) and I can not send the XLM to Biottrex without the memo. What do?

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Any other wallets I can transfer my XLM too and then onto Bittrex maybe? I don't mind a few trans fees. Unless I a missing something with Stellars wallet?


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Any other wallets I can transfer my XLM too and then onto Bittrex maybe? I don't mind a few trans fees. Unless I a missing something with Stellars wallet?


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Hard fork za nami - powstaje Bitcoin Gold
Kolejny hard fork Bitcoina już za nami. Dziś w nocy łańcuch najpopularniejszej kryptowaluty dotarł do bloku 491407, od którego rozpoczęty zostanie nowy łańcuch dla kryptowaluty Bitcoin Gold. Do rozdzielenia łańcuchów doszło wcześniej niż informowali twórcy, wskazując początkowo potencjalną datę hard forka na 25 października. Wczoraj, odliczanie czasu na stronie wskazywało z kolei na godzinę 14:30, 24 października.

Drugi hard fork w historii Bitcoina skutkuje utworzeniem nowej kryptowaluty – Bitcoin Gold (przy pierwszym podziale doszło do utworzenia Bitcoin Cash). W zasadzie, Bitcoin Gold nie jest jeszcze wydobywany przez górników, gdyż, jak informowali twórcy, łańcuch BTG ruszy dopiero po kilku dniach od podziału. To skutkować będzie różnicą w numerach bloków w stosunku do łańcucha klasycznego Bitcoina
Podział łańcucha nie wywołał większych reakcji notowań klasycznego Bitcoina. Cena kryptowaluty w ujęciu dolarowym spadała w nocy, oddalając się od osiągniętego w ostatnich dniach poziomu 6000 dolarów.

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War Games 

War is serious business , and business is about to get a whole lot serious . 
President Trump has called back more than 1000 retired pilots to come back , and many insiders are whispering that the pentagon is beating war drums ? 

Trump needs a war as the chances of him being impeached and or losing in 2020 are quite high . If America goes to war soon , then history has taught us that they won't  vote a new president in while at War. 

Israel has sent its defence minister to Russia - they are secretly seeking that Russia won't side with Syria and Iran . Israel is doing everything possibe to draw Iran into war . Israel will stop at nothing . They want the Middle East to be divided and ruled - Oded Yinons , The greater Israel project . Read about it .

North Korea will also make a catastrophic error and bite the bait , but it has little chance - China will then enter the war - things are about to get real ugly . 
Peace to all nations '

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