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Head of Aerospace and Defense at Accenture John Schmidt has said he “really sees Blockchain coming into” the industry over the next two to three years.
Speaking at the Paris Air Show, Schmidt outlined a range of ways in which the aviation industry, which is increasingly warming to Blockchain, could benefit from the technology.
“Through all that life cycle of the engine, the original parts, the replacement parts and configuration are all being tracked, and it is being done by a number of different companies,” he said giving an example of maintenance.
"Blockchain is in effect a single federated ledger that everybody who uses and touches that engine could use it as a single point of truth of what has happened to the engine.”
Accenture has made bullish statements about the technology before. In a report late last year, the consultancy giant said the two industries “align very well.”
In particular, airlines could sharpen up efficiency through the use of Blockchain data sharing.
“Data sharing among multiple actors and touchpoints powers the travel journey. From booking to arrival, players can include airlines, online travel platforms, card providers, airports, immigration, government, hotels, car rental agencies and more,” the company wrote at the time.
This month also saw Accenture partner with Microsoft on a UN-sponsored Blockchain identity initiative called the ID2020 Alliance.

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hello friends, we have new feature today
which is TROLLBOX, feel free to try, however we will try to improve it later, hope this could give more fun

ow we seen lots of woman active in forum, its kinda nice.. i could gave idea CHIT FUNDS with stellar lumens, thats kinda fun

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Two private preschools in New York City now accept bitcoin and two other cryptocurrencies for tuition payments, according to their co-founder.

Montessori Schools, based in the Flatiron and SoHo neighborhoods of Manhattan, began accepting bitcoin, ether and litecoin in June. Payments are accepted by way of an integration with digital currency startup Coinbase, which automatically converts the crypto payments to US dollars.

The preschools ascribe to the Montessori philosophy of education, an approach to learning developed in the early 20th century by Maria Montessori. According to online materials, tuition at the schools can run as high as $30,950 per annum – worth roughly 12.3 BTC at current prices.

Marco Ciocco, co-founder and chairman of the schools, told CoinDesk that the move to accept digital currencies for tuition payments began more than a year ago, following requests from parents. As more requests came in, Ciocco said, school officials started to seriously weigh how it could work.

He went on to explain:

"Parents who were early adopters are now able to take advantage of the appreciation of their digital assets and use them to pay for their children’s education – something that will ultimately have a lifetime impact on their families."

Ciocco, who said that he had personally been following the cryptocurrency space for the past several years, added that "many" parents had begun to utilize the payment option – a trend he expects to continue as time goes on.

"As a forward-thinking administration, we like to stay ahead of the curve and would not be surprised if the percentage of tuition paid in digital currencies continues to grow every year and becomes a substantial portion of our payments," Ciocco told CoinDesk.

Disclosure: CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which has an ownership stake in Coinbase.

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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]

Introduced by lead developers Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows yesterday, the public release debuts a number of new features and performance enhancements for users.

“Lisk Nano 1.0, which offers a streamlined user experience and enhanced performance, takes the crypto community a step closer to the innovative, safe, and seamless blockchain application platform outlined by Lisk since day one,” Kordek said about the release, which he added was a “key milestone.”

Lisk has seen considerable hype since the start of the year, along with many of the top altcoins benefiting from huge token price gains in a short time.

The project’s LSK token is up over 1,600 percent versus its trading price at the start of January.

“Our community is also essential to our growth and their support will be the only way to achieve our goals over the coming years,” Kordek continued.

“We are thankful for all the support, demonstrated passion and continued interest that the Lisk community showcases. We look forward to achieving our goal of establishing a widely used, next-generation blockchain application platform.”

Various minor upgrades paved the way for the 1.0 unveiling, which Cointelegraph reported on in February and April.

Lisk is currently part of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley initiative, a group of Bitcoin and Blockchain companies aiming to increase awareness of decentralized technology from their base in the Swiss town of Zug.


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The testnet is a small test Stellar network, open to developers. runs 3 stellar-core validators on this test network. Set your stellar-core to connect to us by using this configuration. You can also find a Horizon instance that is connected to the testnet.
The testnet is for, well, testing. It’s occasionally reset, so don’t get attached to any balances or accounts that you have on it.

AnyThing At Testnet Is Worthless
Testnet Is Used For Testing Your Project/Asset Before Your Project Go To Livenet
Testnet Lumens Are Free

This Is The List Of Testnet App
-Wallet : Stargazer
-Block Explorer:

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BitConnect Coin Outdoes Ethereum’s Performance for 6 Months That Followed the ICO

[Image: 1497603922_1303620904_3swofF5omV.jpg]

Cryptocurrency BitConnect Coin has experienced faster growth than this year’s hottest altcoin, Ethereum since it entered the market in early 2017.
The emerging cryptocurrency created by UK based BitConnect, BitConnect Coin (BCC) has registered a phenomenal growth since its inception six months ago by outperforming the growth of the world’s top altcoin, Ethereum. The new cryptocurrency has witnessed its value increase dramatically since its November 2016 ICO. From the initial market value of $1.84, BCC has reached a price point of over $52.65 by June 10, 2017.

[Image: bitconnect_chart.png]
Ethereum, after its launch on August 10, 2015, commanded a value of $1.71. Six months later, the value of ether had risen by few dollars to stand at $11.53 by March 28, 2016. A comparison of both the cryptocurrencies shows that BitConnect Coin has achieved a much higher growth rate than most of its counterparts in the recent times – a record 1800% rise in value over last month. During the initial months, BCC’s growth and community consensus drew comparisons to Bitcoin, but more recently, the cryptocurrency has seen a sharp rise in value, which resembles more closely to the most recent rise of Ether.

[Image: ethereum_chart.png]
Although Ether has witnessed a 2000% rise in value since the beginning of 2017, it hasn’t always seen such an impressive growth. In the first six months following Ethereum ICO, the ether token saw a steady rise in value, in tune of around 700%, whereas BitConnect Coin saw a 3000% rise in its value since first hitting the market and over 10,000% increase from its ICO price.
Similar to Bitcoin, the total number of BCC is capped at 28 million units. It is a deflationary currency, with the demand sustaining its present high growth rate. As BitConnect Coin continues to witness continued growth, the trend closely follows the company’s previously announced records in value and market capitalization during Q1 2017.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, BitConnect Coin doesn’t require centralized exchange platforms. It can be traded directly between community members, which makes selling and buying the cryptocurrency much easier than some of its competitors.

If BitConnect Coin continues to grow at the current rate, it will quickly turn out to be one of the best cryptocurrency investments of 2017, alongside the likes of BitcoinEthereum, and Ripple.

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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]
A new virus displaying behavior markedly similar to WannaCry is attacking Russian and Ukrainian company computers.

According to local reports, the Petya virus is locking computers and demanding payment of a $300 ransom in Bitcoins to regain control.

“It blocks computers and demands $300 in bitcoins,” specialist Group-IB stated to RIA Novosti.

“The attack happened from around 2pm. Judging from photographs, it is the cryptolocker [ransomware] Petya. The way it is spreading through local networks is similar to the WannaCry virus.”

WannaCry’s Bitcoin ransomware demands caused havoc worldwide in May after employees were locked out of computers in a range of locations.

The attack exposed antiquated equipment and lax security commonplace in many major corporate and public sector computer networks, with victims such as the UK National Health Service particularly vulnerable due to the extensive use of unsupported Windows XP software.

Even India’s ATM network was feared to be a likely target.

Petya has already claimed major Russian prizes such as gas giants, as well as Ukrainian postal service Novaya Pochta.

The company stated in a Facebook post that it was temporarily unable to service customer requests due to the Petya attack.

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[Image: 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdl...5qcGc=.jpg]
US Securities and Exchange Commission is still eyeing to enforce regulations to Blockchain companies engaged in ICO.

With the increase of Blockchain start-ups crowdfunding their projects through ICO, Blockchain experts are worried that the lack of transparency with regards to the issuance of such coins could pose dangers to investors and may be a cause of concern for government regulators as ICOs are "high on radar" of regulators.

According Reuters, Securities and Exchange Commission “is said to be taking a hard look at the increased use of such offerings, with the growth of so-called ICOs surging in recent months.”

With its virtual nature, ICO is likely and can possibly be used for money laundering activities , which makes regulating bodies such as SEC to look into it closely.

Posing a challenge to regulators
The problem facing regulators is the kind of system in which these Blackchain companies are operating. With their decentralized nature meaning no single entity responsible for issuing the coins, while regulators can only go after its third-party service providers which include wallet providers and Bitcoin exchange platforms.

Another problem for the regulators is how to treat this coins: tokens or securities?
In 2014, Janet Yellen, Chair, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System clarified that Fed has no jurisdiction for Bitcoins.

"“[T]he Federal Reserve simply does not have authority to supervise or regulate bitcoin in any way. . . . [T]o the best of my knowledge, there is no intersection at all in any way between Bitcoin and banks that the Federal Reserve has the ability to supervise and regulate.”

SEC still unsure how to treat Blockchain and ICOs
The Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 broadly define the scope of “securities” to encompass any stock, bond, future, swap, investment contract, and more. Since there are no regulatory guidelines on how to treat Bitcoin or Blockchain, SEC has decided that companies using Blockchain technology for the purpose of trading securities would need to register as an exchange, Alternative Trading System (ATS), or broker/dealer.

Section 3(a)(1) of the Exchange Act defines an “exchange” as:

“any organization, association, or group of persons, whether incorporated or unincorporated, which constitutes, maintains, or provides a market place or facilities for bringing together purchasers and sellers of securities or for otherwise performing with respect to securities the functions commonly performed by a stock exchange as that term is generally understood, and includes the market place and the market facilities maintained by such exchange.”

Exchange Act Rule 3b-16(a) interprets the definition to mean any organization, association, or group of persons that: (1) brings together the orders of multiple buyers and sellers; and (2) uses established, nondiscretionary methods (whether by providing a trading facility or by setting rules) under which such orders interact with each other, and the buyers and sellers entering such orders agree to the terms of a trade.

Therefore, if a Blockchain technology platform brings together several buyers and sellers of digital assets that are deemed as securities, the platform could be required to register as a Securities exchange unless it falls within an exclusion from registration.

To be classified as securities, the company owning cryptocurrencies would need to provide shares. For instance, SEC held in the matter of BTC Trading, Corp. and Ethan Burnside, specifically because when the company allowed users to purchase stock in virtual currency, they violated Sections 5 and 15(a) of the Exchange Act for not registering as a broker/dealer, or as a national securities exchange.

Fortune staff writer Jeff John Roberts says:

“Even the most legitimate and fiscally sound ICOs pose a potential threat for their issuers. “Coins” or tokens can look a lot like traditional securities, because they enable companies to take investors’ cash while holding out the potential for profit. And selling securities without SEC approval violates federal law”.

While ICO tokens continue to be traded without government regulations, it’s only a matter of time until SEC would come up with some form of regulation that may ultimately cause a setback to many Blockchain companies and their ICOs.

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Well AFAIK Stargazer Not Displaying Your Secret Keys But Only The QR Code

Quote:1.Open Your Stargazer Wallet
Quote:2.Click The Account Settings Buttons
[Image: kKNYiMt.png]
Quote:3.Click Advanced Menu
Quote:4.Click Export Account
Quote:5.Create A Screenshot Of QR Code
(Click Print Screen Button And Paste The Image To Paint)
Like This
[Image: 58QEuNM.png]
Quote:6.Crop The QR Code
To Like This

[Image: iNP3Pua.png]
Please Do Not Steal My XLM
Quote:8.Upload Your QR CODE Image
Quote:9.See The Result

{"stellar":{"account":{"network":"cee0302d"},"key":"Your Secret Key"}}
My Result Is {"stellar":{"account":{"network":"cee0302d"},"key":"SC4LJKRAAFFYDP4SRXL2J5KBDGOMR7AL7VYNDOAYT5LHWJEDMSEAUZUL"}}

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[Image: Screen-Shot-2017-06-27-at-11.43.34-AM.png]
One of the world's largest technology hardware makers has announced new graphics cards (GPUs) aimed at the cryptocurrency mining market.
Taiwan-based manufacturer Asus revaeled the Mining RX 470 and Mining P106, which were designed to handle the energy and heat intensive process of mining. Though not expressly pitched as such, the release is undoubtedly aimed at capturing some of the interest in mining ethereum. Bitcoin mining, by comparison, has evolved to a stage in which application-specific integrated circuits, or ASICs, are required to compete.

Cryptocurrency mining is a process by which new transaction blocks to the distributed network. When this happens, new blockchain tokens are introduced to the system and awarded to the miner as compensation – in this case, a profit is achieved when the cost of electricity and the operation itself is lower than the revenue generated by selling those tokens.
According to today's Asus announcement, the new cards are "engineered especially for coin mining, positioning the products as capable of providing "maximum mega hash rates at minimum cost".
Interest in cryptocurrency mining has led to reported shortages of GPUs in the global market. One hobbyist miner recently told CoinDesk that local tech stores have run low on the cards, adding that online marketplaces like Newegg, Amazon and eBay, among others, are also largely out of stock.

It's a situation that echoes the earlier "GPU rush" from 2014, when mining activity around alternative cryptocurrencies like dogecoin and litecoin led to similar price increases and a decline in available inventory.
Shortages aside, ethereum network data suggests that more hash rate is coming into ply as time goes on.
According to, the mining difficulty – which rises as more hashing power is brought online – nearly tripled from 27th April to 27th June.

The RX 470 will be available worldwide, according to Asus, while the Mining P106 card will be available in China and Eastern Europe only, beginning in July.

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[Image: coinmx.jpg]
The former operator of the now-defunct bitcoin exchange has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison.

The sentencing of Anthony Murgio comes months after he plead guilty to operating an unlicensed money transmission business in January. Murgio, along with alleged co-conspirator Yuri Lebedev, was first arrested and charged in the summer of 2015. Federal prosecutors later unveiled new charges against Murgio in November of that year was a Florida-based bitcoin exchange that federal prosecutors alleged acted as a financial conduit for the laundered proceeds of online criminal activity. The government sought as many as 10 years in jail for Murgio, a figure that the defense pushed back against earlier this month.

Ultimately, US District Judge Alison Nathan opted for a sentencing term of roughly half that amount.

Brian Klein of law firm Baker Marquart, one of the attorneys who represented Murgio, told CoinDesk in a statement:

“The judge dramatically departed from the government's requested sentence of over 10 years of prison time. Although we had hoped for an even lower sentence, we are pleased she made such a dramatic departure, and in so doing, we believe she validated points we raised in our sentencing submission and at the hearing today.”

The exchange was tied to a broader cybercrime scheme that infamously targeted companies like JPMorgan Chase, resulting in the theft of data from tens of millions of the bank's customers.

Another element of the case involved a New Jersey-based credit union, which prosecutors argued in court was used to transmit cybercrime-related funds overseas. That credit union was later shut down and its former chief executive was charged with aiding in exchange for accepting bribes.

According to a report from Bloomberg, a follow-up hearing is set for 1st September, with Murgio remaining out on bail.

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1. Open , then Follow the NUMBER
(this tutorial is for blockchain user thou, for other wallet, you have to contact its wallet support)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=15]

2. Follow the NUMBER, each BLOCKCHAIN wallet has its own SIGN-IN Message,
[Image: attachment.php?aid=16]

however, few months ago, do website upgrade, and since then,
they added TEMPORARY WALLET, which we dont have privatekey anymore
(Many newcomer/newbie dont understand how to operate NEW Blockchain.Info)

3. Copy the previous PROOF MESSAGE
[Image: attachment.php?aid=17]

4. CONGRATS, its FINISH, you already got the SINGNATURE,
you can now proceed to have your STELLAR COIN,
instantly on your "STELLAR account"
[Image: attachment.php?aid=18]

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Sliweran@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 
5. if you have another account that dont have the privatekey, you can us another method to do the PROOF MESSAGE,
see the picture below, you will found another way
[Image: attachment.php?aid=19]
edit a bit, its tutorial made by FreeSpeach

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[Image: Bitcoin-lumen-program-Stroopy.png]
BrianMarch 28, 2017
Bitcoin holders, claim your lumens until August 27th, 2017 here.
Ripple holders, claim your lumens until August 27th, 2017 here.

Last October we concluded our first lumen distribution program for bitcoin holders as part of’s commitment to reserve 19% of the initial lumens—19% of the initial lumens—a total of 19 billion lumens—for people who hold bitcoin.
Today, we are announcing that for the next round, we are distributing up to 16 BILLION lumens to bitcoin holders or 16% of the initial lumens. On June 27th, 2017, we will make available these lumens to any bitcoin holder who wants them, including those that received lumens during the first giveaway round.
If this is new to you, you may ask why are we doing this? When we were first designing Stellar, Bitcoin acted as a profound inspiration. The Bitcoin network was the first to show that it’s possible for a group of untrusted parties to agree on a common database, and the Bitcoin community still influences our understanding of this technology’s impact.
Get notified with updates on the bitcoin-lumen program.

How will it work?
June 26, 2017: We took a snapshot of the blockchain at the first block mined after midnight on June 26th (UTC/GMT). This snapshot will record the coin balances of all bitcoin accounts at that time. You can find the snapshot here.
June 27, 2017: We’ll publish a claim page at 11AM (PDT), allowing bitcoin holders to verify that they control a given bitcoin address. We will then send that address’s share of lumens to the provided Stellar account.
To get a sense of the giveaway math, take Rachel as an example:

Quote:At time of snapshot
16,215,950 bitcoins in existence
Rachel owns 10 bitcoins

Rachel can claim
16,000,000,000 * (10/16,215,950) = 9,866.83 lumens
Rachel owns .00006167% of the bitcoins in existence at the time of the snapshot.
Her 9,866.83 lumens therefore equals .00006167% of lumens given away.

August 27th, 2017: The bitcoin lumen program will conclude. If there are unclaimed lumens, they’ll go to’s operational fund and to the Build Challenge.
Due to regulatory restrictions, this program is closed to residents of the U.S. states of New York, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Connecticut as well as the nations of Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and other countries subject to sanctions by the United States. These restrictions are subject to change to account for changes in regulatory posture.
Members and board members of will not participate in the bitcoin-lumen program or claim any lumens from it.

Claim lumens: Individuals
On June 27th: we will provide a link to the claim page, where you will need to complete this simple process:

  1. Authenticate with Facebook.

  2. Enter your Stellar account ID.

  3. Enter your Bitcoin address. For P2SH (multisig) addresses, you will be asked for a redeem script.

  4. Sign a displayed message. For P2PKH (normal bitcoin address) only one signature is required. For P2SH (multisig) addresses you need to provide as many signatures as required to release the funds from a P2SH address.

  5. If signatures are correct, lumens will be sent to your Stellar account.
Most bitcoin wallets support this, including:

  • Bitcoind

  • Bitcoin-qt

  • Electrum

  • Mycelium

  • Trezor

  • Nano
Please note, if your bitcoins are with coinbase you won’t be able to claim your lumens.

Why Facebook?
If you’re not using an exchange, then law requires us to ensure you’re not on the U.S. sanctions list or located in any of the restricted jurisdictions listed above. We’re using Facebook account verification to complete this check.

We know this kind of sucks. Privacy is a top concern for the Bitcoin ecosystem. won’t use your Facebook data for any other purposes and will never post to your account. If you’d rather not share your Facebook information, you can still go through a participating exchange.
Participating exchanges (we’ll update this list as exchanges contact us): If your bitcoins are located on any of the above exchanges there is no action for you to take. They will handle the process of automatically crediting your account with the appropriate amount of lumens.
If your exchange is not on the above list then you must either ask them to participate or move your bitcoins elsewhere to claim.

Claim lumens: Exchanges and businesses
Before June 27: If you’re an exchange or other business that holds a pool of bitcoins for customers, email from your business email. Include your hot wallet Bitcoin address, and we’ll ensure that the lumens given to that address are sent only to you.
After you receive lumens, we encourage you to give them to each of your customers proportionately. Email with questions or to discuss options.

Claim lumens: XRP holders
In addition to distributing lumens to bitcoin holders, we have also reserved 1% of the initial lumens (1 billion) to holders of XRP. For XRP, we took a snapshot of the ripple ledger 6,762,000 (a ledger occurring May 22nd 2014). Any ripple account holder with less than 7.5 million XRP (~$50,000 USD at that time) in their account at that ledger qualifies for the giveaway. Every qualified XRP holder can participate in either one of two ways:

  • 1) Pro-rata: Similar to the bitcoin holders, eligible XRP holders may receive their pro-rata share of lumens allocated to this giveaway (10:1) and be credited for up to 1.5 million XRP.

  • 2) Donation: Eligible XRP holders may also donate up to 1.5M XRP to a selection of charities and receive an equal amount of lumens in return.
For example: Sam had 1 million XRP as of ledger 6,762,000. He could choose to donate his XRP to a charity listed in the program and get 1 million lumens from the bitcoin program. Or he could choose to claim his pro-rata (10:1) share of lumens allocated to this giveaway.
On June 27th we will provide a link to the claim page, which will walk you through this simple process:

  • Authenticate with Facebook.

  • Enter your Stellar public key or generate a new one.

  • Send a small amount of XRP (even 1 drop is OK) to the provided Ripple address with a displayed destination tag. Please note that we will not be able to send your XRP back!

  • After receiving a payment to the provided Ripple address, lumens will be sent to your Stellar account.
How does Stellar compare to Bitcoin and other networks?
The Stellar network is inspired by Bitcoin—we’ve taken lessons from it and added the ability to tolerate non-rational actors in an environment with low computing power.

There are a few other key differences between Stellar and Bitcoin:

  • In Bitcoin, nodes that work to confirm transactions mine bitcoin, distributing the currency slowly over time to miners. Stellar doesn’t have mining: 100 billion lumens were automatically created at the start of the network. 95% of these lumens will be available to the world.

  • Stellar operates on a new consensus algorithm, the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), which uses federated Byzantine agreement. Stellar transactions confirm in a few seconds and nodes use fewer computational resources.

  • Bitcoin is very inflationary during the first several years eventually settling to a near fixed supply, while the supply of lumens increases at a fixed rate of 1% per year.
Find out more
We believe in community-based ownership of the Stellar network and want early digital currency enthusiasts like bitcoin holders to feel at home in the Stellar community. Feel free to ask us questions about the bitcoin-lumen program: And if you’re a developer interested in building applications on Stellar, explore our documentation.
See you on June 27th!

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The bitcoin lumen program is live starting today and will run until August 27th.

Get all the details here.

Links to claim pages:

BTC - Bitcoin holders, claim your lumens until August 27th, 2017 here.

XRP - Ripple holders, claim your lumens until August 27th, 2017 here.

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[Image: ce505b833dcde55cef51b4192b7fbf9c.jpg]
Is the long-awaited 'crypto correction' finally here?

There was certainly ample evidence to suggest the answer was yes today, as cryptocurrencies both large and small suffered widespread losses, a decline that analysts attributed to profit taking from veteran investors.

Overall, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies fell to as little as $91.4bn today, a more than 20% decline from the all-time high of $117.2bn it reached around mid-June, and down over 13% from the day's open at $105.3bn.

At the time of report, the top 20 cryptocurrencies as ranked by market capitalization had all suffered declines in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Charles Hayter, co-founder and CEO of leveraged cryptocurrency platform CryptoCompare, asserted in his comments that the decline was evidence of how hype had impacted the markets of late.

With media outlets portraying the market as one driven by easy gains, investors drawn to the space, he said, did not know "what they were getting into".

He said of the day's events:

"A correction of sorts was [in] the cards."

At press time, bitcoin was down 7% on the day's trading, while ether, the digital asset that powers the ethereum blockchain, was down nearly 20%.

Profit taking

Other traders echoed Hayter's comments that traders were showing an appetite for profit taking.

Brad Chun, chief investment officer of Shuttle Fund Advisor, pointed to profit taking, emphasizing that he believes veteran traders are using the decline to lock in gains made in the previous weeks.

In addition to taking this specific action, some traders have been rebalancing their portfolios as of late, analysts told CoinDesk.

"People are taking cryptos off the table for fiat cash," Hayter told CoinDesk.

Investor and crypto hedge fund manager Tim Enneking offered further detail, emphasizing that while some traders stick to cryptocurrencies, others trade fiat currencies as well, a factor that could have played a role.

He said:

"Some people trade only crypto; others trade both, and this may be a time to diversify."

Another factor that a handful of traders pointed out was that cryptocurrencies sometimes follow each other in terms of their price movements.

Hayter emphasized the key role played by momentum, telling CoinDesk: "Markets move in sync and when selling is the main momentum driver – traders follow the leader."

While cryptocurrencies don't always move in tandem, they appear to have moved together today.

"We are witnessing the still strong correlation between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies," Enneking observed. "When bitcoin sees a large move down, as we've seen in the past 48 hours, it still has a tendency to take the entire rest of the market with it".

The end of the rally?

While the cryptocurrency has suffered a pullback lately, this may not be the last we have seen of the rally in these digital assets, traders told CoinDesk.

Even after reaching today's low of $91.4bn, the market cap of all cryptocurrencies is up more than 400% year-to-date.

After experiencing such sharp gains, it is "healthy" for cryptocurrencies to "take a pause," Enneking told CoinDesk.

Redwood City Ventures founder Sean Walsh perhaps best summed up the optimistic mood, concluding:

"All investments, even the good ones like [cryptocurrencies], have a respiration rate. They tend to 'breathe' periodically during their inexorable upward march in price, and outward march in adoption."

Rushing water image via Shutterstock

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