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Eva GantzOctober 14, 2014
It has been a busy month for us on team growth. This past week, Bekki Bolthouse joined Stellar as our project manager from Rackspace. Bekki has already jumped right in with publishing our Platform team roadmap and she will also be in charge of making sure lines of communication are always open between developers in the open-source community and the Foundation.

  • Giveaway auth algorithm has been updated and will continue to be updated. You can read more about it here.

  • Partial payments has been removed. You can read more about it here.

  • Feel free to check out the Platform roadmap that Bekki released. Now, you can look there and at our standup recaps in IRC to see what is being actively worked on.

  • Analytics: We have begun to implement new analytics tools to work with anomaly detection for the giveaway auth algorithm. If you want to be outside the analytics, feel free to create a wallet with no email address and block cookies on the client.

  • New features pushed by open-source developer m-casey: Thanks for contributing one-click highlight of Stellar addresses and an idle logout setting for users.


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Joyce KimOctober 12, 2014
Direct Signup Program’s Algorithm
We are releasing a spam detection update to the Direct Signup program’s authentication system today. Although we would like to let in as many people as possible right off the bat, we do need to make sure that we are on the road towards our educational goals. To accomplish this, we need to always 1) improve the content (also in progress) and 2) make sure that participants are learning as they go through the program. This means we will continually be taking measured, iterative steps to improve the program. Stellar has been around for less than three months, so it is still in the early days.
We have opted to take a conservative approach to the authentication system and increase the requirements needed for an account to be considered legitimate. This will mean that the number of false negatives (real users who cannot gain access) will increase.
For all the users who fall into this false negative category, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you come back at some point in the future to try again as we will be continually fine-tuning the algorithm to be smarter and more accurate.

Invite System Info
As we announced previously, we will be rolling out an invite system to allow community members to invite friends to the system. We have been slowly testing the invite system with small batches of users as some of you have seen.
Based off the learnings from the invite system tests and other community concerns about bad accounts, we have developed our own algorithm for determining which accounts will receive invitations and the invite algorithm, like our spam account filter, will constantly evolve and be made smarter with new data.
We will also be conservative with the invites and only a small percentage of users will receive them at any given time. And unfortunately, this means that not every account will receive invites even if they are a real and active user. Emailing us or tweeting asking for invites will not help or cause you to get invites. We ask that people be understanding about this.
For those community members who receive invites, it would be great if you could share your own experiences and thoughts about Stellar with whomever you end up inviting. You can also share theLearn page with them (we will be releasing a newer version of it soon as well).

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Joyce KimOctober 11, 2014
This week, we learned of an issue related to a payment setting feature known as “partial payments” that existed in the legacy code base of the Stellar protocol. As it exists in the Ripple code base, partial payments allow a user to send a small part of a payment rather than the entire payment. For example, the sender could tell the anchor that s/he was sending 10 BTC while actually only sending .0001 BTC. This feature is rarely, if ever, used in practice. Normally, an anchor must check the “Amount” field to determine how much they received as it is the only field returned. However, in the case of a partial payment transaction, the “DeliveredAmount” field appears and the anchor must check the “DeliveredAmount” field instead. If an anchor or other entity is unaware of this setting, it could result in loss of funds.
On Oct 8, we informed all known anchors of this issue then updated the Stellar code base to remove this feature, as it added unnecessary complexity for little value on a protocol level. This particular issue no longer exists on the Stellar network.
We are in the process of preparing integration documents for Stellar. If you have any feedback or suggestions for things we should include, please feel free to send them along to us at or via issues on our Github for documentation.

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Joyce KimOctober 7, 2014
Happy to announce that Eva Gantz has joined the Stellar team working on community so you will be seeing her around Twitter, FB and other online channels. Prior to joining us, she has worked on social strategy for an LGBTQ publishing house and has run a site to assist authors with their own social media strategy. You can read more about her here.
New Features:
Trading is now live on the client! This gives people easy access to the global distributed exchange. It allows you to trade any currency for any other. As it is a feature for more advanced users, you must first enable it in your settings. Take a peek here:
[Image: stellar-1024x855.png]
More Happenings:
  • New BTC anchor: launched with no-login BTC-STR anchor.

  • We have started posting weekly recaps of Stellar Development Foundation’s standups in the stellar-dev IRC chat. The goal is to provide more transparency for the public into what is being worked in by each team member.

  • We have completed setup of Zendesk to help us stay on top of the inbound community requests we have been getting. As many of you know, roughly 100X more people ended up signing up for Stellar our first month than we had anticipated which lead to a deluge of emails, tweets, forum posts, phone calls and IMs. Now that we have the system in place, we have spent the past week going through the backlog – still a lot more to go, but progress is being made!

  • We also added some more FAQs and will be adding more over the next few weeks.

  • Relatedly, there are now over 2 million Facebook auths for stellars!

  • Winnie has begun doing a series of 1:1s conversations with community members to listen to how they are participating in the ecosystem and their envisioned future for Stellar.

  • Impromptu Stellar gathering in NYC: Winnie and I ended up in NYC this week and tweeted out a last minute gathering. It was so great hearing about everyone’s unique stories about why Stellar is meaningful to them and also learning about their projects.

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Jed McCalebSeptember 26, 2014
On Saturday September 20th, several of the Stellar validating nodes started failing. This eventually led to the network not reaching consensus on ledgers so all transactions came to a halt. Machines and the network came back about 11 hours later.
Incident Description:
From looking at the nodes and Zabbix historical stats, it is clear that most of the instances were running low on available RAM, as such the Linux OOM (“Out Of Memory”) killer was killing off pids on the machines in a bid to survive memory exhaustion.
Below are the main points outlining the outage which lasted approximately 16 hours from 20/09/2014 ~ 02:00 UTC until 20/09/2013 ~ 18:00 UTC

  • server_info : first ledger stopped being reported at 02:00 UTC

  • server_info : ledger age grew until 18:00 UTC

  • During the outage most nodes lost connection to the network (no ledgers, no peers)

  • Visible increase in disk reads on all volumes (db,rocksdb,rocksdb-cache).

  • Visible increase in outbound network traffic peaks.

  • All failed servers crashed due to memory exhaustion.
Judging from the graphs we can tell some servers died and others struggled during the outage although even the nodes that survived reported errors with peers/ledgers/ledger age.
During this time, there was not adequate communication with the community. We take full responsibility for the slow response, but want to let the community know why we were not able to respond immediately in this particular instance: At the time, the majority of us were at a company off-site working on designing a big refactor/redesign of stellard (ironically to fix the issues that caused this network outage). The servers started running out of RAM overnight. In the morning, the internet at our off-site location went out (along with two backup internet connections we had provisioned). We moved to a different location and we managed to stabilize the network. However our internet continued to have issues. During that time, it looks like the Stellar cluster continued to run out of RAM as well. The situation stabilized a few hours later.
Remedial Steps Immediately Taken:

  • Rebooted all the failed nodes and restarted stellard on some of the other nodes.

  • Downsized the stellard node_size to medium on all servers

  • Network came back online after we restarted a few more stellard
Single root cause is unknown but factors include:

  • Legacy code base having scalability issues. Stellar is the largest user base live on this code base and is testing the limits of this technology in real time. This outage has made us keenly aware of the scaling limitations of the current system, which we are presently working on.

  • Nodestore is leaking or using too much RAM.
Preventative Measures:

  • Completed: Rebuild validators with more RAM

  • Completed: Add additional team members to community channels so they can report updates from the Foundation in real time.

  • Completed: Reduce the monitoring alert output so we don’t miss legitimate issues.

  • Investigate alternative node store backends/config parameters.

  • Confirm whether application is leaking memory or not.

  • Create a “” page which can be easily updated with outage/progress reports.

  • Continued prioritized hiring for expansion of devops team members.

  • Continued rewrite of stellard to address the scalability issues.

  • Continued focus to expand the diversity and number of entities running validators (Decentralization is an important goal to ensure the robustness of the network).
We again apologize for the outage and have begun work on the preventative measures to avoid this from occurring again. If you would like to suggest any other preventative measures, we want to hear them. Please send them over to—thank you.

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Joyce KimSeptember 18, 2014
We would like to welcome Graydon Hoare to our Core development team. Graydon is joining us from Mozilla and worked at Red Hat previously. He is the initial author of the Rust programming language, a systems programming language that targets high performance applications. Rust is well-known for both its technical clarity and its development process via open community contributions and feedback. You can read more about him here.

New Features
Early preview of trading functionality is now on our staging server.
Our temporary new Developers and Community pages are up. We decided to prioritize making good information available over visual design for now but rest assured, Romina and Winnie are building something easy to use and stunning for you all. Note, the purpose of the community page is not to be an exhaustive list of everything in the ecosystem, but to sample various interesting projects, companies and news.

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Joyce KimSeptember 10, 2014

Our development team is growing. As of this week, Nicolas Barry will be working on our Core team. Nicolas is experienced in developing highly distributed and redundant applications and is joining us from Microsoft. We are happy to have him join the crew! You can read more about him here.
New Features Happenings
  • Justcoin became an anchor (supporting EUR and BTC).

  • Kraken and ANXPRO are now supporting STR.

  • The stellar giveaway crossed 1 million Facebook auths.

  • Someone made this site to help people navigate all the new services popping up in the Stellar system:

  • You can now top up prepaid mobile minutes in over 100 countries using stellars We tested it here:
  • Last week, we spoke at the SOCAP conference on a panel on “A Place for Digital Currencies in Financial Inclusion.”

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Magnr is Bitcoin Trading and Saving Platform based on French.
What interesting here is Bitcoin Saving Account that gives you interest accrued on each EOM (End of Month)
This Saving Account somewhat almost similar to BitVC Saving Account by Huobi, the first to give interest through Bitcoin Saving.
What makes better, The Magnr site is based on English Languanges, while BitVC mostly based on Chinese Languages.

[Image: Magnr.png]

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Quote:More than $60m worth of bitcoin was stolen from one of the world's largest digital currency exchanges yesterday, and nearly 24 hours later, the event is still shrouded in mystery.
What is clear, though, is that the impact is far-reaching.
The Bitfinex theft represents the largest loss of bitcoins by an exchange since Japan's infamous Mt Gox lost 744,408 BTC in early 2014 (worth $350m), a breach that would ultimately cause it to cease operations.
At press time, the value of the 119,756 BTC stolen from Bitfinex stands at roughly $66m, or about 18% of what was lost by Mt Gox.
Given the size, the theft has sparked confusion and frustration among market traders and observers since it was announced.
Sources close to the exchange have largely avoided offering comment on whether the 119,756 BTC stolen represents the full extent of the hack, and Bitfinex itself has yet to publish any findings from its ongoing internal investigation.

Quote:The Bitfinex hack appears to be forcing the exchange to consider unconventional measures as part of a bid to relaunch after last week's $60m hack.
The Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange announced last night that it is "leaning towards" a scenario that would see it socialize losses among bitcoin users and margin traders with BTC/USD positions. While not "set in stone", the idea that users could potentially share losses equally has nonetheless prompted speculation given the perceived impact the exchange's ultimate closurecould have on both the price of bitcoin, and its perception as a technology among the general public.
In the wake of the statement, market observers are attempting to assess the nature of the approach and whether it will be enough to resolve the issues at the exchange, one of the largest on the bitcoin network by volume prior to its shutdown.

After this event, the Bitcoin prices become unstable and the market mostly stagnant.
Do you think it will be fair to socialize the loses between users and margin traders? Not to mention the faulty not based on its' users and traders.

If Bitfinex defaulted, it might bring down Bitcoin Ecosystem, IMHO.

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Is there anyone here used to Play Ragnarok Online?
The first time I was playing Ragnarok Online around 2003-2008. It was great MMORPG by that time.
A lots of users are playing together to achieve the champion in War of Emperium.
Sadly the game become disastrous after the rise of botter and hacker.

Recently I started playing Ragnarok Online again, though at Private Server.
It is have very high rates of EXP and drop rates, but have a lots of unique and challenging features.

If you are there do not forget, let's play and date together! 
[Image: screen_Experience_RO004.jpg]

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Quote:Nikaido Kaho is a daughter of a rich family and her whole life everyone's been nice to her. When moving to her new high school dormitory, she almost gets hit by a truck but is saved by a boy. It's love at first sight for Kaho but when asking him his name, he tells her she's weird. Kaho is shocked since it's the first time anyone's ever said mean things to her. Soon enough, she finds out that the boy who saved her lives in the same dormitory and so she bravely confesses her love. The boy says his name is Kanade and agrees to go out with her. Unfortunately, the following day Kaho finds out that her first boyfriend is a 5th grader.

In my opinion this is the most plot twisted anime and manga.
The main character have the high school student body but still 5 grader. A lots of things could make you laugh while watching this anime.
I think this is anime is supposed to be on your watch list too...

Watch online here:

[Image: hatsukoi_monster_2_by_mikki_senpai-d7zllmk.png]
Image courtesy of Mikki Senpai

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[Image: 3128483-steam.jpg]
Steam is gaming platform available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.
Many games are officially sold at Steam. During Sales (Summer and Winter Sales), the game prices mostly affordable.
This helps combat piracy. 

[Image: steam-autumn-sale-100154589-orig.png]
For example
I got Sid Meier's Civilization V at Steam only $5 during winter sales. Original price could be somewhat 25-40 USD.
If you about buying pirated, it could be expensiver for Pirated DVD and Shipping Fee.

At steam all you need is Internet connection to download game.
If you are buying new PC, the game is still intact on your steam account.

Any steam users here?

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I have problem creating account with
When I created or generated new account and get public + private key,
then try friend bot. But I do not get any free xlm to activate my account.

Then I bought stellar from exchange then tried to send xlm to generated account, it did not work. It said wrong address.

After that i creating stellar account from, and get new account, I can send xlm from exchange (which i bought xlm before) to my lobstr account. Any idea what was wrong creating account from

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thank you, i've got stellar in my wallet on polo. btw, i can not found any info about how to claim stellar with exchange market, please help me. thank you

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