Full Version: gambling site with many feature
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claim up to 0.00025 sat BTC
altcoin gambling site with multy coin and multy game
this is the feature on the website

1. faucet claim
-btc = 300 sat 
-doge = 7 doge
-ltc = 0.00017
-xmr = 0.0005
-ppc = 0.009
-DSH & ETH =0.00004
and much more

the amount is for user level 0 
so you can claim much more when you evel up

and you can claim again even if you still have a balance bot rain

-video poker

4. mountly contest with big reward withdrawl fee for some coin

6.internal exchange currency so you can play with other currency and exchange it to bitcoin or other

try it and make a big profit
good luck
How guaranteed will one become rich with your offer? If that is for Level o, which one will be for Level one? Also, how unique is your offer from other offers?
How safe is this site and how can one deposit on it?