Full Version: [ANN][ICO] Crypto Asset Platform for Issuing, Financing & Trading
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Q1 2020
Private BRO limited to 150 investors

Partnerships extension with international Accelerators & Incubators

TOZEX Pre beta version :

- Smart contract ERC20, ICO and Multisig externaly audited

- Activation of KYC/AML checks

- Buying Cryptocurrency with credit card.

- Investor data requierements activated

Q2 2020
Public BRO investment launched

Tozex Beta version :

- UI/UX interface refactored

- Smart contract : STO and BRO integrated

- Software and Hardware Wallet gateway integrations

- Deposit and Withdraw swap functions

- Decentralized order book enabled

Q3 2020
First quarter BRO interests distributed.

Listing TOZ token exclusively on our exchange

First financed projects

Compliance with international standards - ISO/TC307

Q4 2020
Tozex final version published

Second quarter BRO interests distributed.

OTC desk service

USA & JAPAN Financial services licence (FIAT Deposit)
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