Full Version: Bankiom – Simple: “The More You Invite Friends, The More You Make Money!”
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What is Bankiom?

“We are a new kind of bank – One that cares and believes in your future; a bank that is global, effortless and financially empowering.”

Bankiom is a digital-only bank. It is an alternative to the complex traditional banking and provides all its banking facilities online and through app platforms on mobile and tablets.

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Why do you need Bankiom?

Bankiom is the only bank that puts you first. We work for you and with you to grow and manage your money 24 hrs a day and from anywhere in the world. We stand by you in good times and when you need financial support.

Some of the Instant Benefits:

  • New current account in 3 minutes.

  • Pay and get paid using whatsapp

  • The smartest and easiest way to keep on top of your finances

  • Save money and grow your wealth
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Instant Loan

When You Need It Most (No paperwork!)

Can’t wait? need to lock in that special holiday deal? We’ve got you covered.

Just apply for a loan in 5 minutes and get approved in 1 second. No impact on credit score decision. No Calls, No Paperwork, No fuss.

Visit the website here for more details:

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“We take away the complexity of traditional banking, so you can focus on the fun stuff”
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