Full Version: Bet on your favorite sporting event using BITCOINS!
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Soccer, boxing, mma, basketball

Bet on your fav sports, fav teams and earn btc!

Remember that this is not HYIP/MLM. THIS IS A BETTING SITE! So control your bets. Set a target per day. Like me, i set it to 0.004 btc - 0.005 btc/day.
Whereas you are the one to make your winnings/losses.

Here's what im doing:

Simple as martingale method. But this is more realistic than the hi-lo betting method. WHY? HI-LO number have two (2) decimal periods rgar make it harder to win. COnsidering also that it has a computer generated result.

While on online basketball betting, whole number will be applied cosidering also that the results are real time. (could be checked on the internet for the result)

1. Focus on basketball only. 
2. Look for "Will the 1st quarter total points be odd or even?" as seen below (can be done during 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th)

3. Decide on what you want - ODD or EVEN and just start with 0.0005 btc. Click place bet then confirm. Make sure you typed the correct amount. Check below.

4. Just wait for the result and check if the total points of the quarter favors your ODD or EVEN bet.



Note: you can lose up to 7x in a row and lose all you money. So my opinion is 4x loss in a row, just restart again with 0.0005.

I never lost 4x in a row...yet!

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no one wins on this, the por and lag, is making the lose is always looser, and the win, you never win big
(20-07-2017, 06:07 PM)ZyuFynd Wrote: [ -> ]no one wins on this, the por and lag, is making the lose is always looser, and the win, you never win big

Yeah, these betting strategies suck. I am not a pro at betting, but I do follow on twitter tipsters that prove their worth.  They are no geniuses either, but at the end of the month tend to come out winners. The only strategy I like to follow is doubling a bet 5 t 7 times. Easy bets, like Real Madrid to win against suckers in La Liga, pays little, but I double each win. After the 7th roll one begins to fail, so I keep there as the maximum bet. I start with $2 or $10 (depending on your bank roll), By the end you can have a high profit of hundreds of dollars, and if you lose you only lose $2 or $10, your initial bet. 

I get my tips from this site that I help manage:
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Why bet your money on something whose probability is low? I have to be convinced that what I am putting my money on is a sure bet before I risk it, otherwise I invest wisely