Full Version: [ANN] [IEO] CurioInvest - Bringing collectables into the digital world
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[size=14pt]Curio at the WEF Davos 2019, present at the two EM-Tech events,  side events of the WEF.[/size]

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Fernando CEO of Curio Invest – Tokenized Supercars ?
Today the presentation is from Rey Fernando Verboonen who is the Founder of Curio Invest which is a platform to tokenize collectible assets, especially supercars like a beautiful Ferrari

See the video here:
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Curio is going back to ASIA .
Meet them at the Internet+ Expo or schedule a meeting.

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Seconde phase of the IEO confirmed. Register on probit now:
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Last chance to get your token prior to the listing at the 20st of september!
Get your CUR Token right here:

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CUR token will be listed on the ProBit_Exchange today.

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