Full Version: Stellar Price Analysis: Stellar Price Recovery on the go; XLM Indicates an Upsurge So
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Stellar Price Analysis: Stellar Price Recovery on the go; XLM Indicates an Upsurge Soon
  • Stellar continues the upsurge second day in the row.

  • Expected price rally to commence soon.
Stellar is currently riding the bulls. The last few days were quite disappointing for the coin. The currency tremendously fell on the knees. The traders were deeply impressed by the momentum of the coin lost their faith. The downtrend took the currency to 11th rank from 10th rank in the list of top cryptocurrencies. Talking about yesterday’s price marks, the XLM coin touched a high at $0.074186 and a low at $0.071869.

XLM to USD Price Comparison:

The XLM/USD chart is taken from TradingView on 11th august 2019 at 11:01:58 UTC.

[Image: Stellar-Price-Chart.png]

Above chart is reflecting escalation in Stellar price. The coin opened with an upsurge of 3.20%. The price counters changed from $0.07210 to $0.07441. The coin later dropped from $0.07441 to $0.07197 by 3.10%. Further, the XLM coin jumped from $0.07193 to $0.07462 by 3.74%. The coin closed at $0.07338. The price escalation was of 1.80% for the day. Today, Stellar opened with an escalation of 3.59%. The coin switched from $0.07338 to $0.07601.

Current Statistics of Stellar:
  • XLM price is trading at $0.07549700.

  • ROI is marked as 2427.93%.

  • The 24-hour volume of XLM coin stands at $81,870,148.

  • The market cap is marked as $1,476,817,413.

  • The circulating supply has 19,632,397,508 XLM.

Stellar Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Stellar Lumens is making a continuous effort to increase the popularity of the XLM coin. The coin is anticipated to cross $0.15 mark by the end of 2019. The long-term investment looks promising with the coin. However, we would strongly recommend diverging the investment to cut short the risk.

by Ruti Vora