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Note: This site is the same boss with Dualmine.

Play Battleships and earn Bitcoin!
Hide the ship on board and play with other users. The one who hits the ship earns bitcoin!

[Image: Netboard_580x400.png]
How it works ?
You only need to find where another user hides the ship or you can create own game and hide your ship. It's a fair game without any random elements! You don't play against the computer but against another user. You both have an equal chance because the board has 100 fields and shooter can only discover 50. Bigger ships means smaller reward and less available shots but it's still a mathematical 50% chance! If you hit the ship you will win reward but if not reward will be for the user who hides the ship. Chances are aligned for both sides. Let's play!

Min deposit: 0.003 BTC.
Min payout: 0.005 BTC
Payment: Manual.
Payment methods: BTC.
Referral program: 10%
Are you ready ?
Get 3 shots for free after sign up!

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