Full Version: How To Get Your Stargazer Wallet Secret Key
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Well AFAIK Stargazer Not Displaying Your Secret Keys But Only The QR Code

Quote:1.Open Your Stargazer Wallet
Quote:2.Click The Account Settings Buttons
[Image: kKNYiMt.png]
Quote:3.Click Advanced Menu
Quote:4.Click Export Account
Quote:5.Create A Screenshot Of QR Code
(Click Print Screen Button And Paste The Image To Paint)
Like This
[Image: 58QEuNM.png]
Quote:6.Crop The QR Code
To Like This

[Image: iNP3Pua.png]
Please Do Not Steal My XLM
Quote:8.Upload Your QR CODE Image
Quote:9.See The Result

{"stellar":{"account":{"network":"cee0302d"},"key":"Your Secret Key"}}
My Result Is {"stellar":{"account":{"network":"cee0302d"},"key":"SC4LJKRAAFFYDP4SRXL2J5KBDGOMR7AL7VYNDOAYT5LHWJEDMSEAUZUL"}}
Quote:10. If The Result Are Random Numbers
Ex : {"stellar":{"account":{"network":"7ac33997"},"key":["1","QORedgZKB45ASAX1J5H5OQ==",["3inmOuWxWdOvQ/bo","J2Um44t+H6au99xbkvnvU2CFGC43wj65apeF+BMdn1COjP7yU2knKv7Zbj2GbklTLm5nio1BbcCsywlJHz3Uhlhf5mMQWpst"]]}}
That Mean Your Wallet Is Encrypted With Password,In Order To Extract it You Need To Disable Your Password First
Great tutorial
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Thanks for this info. It helps a lot
thanks for this info :)
is this better than centaurus wallet?:)
FYI - I'm on a mac so there were a couple issues for me, but i found fixes. see below

If you have a password set on your stargazer account, when you upload the QR code, the Key does not properly display for you to copy it. So i deleted the passcode and uploaded a new QR code picture, but for some reason, when you try and decode it at, it doesn't work any longer (at least for me) is how i fixed it.

Delete the passcode on the stargazer account. Go to export account under advanced settings and take a picture of the QR code with your phone. The phone will try and load safari, and if you look at the address bar, the private key will be listed there, like the original post shows. so just copy and paste the private key.

If you want to merge accounts (to get rid of the 20 XLM requirement on one of them) go to
Thanks for information :)
But, whether Stargazer Wallet can be used to send to exchange ?
Maybe vip bitcoin or anything web for exchange ?
So I have a problem. I downloaded Stargazer from Stellar's website, everything works, I move my coins over, a little at first, no problems, then all of them. Then, when I closed Stargazer, the application vanished from my computer. The icon on my desktop no longer worked, and only some files were leftover, with no application. I reinstall Stargazer and my coins are gone. However, I did this tutorial before I closed Stargazer, and I have a similiar result, but not the same. Mine reads

I scrambled and changed the numbers for security. Please tell me where my account seed is in this.
Thanks for the information. We All Know That Password is most important for our wallet so its need to be high secret
I'm trying to merge my old stargazer account (want my last 10 lumens out) and my new account at another wallet. But i can't get this guide to work, I have copied the QR code and gotten the information but the secret key is not structured anything like in the guide, it's seperated by "" and , .. Want to use the secret key to sign my transaction build.