Full Version: [ANN]LiveTalk.Tech Livestream First Channel Combined With Electronic Money
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Current issues of markets Live Stream

• Currently on the market are still limited Streaming applications platform integration
blockchain Stream.
• The application Live Stream such as Youtube or FaceBook has yet to feature built-in
to Donate on the Streamer application.
• The application pretty much Live Stream singly user traffic is not high.
• Many applications Live Stream only domestic application is not connected to the
• Realize that potential, we have studied and launched LiveTalk Project Network, vast
network with ambitious Streaming market coverage across the world.
The solution of Livetalk

Proactive Content: If as before, the brand absolutely must depend on the House to
make a radio programme is broadcast live, now with the technology live-stream they
can fully master the game: from time to time, location program content, which is not
run by any special requirements.
Saving Cost: The development of the technology live-stream has brought the
program to the viewers with only the minimum equipment requirements for (smartphone
and internet connection), it does not depend on the tv station itself help the
optimum brand are costs directly to the program.
Increase Effective Interation: In the era of Social Media boom, interactions become
indispensable activities for all media content, whether made directly by live-stream just
helps to increase awareness about the program, and also created an interactive
channel : connect users with the brand & message that the brand wants to convey.


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