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Freebitcoin is the oldest and best Bitcoin Faucet, paying always.
I have earned at freebitcoin 0.23041718 BTC so far.  Big Grin 

[Image: ulpaoda9e14.jpeg]

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At freebitcoin we have several ways to earn free BTC.

1. Claim randomly, every hour, from 0.00000009 BTC to 0.02626747 BTC, for free.

[Image: dpaolua9e1c.jpeg]

2. Free weekly lottery: we get 2 Lottery tickets for free, in addition to every Bitcoin claim (also from our referrals).
You can optionally buy more Lottery tickets.

Lottery Odds (current):

[Image: ulpaoda9e1d.jpeg]

3. "MULTIPLY BTC" game with jackpot option to win more Bitcoins.
Attention: you can easily lose everything with this game.

[Image: oldpaua9e1e.jpeg]

Here is a video with a couple tips for for the hi lo game:

4. For each claim and for the claims of our referrals we get reward points (number is variable).
You can redeem the reward points for prizes and bonuses.

[Image: odpulaa9e1f.jpeg]

5. Referral earnings: 50%

[Image: olupada9e20.jpeg]

Take the Freebitcoin registration here
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