Full Version: ACTION-GAMBLE - Multiplayer rock paper scissors
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I’m happy to present, a new multiplayer rock paper scissors Bitcoin gambling game, with the following features:
- Daily bounties and contests that every player can win
- Real time games
- No bet limit
- Safe - receive your winnings directly when game ends
- Lively on-site chat room
- Keyboard shortcuts for quicker play
- Only username/password needed to register
- Only 1% service fee
- No spam
- Mobile friendly


Action-gamble is a bit different than most gambling games, instead of playing against the house, you play directly against other players.
This is a decision making game of sense, skill, tilt and strategy.
Rock beat scissors, scissors beat paper and paper beat rock.
Easy rules, complex game. By exploiting the weaknesses of your opponent, it is possible to gain a significant advantage.

More informations:

To signup, you just have to choose a login and a password.
By clicking wallet icon you can deposit and withdraw.
Each game is one vs one, only with real online players, there is no bot on this site.

When you create the game, you can edit the two parameters:
- the bet (from 100 satoshis)
- number of rounds (from 1 to 20)
Then you have to wait for the opponent to join your table, or you can join a game that another player created (green color).
You can create as many games as you want!
At the end of the timer (after first player choice), if you're AFK, a random choice is made for you. That means that you can create games and go offline, making money, maybe [Image: smiley.gif]

This a beta version, you may see bugs, if so please submit a mail to
How unique is your offer from other offers stated earlier? This is because it will not be nice that people waste time and hard earned money on what wont benefit them