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[size=undefined]THIS DOESN'T HAVE TO DO WITH MY SERVICES.[/size]
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Hey guys. 

In case this topic disturbs the moderators of the section, please do it by deleting and if not, this topic is for you. For all of us, for traders, for cryptotraders.

I would like to talk about the famous trading reasearch group, called Palm Beach Group. 

I will make an introduction, for who does not know what it is about.

[size=undefined]1. So, what it is about?[/size]
Well, I will try to explain better and simpler than here - , so Palm Beach Group (and here I will talk strictly about the area that is directly connected with CRYPTO TRADING) is a group of very nerds people who cross through a bunch of countries attending the most private conferences about cryptocurrency's. Becoming the world largest group on crypto, later, they have the power to manipulate the market in the sense that they are (besides other excellent attributions) biggest PUMP and DUMP group around.

[size=undefined]2. How does this work?[/size]
Ok, you probably wonder what these signals are (updates, issues, reports etc), in what form they come and how we get them right.
Once you log on to the site (on the official Palm Beach Group site), you will meet one nicely crypto-panel: A navigation menu. From here, you can reach several areas of the private site (all related to crypto):  1. Welcome center, 2. Crypto Corner (crypto panel), 3. Issues, 4. Updates, 5. Reports, 6. Portofolio, 7. FAQ as in the images:
[Image: fRmMlku.png]

And here, the whole menu of navigation:
[Image: Fg8l4ZA.png]

In general, there is at least 1 REPORT per month, 1 ISSUE (usually only one) per month. But, the most common signals are UPDATES (you can find them in the "Updates" category on the site). It often happens to receive signals several times a day. These signals can be 3 kinds: purchase alert, sales alert, or other objections. I will show you an example in the picture below:
[Image: wxOlBUd.png]

Let's take a closer look into last signal (kind 1 - Buy alert):
[Image: GfCpsEn.png]

As you can see, it's about POWR Ledge. Using CMC (Coin Market Cap) chart, we can see their impact on this coin:
Link: (use graphic chart 17-18 January)

I will drop more image right below here.
In the last image, you can even see an update / news about Bancor. A deeper look:

Quote:Action to Take: Buy Bancor (BNT)
Today’s Action: Buy Bancor (BNT)
Buy-up-to Price: $5
Stop Loss: None
Buy It On: Binance, Bittrex 
Store It On: MyEtherWallet

You can use CMC to see their impact too :)

[size=undefined]3. How can I get access?[/size]
Now you will probably ask how you can join them :) 
The Entry price for subscription for Palm Beach Confidential is $4500 and its sold only specific time in a year, most times you can't even register when you even ready to pay $6000[/s]
[size=undefined]However[/size], going beyond these restrictions, I can give / deliver to you UNIQUE - FRESH ACCESS to Palm Beach Group (Confidential type).

Account type (subscriptions) | Account duration: Confidential + Daily Letter (bonus) + Maybe if my mood is good enough, I will provide Infinity Subscription(which worth of 5000$ for free) | Lifetime duration
: $1500
Accepted methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and sometimes Litecoin (ask first if LTC)

If you want to buy this subscription, please send $1500 (this is standard price, please check last post to see if an bonus/discount is applied for TODAY) expressed in COINS to the prefferated payment method:
* Use this converter - to know the exact amount to be sent.

a. BITCOIN [btc][/b]





As soon as you made the payment, please send 1. TXTID / Transaction text / Hash id etc (transaction refference) and 2. payment method choosed to one of the contact methods below:
  • a. Email to:
  • b. Telegram: @AmsalKhan

After payment is confirmed, you will get delivered your access. Including: USER - EMAIL and PASSWORD (details informations that let you log on to the official PCB site). You will also get the email access of the email which we have made registered with Palm Beach or specific subscriptions.

[size=undefined][b]4. More: FAQ
Because lately I received a wide range of questions, I decided to answer in advance the most frequently asked questions over time. So here we go :)

Q: You don't need to pay anything upfront. The famous line. But how?
A: If you are a OLD MEMBER here, an got an strong membership here on forum/website (based on your account age, nr of posts, reputation - activity lvl and maybe positive trust level) you can get delivery of this subscription before paying anything (this mean - i delivery to you, you check it and after make the payment). Members with low posts, new registered etc have to pay the full amount first. This is a strong and indisputable rule.

Q: With what right you sell these subscriptions?
A: Imagine that I am a black market. I'm also the only man left in the world who can offer you this type of service, legit. Haha.

Q: Which is the guarantee I will receive the order / access?
A: In case if you do not benefit from "you don't need to pay anything upfront" rule, and as i'm not a God here, you have every right to be a little worried. But I must remind you that I am not here to mislead you, but to conclude a possible collaboration. I also have a few reviews from high ranked people. More than that, I will also organize contests where I will offer a free lifetime subscription for PCB (Palm Beach Group Confidential)

Q: Which is the guarantee account duration is lifetime and not..1week ?
A: Officially, they only sell LIFETIME duration products. Same me. No worries :)

Q: There are Telegram channels offering PCB content / signals with free or paid entry
A: This is true. But what I offer and what they offer are are two different things. While they only offer some content, I give you direct access to the source- PCB official site. With me, you collect all the content - updates - signals directly from source: their website. This happens in real time. They will not be able to offer you information without deelay. And time cost money man!

Q: Where will I receive the signals? (updates, reports, issues etc)
A: You will receive notification both by email and by SMS phone (if you are US citizen with US phone number) in real time. But the first place where an update occurs is always the website. Because of this is a good thing to check time to time their website for updates. It worth time.

Q: Can I change password / email or can I give a preffered password when join?
A: Unfortunately no. This is a PCB official measure against sales of accounts. No one has access, not even me. The first time you log on the official PCB site, the account I gave to you will be automatically attached to your DEVICE and IP somehow. I'm not going more but you get me. Many measures there against sales but don't worry: I take care about everything just to be comfortable with your order. And I'm unable to create new accounts based on your prefferences (sex, email name and password). You will get an UNIQUE and FRESH account including USER - EMAIL and PASSWORD with pre-established dates (random). You will probably have access to choose at least the sex (m/f) if this matter for you. 

Q: Can I use the account on multiple devices and  IP's? (vpn problems etc)
A: Yes. Sure. Maximum 3 devices (prefferate 2 pc + 1 mobile phone). Sharing the access / subscription with other friend INS'T ALLOWED. Can risk blocking account.

A: Oh yeah. Sometime I post here an update that including an BONUS / DISCOUNT, usually 15%. Every one can benefit from it. Discount duration time is 24 hours from the time I posted about it. So... be careful, hahaha

Q: Is there a refferal program? Can I get huge discounts bringing friends that will buy from you?
A: Yes. Contact me for details about refferals program.

Q: Do you sell COMBO PACKS (PCB + another site invitation / subscription?)
A: Yes. For the moment I have PCB + Stansberry Research Church (click for official link link)

[size=undefined]5. Updates[/size]

Hey everybody. 

[size=undefined]!!![/size] Because of very limited stock of PALM BEACH CONFIDENTIAL, actual price is no longer valid.

Price for PALM BEACH CONFIDENTIAL Lifetime Subscription - $[size=undefined]4500[/size] [size=undefined]$1500[/size]

- PM me here on forum/website
- Telegram: @AmsalKhan
- E-mail address:

I provide NOW access to STANSBERRY too click for official link link
Stansberry is same large as Palm Beach group. They do crypto publications and much more.

Type: Subscription to
Duration: 1 YEAR
Real price: $3000 on their site but later they closed it
Sale price: $1500
If you buy both Palm Beach Confidential and Stansberry you'll have to pay only $2500

[size=undefined]MEGA PACK[/size]
We have selected for you the biggest crypto publications in the world. 

1. Palm Beach Confidential [lifetime]

2. Stansberry Church House [1 year]

3. Standpoint (NEW) [1 year]

Real value: $10500

Sale price: $3200

- PM me here on forum/website
- Telegram: @AmsalKhan
- E-mail address:

*Please note that this is a VERY limited offert. 
*You don't have to pay anything UPFRONT. After you will get the subscription you will pay.

Contact me any time for discussions related my services. Thank you all :)[/b]