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Va prezint un Faucet nou, lansat pe data de 6 octombrie 2017: FreeRipple
Putem obtine gratis intre 0.0014975 si 1497.4717436 Ripple (XRP), la fiecare ora.
Detalii interesante despre Ripple avem aici.
Dupa login, pentru claim, mergem la Free XRP => ROLL.
La Freeripple putem face claim consecutiv de doua ori, folosind codurile promotionale de pe Twitter.
Dupa claim introducem codul promotional si putem face un claim nou imediat, fara a trebui sa mai asteptam.

Pentru a primi retragerea automata (minim 1 XRP, taxa de retragere este 0.00096447 XRP), avem nevoie de o adresa de la un portofel (wallet) Ripple.

Quote:You can withdraw your funds using Destination Tag.
The minimum is 1 XRP. Please make sure you provide the Destination Tag when you make a withdrawal. 
Withdrawals made without DT to a wallet that requires it could get lost.
About DT: Wallets with Destination Tags allow you to receive small amounts of XRP without the requirement to fund the wallet. 
You can find those at sites such as Poloniex or Bitfinex and more.

Trebuie deci sa folosim un wallet cu Destination Tag (DT).
Eu am ales Coinpayments Wallet.

Reragerile le primim instant incepand de la un Ripple (1 XRP).
La Freeripple avem un comision de 50% din tot ce castiga referralii nostri.
In plus la fiecare claim, atat al nostru, cat si al referralilor, vom primi un bilet de loterie gratis.
Daca dorim, vom putea multiplica Ripple, prin Multiply XRP.
Loteria gratisa si multiplicarea Ripple se afla inca in lucru si nu sunt deocamdata functionale.

FreeRipple are multe similaritati cu si ar putea avea acelasi succes.

Link de inscriere aici.

Happy Earnings!

Dovada de plata:  Big Grin

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Link de inscriere aici.
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[Image: uodplaa7414.jpeg]

Link de inscriere aici.
Website-ul se afla in maintenance.

[Image: poudlaa7df8.jpeg]
Site-ul a fost in maintenance si acum functioneaza perfect!  Big Grin

Link de inscriere aici.
Dovada de plata:  Big Grin

[Image: luadopa846b.jpeg]

Link de inscriere aici.
Am castigat pana acum 13.98 XRP.  Big Grin

[Image: polduaa9de0.jpeg]

Link de inscriere aici.
Quote:Ripple And American Express Collaborate To Grow Their Services Worldwide
By Aimen Hashmi - June 25, 2018

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are dominant in developing countries and are emerging at a faster pace more than ever before. With this in mind, they are the ones that are most often affected by any restrictions in cross-border payment systems particularly when it has to do with developing global e-commerce.

Ripple and American Express were present at the Money 20/20 Europe discussion in which many issues were addressed concerning SMEs and cross-border payments. The discussion involved Marcus Treacher, Joy Macknight, and Colin O’Flaherty from American Express and was particularly focused on finding solutions to global payments important to SMEs.

For SMEs to grow, they must be confident that their customers receive payments. It is important to know that normal global payments consist of different intermediates which radically slows down payments. It also produces margin for error. With this in mind, about 60% of inter-business cross-border payments need some kind of manual interference which slows down payments, according to a study made by Mckinsey.

The different cross-border payment problems that SMEs face these days were a “bone of contention” for the conversation between Joy Macknight, Deputy Editor of The Banker, Colin O’Flaherty, American Express’s Vice President & General Manager of global commercial services in the United Kingdom and Russia, and lastly, Marcus Treacher, who is Ripple’s SVP of Customer’s success.

“Ripple offers instantaneous, point-to-point conversations between the sender and receiver of funds. This provides a real opportunity to alleviate most of the issues that customers are facing.”

These were the words of Colin O’ Flaherty. However, American Express recognizes the problems SME’s are facing concerning cross-border payments, its open-forum is suggested as a resource to assist SME’s.

American Express, on the other hand, knows the issues that small-scale businesses meet with normal banks from cross-border payments to access to credits. American Express’s “Open Forum” could be a platform that helps to boost SME

Ripple’s support would enhance these SMEs and the companies collaborating with it are succeeding to address the issues that clients face when international payments are made. Ripple has offered a long-lasting solution, xCurrent, a more prominent way that makes use of blockchain technology to facilitate cross-border. This latest link is from American Express clients in a vital way that the infrastructure takes care of offering the best experience to everyone.

As the discussion came to a halt, O’Flaherty confirmed that the aim of American Express is to build more on the success rate that it has achieved and offer Ripple-enabled services used all over the world.

Right now, there are already testimonies from American Express that they witness better payment services in the United States due to the blockchain technology by Ripple, resulting in a decrease in the number of complaints involving payments in businesses.

Ripple (XRP) and American Express collaborating together will benefit customers by ensuring that they get the best experience. In the discussion, the VP of American Express closed with this:

“American Express’s intention is to expand based on successes to date –to focus on making Ripple-enabled services available across new global corridors with the large transaction flows.”

Link de inscriere aici.
Putem castiga mai mult la fiecare claim, folosind codurile promotionale de pe Twitter. :)
Dupa claim introducem codul promotional.

[Image: pdalouaaacc.jpeg]
Link de inscriere Freeripple aici.
Avem un cod promotional pe Twitter valabil pentru urmatoarele 8 ore.  Big Grin

Quote:**FREE ROLL PROMO CODE** (Enter after you roll)
Promo Code = hc5gpqeu3g
Valid for the next 8 hours.

Dupa claim introducem codul promotional.

[Image: pdalouaaacc.jpeg]

Dupa introducerea codului promotional putem face claim din nou, fara a mai astepta.

[Image: apouldaaba2.jpeg]

Link de inscriere Freeripple aici.
La Freeripple putem face claim consecutiv de doua ori, folosind codurile promotionale de pe Twitter.
Dupa claim introducem codul promotional si putem face un claim nou imediat, fara a trebui sa mai asteptam.


Quote:deci codurile sa nu am folosit pana acum deloc.acum cand ai zis tu am bagat si eu unu si ma lasat inca odata sa dau roll:)). in fiecare zi se pun coduri?

Un cod poate fi valabil mai mult de 24 de ore, dupa cum doreste adminul.
Adminul pune un cod nou dupa ce va expira.  Big Grin
Trebuie verificat mereu pe Twitter.
De exemplu, codul actual e valabil pentru 36 de ore.

[Image: adlupoaf64d.jpeg]

Quote:l-am folosit ms de sfaturi .apropo si in ce wallet ii retragi?

Trebuie sa folosim un wallet cu Destination Tag (DT).
Eu fac retragerile in
Coinpayments Wallet.

Am castigat pana acum 19,41 XRP.  Big Grin

[Image: pdolauaf629.jpeg]

Link de inscriere Freeripple aici.
Nou: prin 'Free Rolls' (meniul de sus) putem face 8 claim-uri consecutive, la fiecare 24 de ore. :)
Azi am facut 10 claim-uri, fara a trebui sa astept: 2 folosind codurile promotionale de pe Twitter si 8 cu 'Free Rolls'.

[Image: lupaodb0a11.jpeg]

Dovada de plata:  Big Grin

[Image: oaupdlb0a1b.jpeg]

Link de inscriere Freeripple aici.
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